American Airlines Cancels Almost 400 Flights in 3 Days "...largely the result of a high number of sick calls.."

A Freedom Protecting Travel Alliance Finds Membership Soaring

“As of Sunday afternoon, 123 flights were canceled Saturday, 178 on Sunday and 97 were canceled for Monday – largely the result of a high number of sick calls, combined with maintenance and other staffing issues.

American told ABC News that most of the cancelations are on A320 and 737 aircraft, but that it may continue to cancel at least 50 to 60 flights per day for the rest of June and 50 to 80 flights per day through July.”

ABC Report Here

In addition, we have BA-Gate; British Airways conceding the deaths of four pilots (“fully vaccinated” of course) causing a crisis in the company. [All flying pilots are by definition “healthy,” and have countless check ups.]

Here are some tweets, which I can see and copy despite being purged from twitter.

Now to the GOOD news:

If you don’t know of them already, Freedom Travel Alliance, (Susan Sweetin, Kevin Jenkins, Dolores Cahill, Sherry Sabety, Tara Thornton and an ever expanding crew) are building a new travel culture, a new mindset, as well as a desperately needed new business model: Civilized, safe, non oppressive travel, by air, sea and land. This model includes pilots at virtually no risk of in-flight death. No, I’m not being glib. We’re in a desperately tragic situation. It is no longer safe to fly commercial, basically, at all. It went from being very abusive and traumatic to actually being stone cold dangerous.

Freedom Travel Alliance intend to cater to…people just like us. There are millions of us.

You can read about FTA and consider signing up for a membership here.

[Bias note: I work with Freedom Travel Alliance; Am developing a travel newsletter/magazine with them in the late summer. I can tell you, they are truly remarkable people.

I believe they will succeed in ‘revolutionizing’ travel, which is to say, bringing it back to how it once was, before you-know-what: Sane, decent, as safe as possible, not abusive, and not expressive of Lysenkoist science and tyranny.

Once that’s all done, what we’d like to do is bring back specks of joy and glamour. (My mother Ulla was a Pan American stewardess in the heyday.]

Last time I flew I was tossed a plastic bag with a small bag of pretzels and small bottle of water. But at least the pilots stayed alive.

(I truly do not mean to sound sarcastic!)

We live in conditions that are altogether impossible to believe.

So, until we are free again, we fight.