Undermine global institutions… Sounds like a plan. I like the word obliterate.

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This amazing woman is a candidate for the Conservative party leadership - and if she wins the Conservative leadership, she is potential prime minister. This was two minutes of a seven minute segment about this WHO health treaty issue where an uber-liberal CBC reporter harangued Leslyn, but Leslyn gave as good as she got. Finally, she has fire in her belly, and it was evident here. A black, single mom immigrant to Canada who has a boatload of alphabet after her name, and loves Canada. She is pro-life, pro-common sense, and is not afraid to say what she thinks. Go Leslyn!

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Thank you for sharing this, Celia! I am relieved to hear politicians are finally starting to sound the alarm about this grave threat to humanity and freedom!

I was really impressed by the caliber and bravery of some of the Canadian MPs during the Freedom Convoy movement. I singled some out for special recognition in my “Profiles in Courage: The Canadian Truckers” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-the-canadian).

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"We do not need the WHO telling Canada how we should respond to a pandemic. We need our own pandemic response plan. Do you agree?"

I think that she is on the right track. But if she is saying that "Canada" needs its own pandemic response plan, I must disagree. No central planning is needed or beneficial in this regard. Let individual people and organizations determine their own "pandemic response", if any.

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We don't even need our own plan for pandemics because transmission of viruses is a myth.


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Agreed 100%! This virus nonsense needs to end once and for all.

The biggest assumption of this entire scamdemic is that viruses are indiscriminate

killers which can cross species and jump bodies through the

air to infect people. In fact, the nature of the humble virus has been totally

misunderstood by mainstream science, fueled by the Medical Industry

which promotes germ theory and the myth of contagion to keep you

in fear and to raise demand for its toxic products (Big Pharma petrochemical

drugs and vaccines).

If You Tell A Lie Big Enough, Often Enough, Many Will Come To Believe It.

You May Know The latest Lie As Covid19. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses

Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People.

– Viruses are created from within your cells; they do not come from outside the body

– They arise as a result of systemic toxicity, not because the body has been invaded

by an external threat

– Viruses dissolve toxic matter when body tissue is too toxic for living bacteria or microbes

to feed upon without being poisoned to death. Without viruses, the human

body couldn’t achieve homeostasis and sustain itself in the face of systemic toxicity

– Viruses are very specific. They dissolve specific tissues in the body. They do this

with the assistance of antibodies

– The more toxicity you have in your body, the more viral activity you will have

– The only vector transmission of a virus is through blood transfusion or vaccines;

otherwise, viruses cannot infect you by jumping from one body to another

– Viruses are discriminatory by nature, made by the body for a specific purpose.

They are not indiscriminatory killers

– The RT-PCR test (PCR test for short) observes genetic material left over by the

virus, not the virus itself

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Love the way she educated the journalist on the horrific plan the globalists are cooking up to introduce the New World Order. The thing that so many ignorant leftists don’t realize is that this sick path they are propagating leads to suffering for all but the super wealthy elite.

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She should avoid hot tubs, small planes and small bodies of water. Today, it is beyond risky to challenge the powers that be. She is brave; let's hope we find more like her.

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far too sensible, will be de-personed and de-platformed and dismissed by the main stream propagandists in mostly personal attacks and outright lies and twisting of language to discredit by 'fact' (narrative) checkers

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While you may not be able to see it, I took a screen grab of your Twitter Suspension and retweeted my original fwd etc here: https://twitter.com/DelVezeau/status/1518025810166308864?s=20&t=VLx7OBsuXV_mJF7bqEJ48w

My first introduction to Leslyn could not have been better.

This is not the spirit of the old Harper Conservatives, this is something profoundly on point, measured, and anything you imagine truth to be couched in, that is to say, nothing if anything at all.

Truth needs no segue, conduit or even an introduction.

All it needs is the ability to be in the room.

Careful what you ask for journos.

If coming from the Bill Gates sponsored schools, you're pretty much a bot anyway.

The reporter in this case, would do well by her profession and her own standing to look further into the topic for which she was so eloquently schooled, and imagine that more than a few of us might be grading her progress, if there's any to be seen.

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Is it impolite to use the term - "Presstitute" - to describe that sort of walking, talking, PSYOP in a News Skirt?

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Pretty sure Paul Craig Roberts is the first one I noticed using the word 'presstitutes'.

Some/many of the ones he referred to wore trousers, so let's not get hindered by gender.

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We should do a search for the term, in order to give proper credit, for whomever 'coined' it. I think I first saw it from this German guy...


But I recall an article on OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, probably by Alex Constantine, where a spook made the comparison between journalists and prostitutes, decades ago - and concluding the Journalists were cheaper, and had fewer inhibitions about 'going all the way' (over to the darkside).

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I think they're called 'the Pants-Suit'... They're big within Clinton world. But yes...to each their own.

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The US needs this woman to be the next PM. The North Kicking out the current fascists from power would help galvanize the same conservative movement in the US. This will be on my prayer list.

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Mainstream journalism died many decades ago - c19 merely exposed it to the world, for those who are able and willing to see. The actual killer of journalism? Advertising! Money talks. Just ask any politician or political candidate.

Imagine you run a media operation which relies on advertising to pay for it. "If you do this, I will pull my ads."

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"Money talks, bullshit walks."

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How should media be funded? Catch-22. The government?

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If the protagonists are biological automatons, source of funding does not really matter.

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Apr 24, 2022·edited Apr 25, 2022

We can only hope any new 'leaders' will consider individual sovereign bodily autonomy and the right to make informed decisions/consent with one's own physician, including unrestricted access to all available treatment options, as part of any new "pandemic" response plan. On second thought its time all wanna be leaders and control freaks be restricted from making any "plans" of any kind for any and all of us.

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I don't know. I have an immediate suspicion of anything with blue and yellow now. And that's what I got right away.

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The only yellow was on the screen supplied by the news outlet. People should still be allowed to wear blue. Just because she has on a blue top or suit doesn't mean she's pro Ukraine. --- Just take a deep breath and look up her record before you freak. 'K?

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WHO and the UN are leftist terrorist agencies and need to be permently eradicated....they are useless for moving the world forward in any positive way. They are slimey pets of the murdering gates clan.

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A writer at TNT "The National Telegraph" called out Press and Powder at CBC for character asassination [ ! ] and his point is well taken ( https://thenationaltelegraph.com/culture/leslyn-lewis-pushes-back-on-cbc-host-attacking-her-for-being-against-who-propaganda ) "Why would you posit....," that's what used to be called a loaded question. The reporter was asking what's your agenda and she got her answer. WELL played!

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