Covid-19 As Luciferian "Virology;" A Christian Objection

Simply, these theologians are in apostasy. It is as short as that. What does that mean? It means that they have lost their faith.”

Malachi Martin, The Kingdom Of Darkness

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

I don’t know about you but I am spiritually ill from dealing* with (*thinking about, writing about, reporting, discussing, opposing) “Covid-19—” a name so repulsive I hesitate to ever type it again. It is such a desecration to the human mind and soul I have considered simply refusing to address it forever after. I almost feel I am saying a minor ‘hail satan’ every time I say its manufactured name, (code) which doubles as a Domination spell.

Still, here I am addressing it. I suppose we must, for now.

Before this Beast of Beasts lunged at us, it actually took our measurements, probably over decades. Looking back, one can discern the way it scoped us, watched us, programmed us, made us “believe in” absurdities like air-borne contagion between healthy people of a respiratory virus from bats in China, with no evidence of any kind (to this day.) That’s the evil genius of the deception: The fact that it needed no proof. As with its older sibling “HIV,” it came fully weaponized with political correctness transposed onto post-modernist pandemioligy. There’s no biology in it, no sanity, no decency, no virus, for that matter. You know all this. It’s a spectacular Guilt Trip. An accusation of All against All.

(Who is the accuser in the Bible?)

“HIV/AIDS” was the same way: Accusation was its sole activity.

Proof of HIV’s existence was, shockingly, lacking. To wit:

Deja Vu:

I wrote about the 22 scientists who have fought, in vain so far, to compel evidence of SARS-Cov 2’s existence here:

Covid 19 shares with its equally evil older sibling that perfectly diabolical quality of having no boundaries, borders, qualities, beginnings or endings—only its own infinitely elastic self-serving asphyxiations. NO it’s never “over,” NO there is no "“normal,” NO, life will never return, even with 4 vaccines and 3 masks, and NO, Dr. Fauci “can’t say for sure”….anything!

One thing I have noticed about Anthony Fauci: He speaks in fractal patterns. He says nothing that follows an arc. His utterances start in the middle, fan out in both directions, flank all exits, and return to the middle, somehow. And then he nods, knowingly.

What is he saying? Nobody knows, yet his Oracular powers only increase among the deceived. It brings to mind what may be my favorite Bible passage:

Let your Yes be simply Yes, and your No be simply No; anything more than that comes from the evil one.

Matthew 5:37

The entire situation is extremely abusive and intolerable. Yet we tolerate it, day in and day out.

Christianity, I maintain, can not co-exist with Luciferian Virology*. (*Rooted in fear, designed to destroy life, liberty, family, faith, and to send all souls into slavery and despondency. Anything that uses fear, control, and domination is actually classified as witchcraft. It is, as Derek Prince always stressed, “not of the Holy Spirit.” Prince told us: ‘God never dominates.’) God is only interested in your free will, as paradoxical as that may seem to those who have rejected Christianity without studying it.

So we have Christianity on the one hand and what I call Luciferian “Virology” on the other. The latter has now leveled a severe crippling blow to the former. Can Christianity survive Covid? Well of course. The battle has been won and will remain won.

But much of what believed itself to be Christianity will have betrayed it, in the name of Covid-19. I know that is a big claim, and maybe even an outrageous one. But hear me out:

Either you accept God’s goodness, and the utter perfection of all he created, OR, you think he can botch up the divine plan such that one unfortunate day in Wuhan, a “virus” can jump from a bat to humans and now we head to hell in a hand-basket. We’re all gonna die unless Bill Gates injects “every last human being on earth,” not once but consistently for the rest of our lives. (And if he doesn’t block the sun, we also may well all die, according to his extremely sick mind.)

How long have humans existed? Well, in the year 2020, the Creator must have been asleep at the wheel. Everything just stopped working in the direction of life being life being life, right?

Just like with “HIV.” To believe these Lysenkoist fantasies, it is necessary first to reject God’s biology in its entirety, to declare him a resolute failure, in fact, one who produces viral mass murderers on a regular basis!

Here is an interesting image:

How exactly is Moderna planning to show up here and make things better?

To reject the Good News, the truth, the “overwhelming evidence” of symbiosis and cellular self regulation and repair; To reject the Good News that your body was made to live, that “viruses” are waste carriers working perpetually to help you. In other words, to accept a dark, inverted story, like some Grimm’s Fairy Tale.

And who were among the first to accept it? The Churches!

Like mine, for example—Times Square Church in New York City—a Church famous for its origin story, and its capacity to weather all secular, decadent storms, from Times Square.

Our Pastor, Pastor Conlan, told us one Sunday morning a year ago, as Covid was descending, that today we would not be greeting or touching one another down by the altar; that instead we could nod, or, he joked, or greet one another with the chicken-elbow greeting. As people wandered out of the Church, disoriented, I had an overwhelming urge to run backstage and find him and ask him if he knew what he had just done: Is it possible he had betrayed his own faith, betrayed the Church, betrayed the Gospels, and dare I say Christ himself? My own thoughts struck me possibly “crazy.” A bit much.

And yet, can we picture Jesus saying:

“Love thy neighbor as thyself, unless of course you may catch a Corona Virus from him, in which case stay a good six feet away and wear a mask.” If not, then why are Christians so incapable of mounting a protest that is of the faith, instead of of the enemy?

“Back in biblical times, leprosy was considered a very serious disease with many social and religious implications. Lepers were considered unclean and were separated from others. The law required that a leper stay excluded from society. The leper described in Mark 1:40-45 breached this code by approaching Jesus, and Jesus violates it by touching the leper.
A man with leprosy came to Him and begged Him on his knees, ‘If you are willing, you can make me clean.’ He reached out His hand and touched the man. ‘I am willing,’ He said. ‘Be clean!’ Immediately the leprosy left Him, and he was cleansed.”

[Excuse font change.]


“This leper did not doubt his faith that Jesus’ power was absolute. He was determined to reach Him, despite the large crowd and despite his disease. Coming before Jesus was his only hope, so he did what was necessary to overcome his disadvantages. And Jesus heals him.

The leper broke social conventions and the law in his desperate attempt to get help. Regulations governing those suffering from leprosy required that they keep distant from those who were not afflicted, but this man came right up to Jesus and faithfully asked for help. In Leviticus 5:3, there’s a law forbidding anyone to touch a leper. But Jesus knows our hearts, not our afflictions.

What can we learn from this miracle? Jesus reached out and touched people with immeasurable love without uncertainty. He embraced the leper without hesitation. How long had it been since the leper felt the grasp of another hand? There had been no kiss, no hug, no handshake, no touch of another person all the years of his leprosy. This lonely outcast sought the embrace of his Savior.

The touch of Jesus was an outward sign of compassion in the heart of the Lord for this man as well as all of us—God’s children. It is all because of His incredible love for us that He reaches out to make contact with us, regardless of our uncleanly heart or soul.”

This passage is from the Osprey Observer, but can you guess in which year?


Would any Christian write such things today? Hardly. Not touching people, for purposes of personal “safety” and hopes of life-extension, even social “responsibility” has worked its way into the very heart of the new post-Covid Christian theology, in all denominations.

They forgot who they were, just like that, as soon as Anthony Fauci and the Virus Nanny State snapped its fingers. They chose being Public Health Goody Two Shoes over being Christians.

Christians aren’t supposed to give a second thought to extending their lives to the last possible hour. It’s unseemly, (whether you are a Christian or not.) In fact, it’s rather selfish, materialist. (“I have better absence of cooties and don’t want to be subjected to yours, neighbor, friend, mother, father—”) (Ah! Germ Theory! Contagion Theology! You are Of the Evil One!)

Obsession with how long we live—that is the domain of the eugenicist atheists. The Gates crowd. The trans-humanists.

As Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva put it: “To the atheist, there is nothing except the earth and its organization.”

I will not return to my Church, even if I did live in New York. I may as well go to a parking garage—it no longer feels like a Church. Every time I check on their updates, they’re talking about perhaps one person on staff who tested positive on a (meaningless) PCR test and how “safe” they need to be before they can re-open. As if they were auditioning for a grant from the NYC Dept of Health.

I’m a relatively new Christian, not a seasoned one. I can’t speak from deep knowledge or experience but this much even I know: Christianity does not teach the doctrine of “save yourself.” We care about the life after this one. We are not supposed to differentiate between our own plight and that of our neighbor or fellow citizen. What happened to all that? The whole world has gone barking mad, the Christians straight along with the doom-cult virus Globalists. They all speak now with one droning voice: Wear a mask, maintain social distance, get vaccinated.


With a gene transfer technology that its purveyors call “the software of life?”

A close friend, I’ll call her “T,” who is Catholic and a pathologist, was interested in my germinating thoughts on what anti-genetic determinism geneticist Dr. Richard Strohman once told me is called “The Machine Model of Biology.” This is essentially the moment in history, around the end of WW1, when a silent war begins between Atheism and Christianity in biology.

”They kicked God out of Biology,” Strohman told me. “And they decided to never let him back in again.”

They thought that since the human is a machine, and they are engineers (as well as Gods,) no reason they couldn’t ultimately create life, by reverse engineering.
It is the same moment when eugenics is flourishing, and we are about to enter the Epoch Of Genetics and Worship of The Genome. T asked me to formalize some thoughts, and I share here an outtake from my first email to her.

“What was it you said,” she asked, “about mRNA injections being an attack on God?” I replied:

”I think the line was something like this: "It's a direct attack on God."

Or, "It's a direct hit on God."


Moderna outright calls its genetic transfer technology "the software of life," which is where the GRAVE insult to and repudiation of the creator comes in. (Not that God gets "insulted" but you understand what I mean.)

Displacing God's biology with this weird synthetic biology, by way of the hijacking of RNA, which is central to God's miracle.

Strohman told me it was precisely the miraculous they declared war on.

Professor James A. Shapiro noted: 'Molecular analysis has confirmed the generality of Barbara McClintock's revolutionary discoveries of internal systems for genome repair and genome restructuring. I would add that such repair systems do not stop at the borders of a cell in multicellular organisms--they extend to the whole of the organism. Cells produce clouds of 'hundreds of' defensive vesicles whenever they are challenged, 'in response to danger signals.' 

Shapiro wrote: 'The expectation of its pioneers was that molecular biology would confirm the reductionist, mechanical view of life. However, the actual result of molecular studies of heredity, cell biology, and multicellular development has been to reveal a realm of sensitivity, communication, computation and indescribable complexity.' He also said: 'The conceptual changes in biology (since the work of McClintock was recognized) are comparable in magnitude to the transition from classical physics to relativistic and quantum physics.' 

Fear Of The Invisible, Janine Roberts, pp 232

"I call it an invention of the devil, this technology." 

Richard Strohman (interview with me, 2000, speaking on the subject of "gene therapy,”) then having experienced it first highly publicized murder, that of 18 year old Jesse Gelsinger, and its first fall from grace. This dark early history has now been erased.

Covid-19 “vaccines” are gene therapy, more accurately, synthetic experimental genetic programming “technology.” The hubris of which, for anybody who knows what is known about God’s biological symphony, is almost so overwhelming as to make it impossible to believe.

I would give just about anything to be able to call Richard Strohman and talk to him again, but he has passed on. I will be re-producing portions of my interviews with him in future posts.

I hope these writings leave you, reader, feeling less afraid, if you are afraid of “Covid-19.” Have faith in your body, give thanks to your hard working, perfectly brilliant, symbiotic cellular cosmos. It’s on your side. Its whole existence is designed to keep you alive. It does not collapse from an encounter with a “Corona Virus” (if such things even arrive from the outer world, and enter us, which I have begun to doubt.)

The number one predictor of pneumonia in the world is poverty. Nigeria is at the top of the list; Finland is at the bottom.

They don’t ever want you to make the connection between poverty, (exploitation and colonialism) malnutrition, and sickness. They want you to think everything revolves around “novel pathogens,” the weaponization of which co-incidentally earn the Plutocrat depopulation elites trillions, this time around. Not billions—trillions.

—Celia Farber