Focal Infections As Root Cause Of Illness And How To Quickly Resolve With Simple Routine

A Humble, Thorough Man Of Medicine For This Time: Dr. Darren Schmidt

This video, when it appeared on my feed this morning, seemed to be calling out to me; I turned off the water, stopped my tasks, sat down and gave it my undivided attention.

Fascinating, from start to finish.

The comments sections on YouTube videos are where much of the gold is. In this case, some people are saying this is one of top 5 videos about healing chronic disease they have ever seen.

I struggle with the phenomenon of famous doctors with enormous platforms—and now I have found one I truly trust. (“Like” and “trust” are interchangeable to me.)

Dr. Schmidt is a chiropractor, and seems to have no interest in being a star.

Truth about the human body, about human health, has eclipsed most other “truths,” or has become one and the same.

As I get closer to achieving health breakthrough, by trial and error, I continue to pray and to try to continue to hear what I have been deaf to previously. I am fascinated by the fact that Dr. Schmidt has recovered from black mold sickness himself. The whole world, though it seems to be “collapsing,” is also having the most fascinating and overdue public fight/discussion about parasites and health.

God used Joe Rogan, I believe. Then, after that, God used Nicki Minaj.

Smile friends, we are prevailing.

Dr. Schmidt’s website, The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, is here: