Nine Commentaries On The Communist Party: The Book That Persuaded 300 Million Chinese to Quit The CCP

Why are we so repressed about the CCP? We are fundamentally incapable of looking at it squarely. We leap to binary denials based on US atrocities, as if these would be weakened if CCP atrocities were faced squarely.

The CCP is neither China nor the Chinese people. It’s a death machine that enjoys protected status in US media as some kind of…misunderstood death machine.

I often get guff about writing for The Epoch Times, which people left of center like to refer to as a “rag,” and when this “rag” is the only “rag” that will publish for example, some of my reports on Covid injections and deaths, they don’t want to pay $1 to get past the paywall.

I’m proud to write for The Epoch Times, and I’ll tell you a few things about them I picked up along the way. Their reporters around the world have been beaten nearly to death, on occasion, by CCP thugs. Yes, the paper was founded by a Chinese businessman who adheres to the humanistic, anti-CCP peaceful Buddhist movement known as Falun Gong. What’s wrong with that? I thought every other person out there identifies as a “Buddhist.”

(These people never strike me as more peaceful than anybody else, incidentally.)

Once when I was in DC on a story for The Epoch Times, they sent along a camera man. A young guy, very quiet. I asked him about his history. Turns out one of his parents was in prison, and the other had just gotten out of prison. Both Falun Gong.

This is no ordinary newspaper. They are dedicated on a fight against evil, and they are constantly bullied by legacy media, over this vague crime of being somehow weird. I have ignored many requests by pod reporters in US media to discuss ET. There is nothing to discuss. It’s a newspaper, the editor is excellent, the fact checking is rigorous. I mean rigorous.

Years ago, ET published this book on the history of the CCP, Nine Commentaries On The Communist Party, and I think it’s high time we all read it.

An outtake:

”The most prominent characteristic of the CCP is its eternal fear. Survival has been the CCP’s highest interest since its inception. Such interest managed to overcome the fear hidden underneath its ever-changing appearance. The CCP is like a cancer cell that diffuses and infiltrates every part of body, kills the surrounding normal cells and grows malignantly beyond control. In our cycle of history, society has been unable to dissolve such a mutated factor as the CCP and has no alternative but to let it proliferate at will. This mutated factor is so powerful that nothing within the level and range of its expansion can stop it. Much of society has become polluted, and larger and larger areas have been flooded with communism or communist elements. These elements are further strengthened and taken advantage of by the CCP and have fundamentally degraded the morality and society of humankind.

The CCP doesn’t believe in any generally recognized principle of morality and justice. All of its principles are used entirely for its own interest. It is fundamentally selfish, and there are no principles that could restrain and control its desires. Based on its own principles, the Party needs to keep changing how it appears on the surface, putting on new skins. During the early period when its survival was at stake, the CCP attached to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to the KMT, to the KMT’s governing body, and to the National Revolution. After capturing power, the CCP attached itself to various forms of opportunism, to the citizens’minds and feelings, to social structures and means— to anything it could put its hands on. It has utilized every crisis as an opportunity to gather more power and to strengthen its means of control.”

Sound familiar?

PDF here.