How do you spell, Genocide?

U.S. D.O.D, Big Pharma Corporations, Fentyanl, Innoculations,Pesticide,Monsanto,East Palestine

Your US government at work: Sabotage-crashing $$$ supply/cash/digital currency, Federal reserve- unlimited money printing- not federal, Wall street speculation on crop production - world wide, Jobs, corrupt unions, destroying the worldwide Food supply, destroying the worldwide Energy Supply, invading other countries and destroying the infrastructure, taking over human slavery and drug trafficking rackets, partnering with mafias, setting up mafias, oversea-ing Manufacturing Industries, using people like Jeffrey Epstein to set up sex rings to blackmail local politicians- big and small, Disney corporation pushing the satanic trans agenda going towards transhumanism.... did I leave anything out?

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I was born at Camp Lejeune in 1966 & the poisoned water has caused a lifetime of health problems. Both parents were effected as well. The government does not take chemical spills seriously. They do not care as long as they aren’t suffering.

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If it can be crowd funded or law suits won; there are clean up methods available to begin the process but keeping up with all of the "accidents" might be impossible. Prevention first then backup with bio remediation. The cart is horrifically before the horse. It all coincidentally began when I started a Substack about the exact solutions needed for pollution, nutrient and toxic industrial. This all has an ominous timing for me personally.

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Excellent report on the Ohio bombings.

Injection of toxic waste into the ground can be a "legal" [not moral] way to avoid the clean water act and other environmental legal requirements. For example, a fracking company can generate additional revenue and save money by injecting toxic waste into the wells that are drilled for natural gas extraction. Apparently it can take up to 400 years for the aquifer to filter out toxic substances.

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All part of the destruction of the food source. And the total control of everything

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Are they risking the contamination of "primary water" by injecting toxic water thousands of feet into the ground?

Unlike surface water which is heavily influenced by pollutants and must undergo extensive treatment, primary water, which is created by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen is pure.

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Rail Car 23? 23 is a Freemason favorite. This is not an accident.

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Dr Robert Young published a very scary analysis of the consequences of the chemical fallout spreading up to Canada, covering not only Ontario and Quebec but Labrador and New Newfoundland. Worth to read every word here


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WOW! Nice work! Rosie O'Donell made the rounds the other day for her rant about how they're not doing anything - I wonder if she's seen this?

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This mom had to go pick up her kids after delivering a non-stop report on the state of play in her part of the world. God bless her and all ‘moms’ who care deeply about their kid’s future - which is intimately connected to all of ours. ♥️💪🏻

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The introduction of "supply chains" some years ago was touted as a plus for Americans, including American workers. Since then we have learned the lie of that story. Now Celia shows us how strategic the area of East Palestine, Ohio is to groups who really do not have your and mine interest at heart. I'm left wondering if we should not exercise some control over who owns land which affects our lives. Capitalism has evolved to completely lack any responsibility to us Americans, consequently selling land to foreigners is just fine as long as someone profits. The price that you and I pay is not counted.

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The left is the right and the right is the left.

All wars are bankers wars.

The toast always falls on the buttered side, but cats always fall on their feet. If we spread butter on the back of a cat, how is Gravity going to solve that riddle?

In a few weeks, there will be millions of buttered cats floating all over the world, covering the Sun, saying "halp!"

Check mate, Reality!

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information from mark crispin miller today--https://markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/heres-where-theyre-dumping-all-that?publication_id=383085&post_id=105475953&isFreemail=true EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — Shipment of contaminated waste from the site of a fiery train derailment earlier this month in eastern Ohio near the Pennsylvania state line will resume Monday to two approved sites in Ohio, according to federal environmental authorities.

The announcement came a day after the EPA ordered Norfolk Southern to "pause" shipments from the site of the Feb. 3 derailment in E. Palestine to allow additional oversight measures about where waste was shipped. Some liquid and solid waste had already been taken to sites in Michigan and Texas.......

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here's some of the commentary Biden finally visits East Palestine, asks, “Where is Hamas? Where is Yasser Arafat?" Asks, "I thought we had a meeting scheduled with him.” Jon Rappoport

38 days after the train disaster in Ohio, President Biden finally made a brief visit to East Palestine.

He immediately asked where Hamas was, and indicated he was supposed to sit down and talk with the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat.

Aides tried to usher the President back into his limo, but Biden refused. “I’ve got to show my guts,” he said. “This is dangerous territory and I’m not going to run away. I’m not scared. I grew up as a boy around many Palestinians, and they took me into their homes.”

The small press group accompanying the President asked him questions, hoping to steer him back on track:

“What do you think about the train derailment, sir?”

“The EPA says the water is safe to drink. Are you going to take a sip?”

“Should freight trains be allowed to carry hazardous materials through small towns?”

Biden said, “You’re not going to rope me into a discussion of hazmat terrorist attacks.

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