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God Bless him for his honesty. He’s right, taking the money would have disrespected his son I believe many families are being bought off so, on top of their mourning, they now have to endure the reality that they took Blood money. Misery upon misery ….may God have mercy upon their souls

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Ask? Hospitals usually do that on their own so they can get compensated. I know, since I was personally shown the death certificate of a friend's Mom who died in a car accident. Cause of death was Covid.

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I’ve said this so many times already and I’ll say it again...and again:

When will people do historical research and find out that anytime you inject anything into your body, you’re on a highway to hell.

NEVER in the history of mankind has injecting poisons into your body given you better health.

Quite the opposite. They’ve ALL maimed and killed. Read and learn the history of this barbaric act:

The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations https://a.co/d/cfvx9Q6

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History https://a.co/d/coVuit4

- George William Winterburn, PhD, MD, The Value of Vaccination: A Non-partisan Review of Its History and Results, 1886

- History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar R. Crookshank, 1889

- Charles Creighton, Jenner and Vaccination. A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1889

There are many others, they’re just a few.

Finding the truth isn’t that hard

But you do have to get off your ass and turn off the tube and read.

We’ve known for well over 150 years the concept of vaccination is a fraud concept.

And the criminals that pose as our elected officials are in on the take and are raking in millions, and will NEVER stop the madness that is called vaccination.

And neither will doctors who are being PAID handsomely for jabbing and lying to their trusting patients.

If you’ve been jabbed then your death will be influenced by and/or directly caused by said jab.

People should quit thinking it’s coincidence. That’s propaganda talk.

And yet the populace of today (being dumbed down by design) have their heads buried in the sand and believe the corrupt media’s story of blaming these deaths on everything else under the sun except the obvious. What a pity.

And those “doctors” who are shilling for the medical cartel, the pharmafia and allopathic medicine should hang their heads in shame.

They know the truth, but have sold their soul to the company because their payment on their yacht, McMansion, and jag is due.

Pitiful. Sickening, pathetic and pitiful.

And to those in the media, you drug pushing pieces of corporate shit: I hope you’re ALL jabbed and jabbed and jabbed…so we can say it was a “shame” that you dropped dead suddenly.

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So sad to see young people die without their chance at life....pitiful

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I am so sorry for this father. But I strongly applaud his courage to STAND UP AGAINST the real evil that murdered his son.

I know from personal friendships that "taking the hush money" may seem like the only consolation after losing a loved one. After all, there is nothing that will bring that person back, and easing the financial stress during a time like this is sometimes deemed a matter of survival.

But when it demeans that loved ones death. this is wrong. To both the life of the family member and others who will be treated the same way. We saw a lot of this with 911.

During the days of the AZT tests on pregnant women, I had a friend whose life and child were effected by the ACT 019 test during her pregnancy. As it turned out, she had a very low "viral load" test that showed virtually ZERO "HIV"; far below the "detectable" level. But they put her on AZT anyway.

Her name was Chris S. She was a fighter and worked with our chapter of HEAL Denver to expose all of this deadly HIV/AZT chemo treatment. She was about to sue the hospital and CU Med center, when she developed liver problems and died. I believe her death was caused by AID$ Inc, who wanted to silence her and the AZT given to pregnant women. She had an attorney that was a friend of her sister.

Her sister Wanda, turned out to be a real witch. After Chris died, she really turned into a real bitch and would not talk to us or provide any progress about what happened. I can't say for certain, but by her actions, I think she "took the money" and kept the confidential agreement--- thereby closing the case.

How many other mothers and children would still be murdered and poisoned because people just take the payoff and move on?

That is why I applaud Ernest Ramirez.

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So very sad and so very wrong. And yet, these quackseens and boosters are still being pushed - my husband is an admin at a University outside of Boston. He received a notice saying he was not up to date on boosters right before Christmas 2022. He went to get a medical exemption, which he did not get. He's read that these injections cause all sorts of adverse reactions. His mother and brother died of MS. He read in a peer reviewed paper that the injections have a connection to the onset of MS (among other adverse side effects we've heard about). Now the CDC is admitting a connection to the injections and strokes. Our daughter's best friend's husband had two stroke during the summer of 2022 and he's barely 40 years old! How many people does it take to die or have their good health altered before these warp speeded, no liability, experimental injections and boosters are taken off the market? I realize the cvd narrative is coming apart - but alot of damage to human health has been done in these last 3 years, not to mention the deaths these injections have caused. I suppose it ends when people realize that those involved in this cvd narrative care not for humans or human health, but care only for their best interest, which is $$$$$$$$$$$$.

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thank you - you and crispin miller- keeping us up to date- one more reason to fight back- and then there's this! full interview--- https://rumble.com/v1li6a5-freeman-interviews-dr-aseem-malhotra.html we may win in the end- what we win i'm not certain

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This was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. 💔😢 Sending prayers up for this poor man and his family. 🙏🏻 No parent should ever have to endure the loss of a child.

I know the vaccines killed my mom. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind now whatsoever. I just don’t have a way to prove it. The cause of death listed on her death certificate is completely different than anything any doctor she had any kind of interaction with, had ever suggested. And we were never given a final, concrete diagnosis.

I have a 14 year old nephew who is double vaxxed and I’m absolutely terrified for him. He is very athletically inclined and participates in three different sports in school, as well as several recreational leagues outside of school. This is something that should be celebrated, but all I wanna do right now is tell him to “back off and take it easy.”

My 40 year old brother, his 37 year old wife and my dad are all triple vaxxed and I’m scared to death for all of them. I’m the only person in my family that’s not vaxxed and I’m afraid that I’m going to be all alone when everything comes to light and this nightmare is finally over.

I like the woman’s shirt at the end that read, “Fauci For Prison.” But, as far as I’m concerned, prison is too good for that weasely little man. #FauciForHell 🔥🤬

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Bless this man. I am praying for him.

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How depraved on the part of the government. Deep respect for this bereaved father for standing up for the truth.

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Today I read a very sad letter written by someone badly harmed by mRNA poison who could no longer bear the agony and hopelessness and checked out of this world. I thought about how very cruel the people perpetrating this atrocious crime. So little they care about the results of their action and are unwilling to even look at it. My friends this is how we lose our humanity and become a living curse.

I am so glad I don’t live like that.

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I have a friend who took his 80+ year old step father to the hospital because he had a history of heart problems and was experiencing chest pains. He was told at admitting, that if his stepdad died while in the hospital, it would be Covid. When he argued that his stepdad had a history of heart related issues, he was informed very sternly that it didn't matter, it would be clasified as Covid. That was 2 years ago and he was out of the hospital in a week, and still alive today, but just hanging in.

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this is so outrageous its shocking to think through ramifications on this one. do institutions that say and do these things think they are immune to blowback?

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Of course they did because they are greedy, sociopathic whores who should die screaming.

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let's do what we need to to have FEMA up on charges of accessory to murder.

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Plenty of people took the FEMA money. No telling how many had similar stories. Financial incentives rarely bring out the best in humanity. https://www.fema.gov/disaster/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance#totals

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