It is interesting to hear Bongino because he can give the perspective of someone who was there on the inside because of his Secret Service experience.

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Did you catch him on his podcast last week saying his heart is "rotting away"? That's why he's pissed about the jabs. https://rumble.com/v26afvq-our-ekgs-are-beyond-normal-parameters-and-we-should-be-very-concerned.html

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Celia. The reason this matters and we must discuss it, in your playfield house, is that Hunter was also giving bioweapons labs the okay around newkraine nUkraine, and this is the piece of instigation rarely mentioned that not only provoked war, but the whole freaking scamdemic.

There is the most important story ever you said we ought to silence?

I found it startling that for all of trump's crimes, this was the focus of his fake impeachment that was so not impressive, no wonder he had no problems, he wasn't involved in the scamdal

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Shocked to hear you say to end a discussion, is that really you Celia?

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Pelosi’s kid and Kerry’s kid were also on Burisma’s board. Romney money man Singer had big investments there.

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It has to be a distraction.

This is too contrived.

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Distraction it is. While they put the finishing touches on the WHO global Scamdemic treaty and the digital currency system.

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It is so maddening that a dr who is supposed to "do no harm", tells a patient at his most vulnerable to get an experimental injection. That dr should have his license revoked. Never ever give vaccines to an immunce compromised person. Yes, I know it was Bongino's choice but he is not a medical person and it is very hard to take on new information when you are already frightened and fighting a bad disease. I try not to lump all docs in together but it sure seems the majority of them are dead heads -- just a robot.

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This was my first question: why were the attorneys cleaning out the office. They were tipped off and knew where to look first for incriminating evidence, likely about the Biden family business.

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Sorry, I can’t let things like this go.

These things are not supposed to happen in this country.

These people are not supposed to be above the law.

I certainly don’t know what to do about it, at least not yet.

But I do know that just ‘letting it go’ is not an option for me.

These people have trampled all over the Constitution and broken federal law, they have used the US treasury as their private bank, and many have gotten enormously wealthy while trying to take our freedoms away......all while advocating policies that will wreck our economy.

Their crimes are too immense to ignore.

They should never be forgotten, not any of them.

Not the origin of Covid

Not the “ vaccine “

Not the unnecessary deaths

Not the weaponizing of the FBI

Not the ‘Justice Dept’

Not the two tiered justice system

Not the censorship

Not the repeated fake ‘crises’

Not the federal takeover of media

Not Biden ‘pay for play’

Nor any of the rest of it.

This country was never intended to become a banana republic or semi-dictatorship.

And those responsible for trying to “transform “ it into a dystopian nightmare need to pay.

I’m sure that it won’t happen in the near future, but some day ???

Anyhow, I’m not just going to forget and move on. Too much needs to be paid for first.....

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Black Rock is investing heavily in what remains of Ukraine after the US provoked war ends. The population is being killed or run off for their survival. The US prioritizes Ukrainian refugees. So we are paying for a succession of corporate, big bank takeovers of countries where illegal businesses can operate freely. Future pandemics are being cooked up in the 30 something Bio-labs on the Russian border. Today Ukraine, tomorrow Russia and China. Peace is the last thing on Neocon minds.

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That link to Marco Polo's complete laptop treasure trove and Biden family analysis is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

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would be thrilled to never hear of this again but it’s all a sticky spider web and everything is connected 🕸🤡💉☠️5G🦎CBDC🦟🦗🤡🕸

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As much as I like Bongino, there’s just no way I can listen any more to the madness of Brandon and son. Thanks for providing in cliff notes version.

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It's ALL staged. EVER. LAST. BIT. The Trump "raid" of top secret docs HAD to occur in order to set the stage of "accidentally finding" the same thing at Biden's, (but then call it completely different, that's rubbing our nose in it). We're being played from both directions and always have been. I've always said it's like a cat chasing a laser light. The cat is the American public and the MSM is controlling the laser pen. I don't own a cat (now) but I imagine you could get it to jump off a ravine while chasing said light. Total concentration, ignoring everything else. It's a long way down.

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Epic job by Dan Bongino! So, I would add to “Ukraine gave money to Hunter despite having no skills. Hunter sent money to Daaaad. Dad then lobbies for Ukraine, for both weapons and money to Ukraine. Hard?” There would be NO war between Ukraine & Russia if Joe isn’t inserted as president!

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