The reasons they are backing off now is because (1) their mission has been accomplished. That’s why they took down the Georgia Guide Stones themselves. The bioweapon jab is self-spreading. You can find that information in Pfizer’s own papers that they were forced to release after trying to hide them for 75 years. And (2) they know they have been caught committing democide. Apparently this whole operation warp speed is being run by the Department of Defense. Look up articles by Sasha Latypova. She has uncovered some shocking information. Now that they have been caught they have to pretend that they care. That will not stop Nuremberg II here on earth or the justice by our Creator in the next world. I would hate to be one of the evil ones.

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Martha vid is just sick. And not in a good way.

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Huge news indeed.

I always get stuck in words, such as "vaccines." Why are we always using the poisoned language of the enemy? I use the terms "injectable products" or "pseudovaccines." I know it's a lost battle.

Yes, the unnecessary and worthless injectable products kill people, on top of being probably the biggest scientific and financial fraud in recorded history. For once, I am not exaggerating.

I want to share something, for the sake of the mental health of everyone living on the no-virus side, like myself: I like Meryl and I think she's legit 100% freedom fighter. And she still "believes" in viruses and infections, but I don't care. She knows more about than I do about many things, and I am grateful for her journalistic and pedagogical service to everyone.

There is no reason to be jerks to people who won't change their views on virology or germ theory in general. In other words: we are not going to win hearts and minds by emulating the horrible behavior of the Covidians.

Those who feel that the conversion to the one true faith of "terrain theory" is the most important issue would do well in developing and following a winning strategy, instead of a losing strategy.

Obviously, a lot of big names know there was no SARS-CoV-2. Why are they pretending? What are their motivations? What they want to accomplish? Is their strategy bearing good fruit? Do they know things we don't know, as in "things that are not public"? These are some questions that matter. Attacking the person is not the way to go for those who care for justice.

Such are my thoughts.

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Jan 14·edited Jan 14

The following came out from CHD this evening around 8:36 PM, which is going to have to be reported by the MSM and will certainly put a damper on things. I've already sent it to a Maine State rep, stating that the Maine legislature needs to put a stop to the State's health care worker jab mandate. It's about time a court recognized that the jabs don't stop transmission and ruled accordingly. I've been pushing the religious exemption attorneys to approach the courts with this evidence, but they haven't seemed to be listening.

"BREAKING: CHD Defeats NY State Healthcare Workers COVID Mandate!

In a groundbreaking decision filed today, NY State (NYS) Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neri held that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers is now “null, void, and of no effect.” The court held that the NYS Dept. of Health lacked the authority to impose such a mandate as this power is reserved to the state legislature. Furthermore, the court found that the mandate was “arbitrary and capricious” as COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission, vitiating any rational basis for a mandate.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) financed this lawsuit on behalf of Medical Professionals for Informed Consent and several individual healthcare workers. Sujata Gibson, lead attorney, said, “This is a huge win for New York healthcare workers, who have been deprived of their livelihoods for more than a year. This is also a huge win for all New Yorkers, who are facing dangerous and unprecedented healthcare worker shortages throughout New York State.”

CHD President Mary Holland stated, “We are thrilled at this critical win against a COVID vaccine mandate, correctly finding that any such mandate at this stage, given current knowledge is arbitrary. We hope that this decision will continue the trend towards lifting these dangerous and unwarranted vaccine mandates throughout the country.”

We are off to a great start in 2023.

The Team at Children's Health Defense"

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They released this news about strokes to make it seem like they were actually monitoring what was going on with these shots. Its a limited hangout--people will look at this story and not at the excess mortality and plunging birthrates and young people dropping dead left and right.

They will never admit how bad these vaxxes are. The media and government will never admit what really happened. Aside from people on substack the masses are still clueless and will remain clueless. Most people still think people refusing vaccines are selfish anti-science trumpalos. Thats never going to change.

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Martha has already blocked from her consciousness the fact that she was served up like a stooge when the Banksters fleeced everyone and virtually no one did a perp walk.

But it feels good to be *in the club* doesn’t it?

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I brought this up yesterday when CNN revealed that the FDA/Moderna had withheld pertinent information from the bivalent booster trial from the "independent" vaccine approval committee and now a couple of committee members are "angry".


Maybe the DoD is ready to throw Pfizer and Moderna under the bus to stop anyone looking further into THEIR role in this "military demonstration". Lord knows, P & M have been well compensated for the use of their names and logos. Everything else "they've done" has been a farse of epic proportions.

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This is the cabal’s attempt to control the narrative--CDC says there may be a safety signal for the Pfizer shot and stroke but keep getting those boosters! That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard! What will be interesting is how much this gets out--it was reported on CNN. Will the elderly stop getting the boosters?

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I posted this earlier on Meryl's stack and think it's appropriate here.

I subscribed to MedPage Today so I could monitor the Cabal. Here's their headline for today along with the gaslighting to follow in the first paragraph.

Many hero's such as you Meryl have been exposing the genocide for well over a year and they're trying to tell us that some are just now seeing redflags but others in their Club see nothing.

Give me a frk'n break. Might have been born yesterday but I sure as hell didn't stay home all day.

~CDC, FDA Flag Early Signal of Stroke Risk With Bivalent COVID Vaccine

— One surveillance system detects potential link in seniors, yet multiple others show none

An early signal of stroke risk was detected in older adults who received Pfizer-BioNTech's bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, the FDAopens in a new tab or window and CDCopens in a new tab or window announced in a joint statement late on Friday, yet the agencies found no link in further analyses and are NOT recommending a change in COVID-19 vaccination practice.~

The Cabal's just like the Bunnie, " Still Going".

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"My father died because of paramedic staff shortages – the public should know about this worsening crisis" Malhotra Sept 2021

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I fear that they will do the "studies" and then find that there is no link between the shot and strokes. If you have read "Turtles All The Way Down" you will know what I am talking about. The "studies" are all set up with the desired goal predetermined, in this case they will determine that there is no link, just as they did with the MMR shot and autism. They are doing this to cover their @#$$.

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Jan 14·edited Jan 14

Disgusting. These celebs do the high paying jobs no matter how low they have to go. And they are already so wealthy. I’m not and still wouldn’t be willing to take a million to do what she did.

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just wait a little longer...

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What a joke. Investigate? The CDC and FDA will never go against their master...BIG PHARMA. Check back in a few years and they will still be investigating or more likely they will do a fake investigation and find nothing wrong. In no way will the FDA or CDC stop the parade of coming mRNA gene altering injections...it's against their religion and their crusade to murder humanity.

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That Martha Stewart commercial is literally mocking people! Cutting your life short, with a sword!!

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From: Larry Shook <lwshook@gmail.com>

Date: Sat, Jan 14, 2023 at 6:36 AM

Subject: Fwd: BREAKING: CHD Defeats NY State Healthcare Workers COVID Mandate!


"Furthermore, the court found that the mandate was 'arbitrary and capricious' as COVID-19 vaccines do NOT stop transmission, vitiating any rational basis for a mandate."

Therefore, will the President of the United States apologize to the American people for his lynch mob rhetoric calling Covid a "pandemic of the unvaccinated?" Surely this was hate speech if ever there were such a thing, as it poisoned the very civility that holds society together, inviting America into Rwanda-like interneccine self-hatred. Similarly, will those who damned the unvaccinated as "unforgivably reprehensible" apologize? Will the media that turned itself into shameful ministries of propaganda apologize? Will employers that forced employees at the gunpoint of unemployment to become guinea pigs in the biggest medical experiment in human history apologize? Will the nation's military leaders who jeopardized national security by mandating troops to face the Covid shot firing squad apologize?

Seems unlikely to me. Lynch mobs aren't known for compassion, morality or veracity.

Thus has Covid, this hysterical scream of FIRE! in a crowded theater, become a referendum on the nation's character. Thus has the mirror become a silent witness to every American who succumbed to the pandemic of Covid terror.

The other day one of my son's former tutors at St. John's College, a man who is fully vaccinated with the Covid shots, said one of the wisest things I've heard about the Covid saga: "All this fear of death has become embarrassing."

Larry Shook

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