Breaking: Matt Hancock Resigns, Surveillance Video Shows Lusty Embrace Of Married Colleague But Nobody Believes This Is Why: Former Deutsche Bank Director Takes Over Health Minister Position

How Can There Still Be People Who Think This Has Anything To Do With A Respiratory Virus Of The Corona Family? Catherine Austin Fitts Wins Gold

Yes, a former Deutche Bank Director is now the “Health Minister” of the UK, with a World Economic Forum banner behind him.

Recall that Deborah Birx “resigned” for the same Covid-crime, (breaching Covid rules) but not Gavin Newsom.

BBC story here.

Big Brother Video here.

In his MK-Ultra-sounding resignation letter, he states with glass-shattering Newspeak: “The NHS is the best gift the nation has ever given itself, and the dedication and courage of the NIH staff and the ceaseless work of the officials in the Department is something we should all be proud of.”