END OF COVID: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore And More End Covid Terrorism, Normalize Life With Covid, Refuse To Demonize The Non Injected: Kim Iverson Reports

Decent Country Envy

Today, Sept 29, is the day all restrictions are lifted in Sweden. (Postscript: Except PCR “tests” to enter the country.)

My Swedish soul lifts a glass and smiles with all my heart. I’ll be calling home for details and vicarious sparks of joy.

I have been a person with and of two countries: America (my father) and Sweden (my mother.)

My fatherland dominated hugely— got a more intense, spellbound reaction over the years. The fatherland was “wow,” while the motherland was something to do with order.

We were younger.

America was supposedly the place where dreams came true; Nightmare, such as the never ending rape that is upon us now, we never spoke of.

Motherland always stood accused of not being exciting enough— being uneventful, lacking the kind of charisma we tragically over-valued.

If anybody is reading this who is worried about me, please accept my apology, and please believe me when I say I am swimming across a channel. I can’t call until I get to the other side. I’ve never experienced anything like this, and I know it’s the same, different details, for you, reading this. Let’s not pretend this is not the hardest thing we never imagined. But for a point of light, let’s look at a map of the world:

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