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So far, they are totally getting away with it. I want to believe that all the work being done by all the brave doctors, nurses, various other professionals in healthcare and all the very brave people putting themselves on the line for all of us to show the truth will have the effect of stopping the genocide...but the timing is against us, if we are honest. I appreciate the honesty, not into sugar coating what is really going on.

Except for my son, living in a very small community (about 1000 people) where he is alienated by not choosing the death shot, works in health care, where some members of the community, whom we used to count as friends, feel it is their duty to inform others not to see him because he may be dangerous, all the rest of my family are indoctrinated to western medicine, and I only know a few who feel as I do, that there is worldwide genocide.

This has been shown to be the case in US govt documents for years now, available to anyone who cares to look them up. I have become very aware of this over the past 8-10 years throughout the dedicated work of Deborah Tavares at stopthecrime.net. I can never give her enough credit...never mind the genocidal spraying being done reported on by Dane Wigington at geoengineeringwatch. org, who has been reporting on it for at least 10 years. He reports that there is no natural weather anywhere on earth now, it is all controlled. Just look at what outrageous weather reports we hear now.

These intrepid folks are truly awesome in their commitment to inform us, despite the overwhelming lack of interest or belief in their documentation. Thank you, Cecilia, for being among their esteemed ranks.

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This is going to be an unimaginable horror unleashed on an unsuspecting, trusting public. What’s going to happen to our dear leaders who mandated this “safe and effective” kill shot?

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And now this tragic news, just in: "Caleb Swanigan, Dead at 25, ...Ex-Purdue Star, Former NBA 1st-Round Pick"


"A spokesperson for the Allen County Coroner’s Office in Indiana tells TMZ Sports ...the [ex-Purdue University (NCAA Division I) basketball team (The Boilermaker's)] center died of natural causes."

Assuming that 'natural causes' implies the coroner has definitively rule-out legal/illegal drug O.D. -- and, of course 'foul play',... add "young, strapping pro athlete + died of natural causes" to the list of code phrases for "died due to the vaxx" (but we know this already from the list of deaths of the European soccer players).

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"Does The Vaccine Apparatus Actually Think The Acronym "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" Will Make All These Sudden Deaths Seem Part Of The "New Normal?"

Well, did they convince billions to wear useless and dangerous facemarks; did they convince billions to accept a poisonous concoction into their lives; did they succeed in getting these poisons on the childhood vaccine schedule (despite many countries refusing to vaccinate young people); did they succeed in demonizing unvaccinated deplorables?

Seemingly in this upside down world, "they" are able to get away with murder, literally. Convincing the covidians that the shots are not killing people will be a walk in the park.

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Payers to the loved ones of the deceased -- in this long and ongoing kill-shot, maim-shot War -- which has been waged steadily at low-intensity (*) for the last 75 years but has now accelerated & intensified tremendously over the past 18-months (sure, when TPTB launch a 24/7 propaganda campaign saying "we're going to inject everyone on the planet) -- to say the least

(*) low intensity in terms of the aggregate blatant-casualty statistics; never low intensity at an individual and family -level

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At some point in this eugenocidal scamdemic, I realized and said to myself that I would not take the jab even at gunpoint. I have felt more settled since then.

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I just listened to a talk by tElana Freeland on the subject of transhumanist geoengineering -- chemtrails, weather modification, and the ionization of the atmosphere so as to electrify our planet beyond the bounds of human livability. The same dark magicians behind that operation are behind Big Pharma and its eugenics campaign. What she had to say was eye-opening, dark, and overwhelming. However, I felt strengthened at the end when Elana, a spiritual giant in my eyes, concluded with a prayer: May the power of Christ and Archangel Michael help us, help us, help us, to face the challenges of our era for the sake of our own personal karma and the future of humanity. I hope that prayer, and the larger spiritual powers it invokes, will help me make it through.

You can find the talk here: https://cfae.media/podcast/decades-of-geoengineering/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=%E2%9C%85+Access%3A+Decades+of+Geoengineering&utm_campaign=E1+-+Talk+Decades+of+Geoengineering+-+Access+Link

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