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Richard has some interesting observations. The Epstein/Maxwell ring was apparently a Mossad run undercover ring to entrap and compromise billionaires and World politicians for later blackmail purposes. Likewise Bankman Fried was part of the funding going toward the WEF which openly promoted FTX! FTX also funded the bogus study published and then retracted in Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine which defamed Hydroxychloroquine as a viable cure for Covid. There were plenty more Billionaire and high political level Jews involved such as Soros, Schiff, etc BUT The Catholic Church is also deeply involved thru the Jesuits, one of whom, Pope Francis, is an avowed globalist and vaccine pusher! The Vatican Bank was involved in a HUGE scandal a few years ago which somehow dropped below the radar. There are of course many people who are fighting for Truth on the opposite side of WEF who are practicing Jews such as Dr Naomi Wolf and Dr Meryl Nass and Dr Simon Gold, to name a few and plenty of prominent Catholics like Bobby Kennedy Jr! Im sure there are plenty more. Interestingly enough, the Freemasons are apparently representing the White Hats through the efforts of Dr David E Martin whose home videos have displayed masonic symbols and paraphernalia hanging on the bookshelves behind him. The Catholic hierarchy has defamed the Masons for centuries for exposing and combatting the monarchical goals of the Church and now is no different. Many of the contributors and authors of various parts of the US Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were Freemasons! It was set up to counter the enslavement to the clergy that was prevalent at the time and exists in some places to this day!

My point is that according to Dr Desmet and his theory of Mass Formation Psychosis, adherents of strict religious beliefs are preprogrammed to accept irrational beliefs without question and both the Orthodox Jewish Community and the Orthodox Catholics fit that Bill to a Tee!

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He is correct that the LGBTQWTF nonsense is spreading. First year medical students in Japan have been telling me since 2018 or so that we are not allowed to speak of just two genders.

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Quick Celia, change Pampering to Tampering (unless it's deliberate and I didn't get it!)

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Even without cheating , voting is useless. If they don’t fiddle with the votes , they can always buy the politician. The only way for an individual to shape the future is to not comply with pos politicians. I also hope that everyone that is not happy with these elections didn’t take any c19 shots and refuses to pump their kids with industrial chemicals aka child vaccinations as this is best way to stay healthy and make your ‘vote’ count.

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Spice this article up....11.15.2022 Interview 1764 - One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb


Our defacto 4th branch of gov....11.13.2022 - How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 1: A Brief History of BlackRock https://www.corbettreport.com/how-blackrock-conquered-the-world-part-1/

US and JEWISH ISRAELHELL...11.15.2022 - “Shared Values and Security Interests?”

Is that what the ‘wag the dog’ US relationship with Israel is all about?


For Celia...11.7.2022...Lev Gumilev and the Khazar Chimera


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Hobbs is jewish of course.

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I am so sick of the ‘find the Jew’ conspiracies. Or it’s the Zionists malarky. My father, a committed Zionist always thought it only about having a homeland where Jews could be free from persecution. After all, those who escaped to America had all their property and wealth confiscated! But you guys are continuing the persecution by claiming it’s the Jews all the time

Here’s a quick history lesson as to why Jews dominate banking, medicine, and entertainment.

Banking. Catholic Church and Muslims prohibit Usury. The lending of money with interest charged. The Jews did not outlaw lending.

Medicine. The Catholic Church made autopsy illegal. Judaism did not.

Entertainment. It was a travelling thing to put on shows around counties. Jews and Gypsies made up majority of traveling communities. Also US entertainment came from vaudeville. Vaudeville was a Jewish thing coming from Yiddish theatre. It was considered scandalous for Christians and Catholics to be on the stage.

Now about the traveling and the deep desire for a homeland. Jews in most European nations were historically outlawed from owning land. And even if they did these were very often confiscated during pogroms. So they historically were involved in any commerce that could be carried in trade. Including Horse trading where most in Germany before the war were Jews.

Now between pogroms, extermination Programmes, confiscation of any property, no homeland and more often than not crowded into ghettoes- what makes you think historically they had the wherewithal for plans of global domination? They were trying to survive.

Rockefeller, Gates, Bush, European Aristocracy- they have had global domination for centuries. And been successful. It’s just more in the open now for all to see. Even in Jesus’ time it’s true there were powerful Pharisees and Sadducees but it was the Romans and Egyptians and Syrians etc who ruled over them!

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About the post's title -- evidence of pampering or tampering?

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I know I sound like a broken record, but the reality is that, as bad as this is (and it is really bad), the end result is that they won, they always seem to win where it counts, and there appears to be little if anything we can do to stop them. We are left with scrambling around after the fact trying to find out how they did what they did, and who did it, but nothing we reveal is enough to change the outcome. They know that we likely will be unsuccessful and that the passage of time will work in their favor. Telling our "selected" leaders about this falls on deaf ears because nearly all of them are in on the grift, so we're unlikely to find a critical mass of politicians willing to make needed changes.

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Great job getting this info out Celia

God bless you

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Not really. There are already several alternatives to SWIFT. What stops Japan from switching over to them? Political pressure backed by US military force.

With every day that passes, SWIFT is becoming increasingly irrelevant as The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's plan to de-dollarize global trade gathers momentum.

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From Canada. Celia, This is almost a miracle in our neck of the woods.

The risk of developing heart inflammation is two to three times higher with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine when compared to Pfizer, according to a new Canadian study.

COVID-19: Canadian study finds heart risks like myocarditis higher with Moderna | CTV News

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I’m astonished by this video but at the same time not surprised.

We are seeing more and more of this but our media is “too captured” to do anything.

I’ve learned over the years how impactful the media really is.

They became silent and just move on to something else.

Investigative reporters like Celia never get the respect they deserve.

It’s really simple why.

It’s because she seeks only the truth and

“they” would rather lie.

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Seeing arguments that Kari Lake & Blake Masters were just actors in a play with the ultimate outcome predetermined. That narrative, btw, doesn't deny the evidence of election theft; it just implies Lake and Masters were merely actors used to wrap Americans up in the drama of the election and give them the false impression of participation in representative democracy.




Looks like Marjorie Taylor Greene has now taken her place among the anti-American grifters.


And we are now being transitioned into a new dialectical drama with Trump's announcement of a presidential run in 2024. The next few years will be efforts to advance the WEF Great Reset agenda with more useless critical comments from Trump, some fake sparring with DeSantis, Republican politicians grifting for election reform, and maybe we'll get treated to DeSantis prevailing in an effort to drive a nail in the coffin of populism.

We can no doubt expect more staged "mass shootings" featuring the AR-15, efforts to advance "red flag laws", "assault weapon" legislation, and perhaps some efforts at gun confiscation because the planners cannot achieve total control if the sheep have guns.

Work locally and then at the state level.

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I find the work put out by Clif High fascinating on the topic of being Jewish.

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shared to AZ and the Netherlands

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