What They Said: Toby Russell

A while back, Füllmich and others were observing that Fauci and Gates were being thrown under the bus. I thought not because to do so would spell the end of globalist ambitions. But maybe they flirted with the process, or started, then stopped it? They were losing control and slipped up? Blinked, fluffed, choked. Now things are coming undone everywhere at breakneck speed and the press appear to be scriptless. They have nothing to do except report the truth. Is this an accurate observation on my part??

The globalists will loose ALL credibility if they change their ridiculous story, change tack. They have bet the farm on it. They own it. Every last bit of it. I don't believe they can change horses. Global lockdown until 'vaccination' saves the world was the most stupid and monumental idea ever enacted. You can't just brush it under the rug with new shocks. A lot of commentators seem not to have seen this. Perhaps I'm wrong. But it sure seems this way to me.

And the rage when Babel falls will be Biblical. They know this. It is their deepest fear.

I see advanced moral senility flooding western civilisation. Decadence run amok. Globalist plans are decrepit, moribund, as far removed from life and sense as lifetimes in the luxurious jails of infinite money and power can fantasise. So even if Afghanistan's rapid capitulation is planned to somehow install Kamala Harris as the US's first female president or some other evil-genius outcome, the completion of such a plan would mean implosion. Is this dawning on them? Are they finally noticing that the plans agreed to and called watertight by their paid yes men, that workshopped so well, now that they have met the merciless sunlight of the real world merely expose how insane they are? That they are not gods among men, not geniuses, just twats in expensive villas and clothing? Is this horror dawning on them? Those whom the gods would destroy...

I've just listened to Professor Christian Peronne trying to tell the world to lock up the vaccinated this winter. They are a danger to each other and the unvaxxed. The unvaxxed should go about their business as normal, unhindered. Here's a quote from from the Telegram feed: "The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France were reported to be "utterly panicked" on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts." Here's a link: https://t.me/LeakyVax/559

And here's Sherry Tenpenny claiming to have spoken to a Pfizer whistleblower, who was crying on the phone saying they have documentation showing close to 200,000 people died in less than a week after one Pfizer injection. Tenpenny hasn't seen the document, but seems confident enough to share the information, scant as it currently is: https://t.me/Marieallin/26580

And of course there's so much more than this. Grounds for suspecting the wheels are coming off. But I could be wrong. Best to stay skeptical and question everything, just as you say...

—Toby Russell (submitted as comment)

Art by Dr. Kevin Corbett, UK