And there it is... "In short: Hundreds of millions of US Military (Public Health) dollars buys you a lot of violence against dissenting voices. Those are the stories I still want to tell." And those are the stories most worth hearing. Thank you Celia.

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I really ignored the entire AIDS/HIV question until I read Kennedy's fauci book. Still no solid answers after 40 years leads me to believe it's as fake as covid and viruses. The PCR tests have become the foundation for creating mass fear and hysteria and all without a shred of proof they are useful for detecting disease or specific viruses.

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At least ONE controversy has been settled. The record-breaking cold weather south of the equator and the growing glaciers in Greenland have convinced scientists that the long-awaited ice age is on its way back.

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"I feel it is designed, by both sides, never to be resolved. "

There it is again, the alluding to "sides". Yes, it is difficult to find a term that accurately describes the purveyors of information. That said, there aren't "sides" there is only truth or lies. And to say that this, as well as other controversy, is designed by both to never be resolved is, in my opinion, a reflection of, perhaps, your own inner frustrations? When the truth is laid bare but the masses do not want to see and accept it, I cannot agree that is by design of those exposing the truth. Sure, there are groups and organizations and people that for their own reasons like to keep something being debated, but I do not believe that is the design of those that have learned the truth and keep trying to spread that truth to the world. Just my take on it.

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It is an honor to be accused of being a Duisbergian

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Thank you for your honesty, your journalistic integrity any battle for truth justice and the compassionate way! Well done as always.

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Celia, I've been in the rabbit hole so long, I don't know what a rabbit-less hole looks like.

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Thank you, Celia, for including some history in the discussion. The history provides important context for what has been happening in the past few years. Here a few references that may be of interest:

This 1998 article by Kary Mullis sums up perfectly the underlying fraud of AIDS, and at the same time tells us a lot about the recent "pandemic", since the same script has been followed: http://virusmyth.com/aids/hiv/kmdancing.htm

The book Virus Mania, by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Koehnlein, provides important historical information going back to the 1800s, plus an excellent chapter on AIDS, plus a chapter by RFK, Jr..

For most of 2020, the only edition available was the first edition of 2007. For me, this provides plenty of important history without getting into the "controversial" info on COVID.:


We now have the greatly expanded 3rd Edition of 2021, with the addition of two authors, Dr. Samantha Bailey, MD, and Dr. Stefano Scoglio.


IMO, we need to consider the long history of this topic in order to have a complete discussion.

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I'm a exogenous (pathogenic) virus skeptic. (I don't doubt that endogneous viral-like particles produced by our cells exist.) It should be self-evident by now there's no definite proof that exogenous viruses exist and the shoddy methods use to create the virus genomes by cobbling together genetic fragments found in cell cultures are very suspect. However, I'm fine if people want to assume pathogenic viruses exist as long as they also concede that vaccines are utterly worthless (and can only cause harm) and that virus genomes are fake. The vaccine PSYOP was created by the globalists for depopulation and the 1918 Spanish Flu (due to WW1 vaccines and "treatment" with aspirin) and the HIV=AIDS hoax (due to nitrate poppers, malnutrition and "treatment" with AZT) were previous depopulation exercises.

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Once again I find myself dredging my memory to recount some facts from the past (amidst my dusty mental notes and spider webs). These artifacts could easily be verified by the original source far better than I can, but I will try my best. .

In this case, that source is my good friend Dr. Rodney Richards, (Ph.D.) and his video conferences concerning "Western blot tests." back in the mid 90s.

If you know Rodney, you will recall that he began questioning the "HIV" hype very early on, shortly after he and an associate developed the first commercial antibody test kits for Abbot Labs. During a discussion and review seminar he met Dr. Peter Duesberg, who was already presenting challenges to the entire AID$ Inc. paradigm. (Believe it or not, companies actually encouraged debate and dissent back then, and Duesberg was an invited guest).

Beyond the questions of validity about "antibody testing for HIV," there were also concerns that needed more review and critique concerning tests for CD4 T-cells, P24 antigen, Western blot and eventually quantitative PCR "viral load" counts.

Now in Dr. Rodney Richard's video conferences, he presents the results of 'Western blot" tests from about six (6) different labs. One would think there would be a consistent result, or at least a correlation from all of these tests examining the same samples. There was NOT!

In fact, in some cases the SAME donor sample sent twice to the SAME lab were vastly different in results. Obviously, the inconsistency of these tests proved they were unreliable.

This was the state of "HIV testing" back then. It has only become worse now with SARS CoV-2, which has no gold standard virus to test (unlike Gallo's sample) and only exists in theory within Drosten's Erector-Set and Tinker Toy computer model.

Here is a link to an interview with Rodney.


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As a relative newcomer to the viral debate, I see your background and experience writing about HIV as invaluable to the current debate about covid.

Even though I've known Dr. Cowan for many years and interviewed him recently - https://rumble.com/vnd26k-red-pill-interview-dr.-tom-cowan.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2 - questions remain.

While I find some contradictions in Dr. Zack Bushes presentation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PI6HgoIv_U&t=688s - he also presents some very interesting ideas.

This seems like a critically important learning curve and you are now a key source for me. Thank you.

I'd still like to see you do a follow-up piece to your 1994 Spin interview with Dr. Kary Mullis.

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Is there "enough" whiskey 🥃?

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Here is Del Bigtree being asked his thoughts about the existence of viruses and the place for that debate in the current struggle:


You have to advance to about the 44:00 mark, and his answer extends to about 56:40.

It's a very interesting and reasonable position, and I think it's worth a look.

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Good decision. Poornima Wagh is a false crisis.

Based on the responses to Kirsch in many of his Bolshevik attacks on people who question the existence/isolation of SARS-COV-2, he's not making much progress. Maybe if HQ doesn't think Stevie is making a big enough dent, we'll get treated to him coming out on Tucker and calling out "virus deniers". Diana West rightly called out Robert Malone as well as someone to keep three eyes on.

The fact that Kirsch has dedicated so much energy to attack the people who question the existence of SARS-COV-2 (and the "science" of virology) is proof you are over the target, Celia.

Forgive me if I'm a little slow to trust someone (Kirsch) who got duped by all the vaccine, mask, and lockdown fear porn—in the face of the flu disappearing, an over 99% survival rate (based on useless PCR tests and falsified cause of death reports), and multiple proven safe, effective cures for the flu relabeled COVID-19—and then pops up out of nowhere mid-2021 awakened, serving as the grand Poobah of COVID-19 truth.

You're right over the target. Keep up the good work. Thank you for waking us up.

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"I’ve already told you he told me I was not smart enough to grasp the nuances of this debate and I also told you I was relieved because I find this matter oppressive. I feel it is designed, by both sides, never to be resolved."

This section clashes most brightly with:

"If you're defending a lie, you can only defend it with obfuscations and other lies. You can't defend a lie with the truth."

"I feel it is designed, by both sides, never to be resolved."

If true, such a strategy is not scientifically tenable, by definition; science is falsifiable, or it is not science. If obfuscation is their aim, they are not being scientific, by definition. The truth of what those arrows are pointing at in electromicroscopy images of 'viruses' is waiting to be discovered. So, while we (humanity) are unable to properly explain what is going on regarding infection and pathogenicity, nobody should be ideologically fervent – I'm looking at you, Steve Kirsch – about whether it is this or that theory that explains the truth. While any one of us is 'too dumb' to understand whether or not the wee entities those arrows denote as 'viruses' are pathogenic, it is because the facts of this matter are that humanity has yet to understand this aspect of biology.

Let's not be bamboozled by casuistry and obfuscation, or impressed by those who are happy to employ such tactics. The mere fact that there is gold, much much gold, in them thar Virology Hills, should be enough to persuade all of us to remain calmly skeptical about what passes for orthodoxy in this 'discipline'.

Which is kind of what Rappoport is saying.

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here's my synopsis of the work of the Perth Group and others.

The essence of the debate for me is;

no one can form viruses into a centrifugation band using patient samples- viruses can't be seen

virus like particles on EM could be anything and are seen in 'uninfected' cultures-we don't know what we can see is

activity of viruses such as cell death cannot be proof of viruses as no one ever does controls-cell death could be caused by the cell culture process

proteins thought to be HIV are also found in healthy people- we can't test for it

The test is so non-specific doctors make a definitive diagnosis on patient history of blood transfusion, being a black African or a gay male- the scientific process is unnecessary and can be completely ignored at will

AIDS doesn't transmit between people.- it can't be an infectious virus

The kicker for me is that AIDS is only correlated in terms of sexual activity with the frequency of receptive anal intercourse in either men or women, not with homosexual sex. AIDS is a disease of oxidation and semem is highly oxidising and the anus is very thin



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