Our thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sister in Libya from Morocco where we just endured the worst ever earthquake since 1960.

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I can’t help but cry in my heart for the people of Libya and wonder if they losing their beautiful world this way is the same as how the people of Maui lost theirs?

I do not consent to the murder and plunder of any of the worlds peoples or lands.

Psychotic criminals is only the beginning

of how to describe those who would destroy God’s holy people in these ways.

God?? How would you have us proceed to deal with these individuals justly?!

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Interesting that you recently posted the Rod Serling movie, “Patterns”, because we are seeing patterns of inescapable deaths of masses being blamed on “Climate Change”, and the orchestrators are gaslighting psychopaths.

Here is another coastal property destroyed. While I realize that they are more prone to flooding, this seems odd.

I recently learned a new word. Pathocracy. Rule by psychopaths.

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Thank you for interrupting your hiatus to bring both of these stories into the light. One historical connection between the flooding of Derna and the most heavily damaged areas following the Moroccan earthquake is the Berber populations. Just like Lahaina, ancient populations appear to be targeted for destruction. May the Lord grant you a peaceful hiatus.

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Celia, this flood is heartbreaking--all those men, women and children swept into the sea. God have mercy on us.

My husband walks around the house the last six months saying "they (the ptb's) are trying to kill us--Ei, you need to face this." In trying to speculate 'why and what is their endgame' I conclude it's like trying to speculate what the endgame of a sadistic serial killer is--they have to be stopped because they have no inner brakes! God have mercy on us.

It gets so confusing because in the most horrendous organizations are wonderful people, and people who have no idea what the Masons are or what the UN is, or what the Luciferians in the Vatican are doing. Good people are in these organizations thinking they are helping and trying to help. Some of them also are aware of the nefarious foundations and still try to help. So it's complex and dangerous.God have mercy on us.

With all this murderous destruction around, it is so hard to maintain faith and heart.

I found a wonderful new app called "Prayerful" last evening. It is a free download newly out by Christian Healing Ministries in Florida--I personally know their work and they have a gorgeous combination of prayers, Bible verses and teachings for many subjects. They take on complex spiritual subjects and this, along with the Rosary and hugging everyone I love as much as I can, and being in nature helps me..... and of course reading journalists of integrity like yourself whose honest and incisive questions clear the mind and catapult the popular trance back to the pit from which it continually crawls.

Carry on, brave Celia.

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Obfuscation and control.

The beat goes on.

We are fed lies constantly. For many, the lies become the truth.

Corporate owned media complicit.

Practice discernment. Think clearly.

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Thank you for posting. This adds to what I see of the puzzle.

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Looks strangely like Lahaina with water. More hand-waving and bogus climate-shaming. Devils all.

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Put this down to NATO (aka the U.S.) destruction of Libya. Once the richest country in Africa with free education and health care, now a total mess with two governments and slave markets.

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OMG … Evil knows no bounds !!

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Derna, also spelled "Darnah".

From my anti-Islam blog over 10 years ago (also my anti-Stupid Naive Westerner Who Thinks Islam Is Not Inherently Extremist blog):

I first captioned an old oil painting about the so-called "Barbary Pirates" (really Jihadists on the High Seas):

"William Eaton and Sgt. Presley O'Bannon USMC and eight Marines lead the assault on Darnah, Libya, in 1805."


Some may recall that Khadaffi warned us that Darnah was a stronghold of Islamic extremists, even if our mainstream media dismissed that and proclaimed it was, rather, a "secularist" city -- but Diana West easily refuted that, showing that this "secularist" city had the highest percentage in all of Libya of jiihadist volunteers to go mass-murder Americans in Iraq (and that among such Libyan volunteers, 85% signed up to be suicide bombers).

Incidentally, a caption to the painting above found on one website notes that our early Marines intended to march on Tripoli after routing the Muslims at Darnah, but were "thwarted by a peace treaty that allowed Yousef Karamanli to remain in power." Plus ça Hope and Change, and all that sort of rot.

The Diana West piece linked is here: https://dianawest.net/BlogArchive/tabid/56/EntryId/1886/The-Truth-about-Libyan-Rebels.aspx

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"And it does not much displease me

To be told that at seven tomorrow morning

An Angel of Justice will appear,

And that he will clean up people's messes for them—

Because if he is, and he does, he'll be more apt

To rub their lousy snouts in it."

(Kenneth Patchen, "One Who Hopes")

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With dams, it isn't what is on the surface but what's underground that matters. Many dams are unnecessary, as the claim that fresh water is a limited resource is a lie. There is fresh water everywhere.

These dams often hide underground facilities used by the Cabal for human trafficking. By that, I mean they have been doing genetic engineering on the entire human race, in some cases producing fighters with no conscience for their wars--Central American military and paramiltaries in the 1970s and 1980, the members of cartels, al Qaeda, ISIS, the Azov Batallion.

How to interpret the destruction of a dam? I suspect this was an Alliance operation, done to clear out the underground. Before they flood DUMBs and tunnels, they go in and rescue as many captives as they can--both human and hybrid. They block off escape routes and flood them to kill enemy fighters and prevent the facilities from being used again.


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Thanks for letting us know! Cheers!

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Scary times.

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What I find strange is that the place seems like a ghost town and we see none of the actual flooding at the time only after. Is this another engineered situation where the place is evacuated beforehand and the alleged deaths are used to raise money? I'm not saying it is. All I'm saying is I simply hate to look at any news now because I don't want to look at it through the "what's really going on here" filter. I want to be able to look at this kind of event and have the normal human feelings you have in that situation and not have to put them in abeyance because the news is never to be trusted.

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