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How incredibly fast this is being hidden. They are really afraid of what really happened being revealed too soon. Thank goodness there were local people on the ground filming right away. People there are not fooled. Will they get away with the cover up? We shall see. What I saw on the very first footage was a scene that resembled the Paradise fire footage more than anything else, so my first thought was DEW. How they thought we would be fooled into thinking it was a regular fire just shows how asleep they still think we are. A country slaughtering its own citizens, in their homes, is beyond horror. And the US has been this country since well, very obviously since 9/11, but of course, more hidden projects have been conducted for a long time.

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Unless there was something to hide why the secrecy? The black fencing I’m sure cost an exorbitant amount of money, as well as the overwhelming police and national guard. Wouldn’t this money be better spent on actually helping those that lost their homes and jobs?

Our government needs to be removed via an armed revolution. I see no other way. Other ideas?

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"...How is it known?"

Yeah, that's a good question because the intentional obfuscation of the record is what is obviously occurring. The fences and prevention of observation is clear evidence of the intentions of government. They are masters at avoiding responsibility, deflection, and accountability.

The last thing that they intend to allow is something like "The local government is directly responsible for the deaths of x people." Especially when "x" is horrifically large and includes numerous children.

We all know it but as long as they can avoid it being said, especially when the event is very fresh, the easier it will be for the responsible parties to just walk away with media coverage at their backs.

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manifest destiny on steroids. how to create ‘climate change refugees’ in easy steps. how to displace people from their own lands,attempting to demoralize them is pathetic and weak and shows that FORCE is at play. not POWER.

the lack of response from hollywood is telling.

the lack of financial

aid from the local wealthy invaders also significant.

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This is a profound reality check. Collectively (if you partake), we have devolved into a digital-reality/communication-dissimination system where nothing––pictures, videos, sound, "human" voices, print, books––can be trusted because it's all manipulative. It's so obvious now that in a way you don't have to really discern––you can almost blanket disregard anything reported into most medias including "independent" media.

Kind of refreshing. It forces you totally inward (where your spiritual and intellectual soul resides) to rely on your innate, human powers (latent for long while), such as the clairs––clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, telepathy, etc. Physical "proof" no longer required––there is none. But your knowing, your ken, is ancient and way past time to get reacquainted.

And, of course, the fallen, ego-consumed manipulators––they have consciously cut off access to these powers. All they can do is exfoliate the material world to trick you into thinking you're doomed. Falling for it means you got some serious work to do realizing your essence is one of the most powerful energies in the Cosmos.

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same thing happening in western Canada. Residents are forbidden to put out brush fires around their properties, the hydrants have been cut off - no water available - they are driving people from their homes and the police have been told to "stand down".

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Thanks Celia.

FYI: Joshua (soylent) Green, MD.(Allopath) is.a big time shill for the Pharma Cartel. Most, if not all his campaign funds came from the Pharma Cartel. Note: One month before voting by mail, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser printed a Full-Ad listing all the contributions made by Pharma. The ad was paid for by a local political group- Victory Calls. The price: $20,000. Legacy Media loves the Star-Advertiser...

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Something stinks with this entire disaster.

No sirens. No water for the fire. Police barricades to prohibit escape. And so on.

The Police Chief, Peltier, was indeed Police Chief during the Las Vegas shootout. But, were you aware that “lone crazy white man shooter” tale was malarkey? People were being shot from a helicopter and probably other points, because a video recording at a hotel revealed two different locales and two different calibers.

Another video showed a helicopter hovering near the hot spot and you could see the flashes and hear the popping sounds in the video.

And Peltier is also the island’s coroner.


There are so many red flags it’s a wonder some of us don’t spontaneously combust from the gall these government people have who were involved with this massacre.

The creepy Governor! He has bizarre eye movements and I would like to see a body language expert decipher his videos as well as those of other participants of this disaster.

Too many people intuitively know something is way off and that we are being gaslighted.

And, it’s also another distraction that induces fear and distrust to keep us off center. How narcissistic.

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“Hotter planet and fiercer storms”

Demonstrably untrue statement

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It's time to deploy drones.

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DOWN WITH THE BLACK FENCES ~ public administration employees need to be transparent when on the job . . .

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Send biden, he’ll sniff them out.

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Heard that over 180 bodies washed up on the closest island? Mass Graves?

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The caravan of death says everything as to intent.

There's a very credible account given by a man called "Fish," who was on foot as drivers were being corralled. I have the link to the video of his interview but will not share at the moment because of the strange editing (not as to content, apparently, but problematic in other ways).

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Weird. They don't put a fence around towns that get hit by tornadoes or hurricanes.

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Too many coincidences all coordinated at the same time. Censorship Complex has taken over. This is just another version of “To Build Back Better you need to Destroy First”.

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