The Fifth Column: Both The Plan And The Defense Becoming Clear

Guest commentary by Rob Cohen

Today I got an email from within a group of Covid sleuths and friends, that seemed to pin the tail on the unfathomable donkey. It was so vivid that I asked the author, my friend Rob Cohen, if I could publish it; He agreed.

This is what he wrote:

“This latest interview from Orwell City [linked below] has some mind-blowing announcements.  The waves of “Covid-19” are created through chemtrail and other spray dispersals of graphene oxide.  This explains for the first time the inexplicable outbreak early in the plandemic in Iran.  All parts of the plandemic are geared toward graphene oxide delivery to our brains including the PCR tests, the wearing of masks and of course being vaccinated.  Graphene oxide nanoparticles act as nanobiosensors once they are installed in neurons which will serve both to be read by and lit up to neuromodulate our behavior, emotions and feelings through an AI network.  This is the mechanics of the transhuman agenda. 

Once the graphene oxide enhanced brains are lit up, their behaviors will be blamed on a new variant as the justification for more booster injections of GO because as a heavy metal, we can eliminate it over time.  The 2 best ways to speed up GO elimination are by taking glutathione and chlorine dioxide, the former an antioxidant and the latter an oxidant, so they must be staggered in application to work instead of neutralizing each other.

There is more in the article to read if interested.”

—Rob Cohen

When I wrote back to Rob, I said:

Also, this would explain the cabal's hysterical attack campaign on chlorine dioxide, and Kerri Rivera, starting a few years ago. It all makes perfect sense.

Rob, do you feel you would be willing to spell out how people might take CD and glutathione, roughly? Also, coffee enemas give us glutathione, so coffee enemas daily a good idea."

Rob replied:

”Celia, feel free to use and edit if desired what I wrote.  Thank you for pointing out how this explains the absolute hysteria about CD and CDS.  Amazon has been taking NAC, the easiest way to get glutathione into our bodies at sufficient levels, off their website.  They still have a favorite company of mine that specializes in delivering desired active ingredients, selling glutathione at

Approximate dosages for normal situations:  6 sprays into your mouth and swallow twice a day.  CDS, which is chlorine dioxide gas in solution with water, is only active for about an hour.  4 ounces at least an hour apart as many times a day as convenient will oxidize whatever shouldn’t be there.  Believe it or not here is a video on YouTube explaining how to make CDS:  

An outtake from the article Orwell City translated:

“In the field of nanoscience, neuroscience or biotechnology, when we study all that graphene can do, we realize the ultimate goal of the operation being carried out, and that is that graphene oxide nanoparticles act as nanobiosensors once they are installed in neurons, so that they do two basic functions: the first is to collect the neuronal electrophysiological effects, these are the electrical signals of our impulses and thoughts. That is to say, to do a brain mapping at the same time that can also neuromodulate behaviors, emotions and feelings. 

 “This makes sense and fits quite well with the statement made by the President of Chile Sebastián Piñera when he made the announcement of 5G and where he spoke of inserting emotions or thoughts and of reading our thoughts to control the entire nervous system of society. Logically it sounds like a terrifying science fiction movie, but believe me it is technically feasible and it is being done. “

—Ricardo Delgado, La Quinta Columna

Many thanks to La Quinta Columna, Orwell City, and Rob Cohen, for putting this all together for us. This is where I order Chlorine Dioxide from, by the way:

Order CD here

And you have Rob’s recommendation for the best glutathione product in the Amazon link above.

—Celia Farber