Great Writing Flourishing From Covid Cultural Psychosis: John Waters

An Outtake From The Great Irish Writer's Substack

“I still encounter or hear about people who sit around arguing in such a fashion as to suggest that lockdown is a reasonable approach to dealing with viruses. This is a kind of hangover from the deception perpetrated at the beginning of the scamdemic, in which it was osmotically — indeed, all but miraculously — insinuated that lockdown was an already familiar instrument of public health management.

Someone told me the other day about some party who was arguing with them that the only reason we haven’t had lockdowns for the flu is because we’ve had flu shots for years.

It really is time to stop this kind of idle, ignorant talk, which is not in any sense victimless, before it settles in and causes permanent destruction to the world. The trouble is that such repeated pieties provide a kind of collateral air-cover to the lies of the authorities, which are many and egregious. By simply restating such absurdities, people unwittingly give succour to the lies, all the more so because they appear to be making some unconnected point which in passing just happens to accept the lockdown policy as axiomatically beneficial.

Lockdown was never even thought of before January 2020. By anybody. I’ll repeat that later. The flu shot is ineffective. Most people don’t get it, and those who do have been running the risk of incidental death for years. I had a friend whose death from cancer was brought forward by at least a year by the flu shot. Everybody surely knows this, but some people have to be talking nonsense.

People still continue to talk about the ‘virus’ as a ‘bioweapon’. They think that they’ve reached the cutting edge of inside knowledge because the lamestream media have now started talking about the Wuhan lab leak and so forth. Misdirection, from start to finish. It doesn’t seem to occur to anyone that the chief protagonist and perp in the lab leak scenario, Dr Anthony Fauci, still continues to run the entire show, despite the details of this ‘conspiracy’ being ‘revealed’ in such as the New York Times. Does nobody recall one of the cardinal rules of all this Covid stuff?: If it’s in the MSM it’s almost certainly untrue.

The virus is not the bioweapon here. In fact, as David E. Martin has elaborately demonstrated, there is no novel virus, just a genomic sequence cobbled together after the fact on a computer, to match the pseudo-vaccines and provide them with a context.

There are two bioweapons then: the ‘vaccine’ and the lockdown, and it is as yet by no means clear which of them is the more lethal.”


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