Exclusive Interview With Dr. André Dias, At Center Of Portugal FOIA Court Case Confirming Covid Statistical Fraud: "They Replied To All: "We Have Nothing" "

Fraud Laid Bare: The Emperor Has No Clothes; The EU Has Full Totalitarian Reign

Earlier today, I published this news bulletin about the Lisbon Court conceding there was no evidence that claimed mass “Covid” deaths in Portugal were “from Covid,” and the real number was only 152 as compared to over 17,000.

I follow up now with an exclusive interview with Dr. Andrès Dias, at the heart of the case, who answered questions by email from Portugal. I have boldfaced a few sections for emphasis.

Celia Farber: What is your involvement in this case, and how did you get involved?

André Dias: I supported the petition - equivalent to a Freedom of Information Request, but one that ended up in court - with epidemiological and statistical queries. I was the first one to publish the outcome of the court decision. The people that submitted the petition and paid the court fee wish to remain anonymous.

Farber: Is it accurate that a Lisbon court has agreed that the health ministry fabricated causes of death? That the citizen's petition forced the hand of the health ministry and then the court agreed the petition was accurate—What is the status of the case now?

Dias: The court has agreed that 2 of the questions:

"How many people have died as consequence of covid?”

“How many of those had the cause of death certified by an autopsy?" were correctly answered and thus constitute legally binding piece[s] of information.

The current status is that the media has played word games on the answer given by the health ministry, that the number is just a subset of deaths.  The ministry has, meanwhile, filed a counter claim that those citizens have no right to ask for such information, trying to shut them down. The petitioners are now working on a follow up request demanding all details of all deaths - anonymized.

Farber: Is this a big story in Portugal?

Dias: No, the media completely ignored the outcome of the court decision and instead came with a narrative of a "fourth wave" in Lisbon, that lead to the imposition of a de facto border around the capital region, with people only allowed to travel out on weekends if they hold a "green passport," that is, a certificate of vaccination. The green passport is an EU initiative "to allow easy travel across countries", that the Portugese government imposed internally - thus destroying the country by imposing an internal border - and are now talking of using it to even enter food shops. The only references to the court document were from “fact checkers” stating it was false, without a single piece of new information, just stating that a court document and official data were false.

I focused on the 152 deaths, but the court also formalized that the ministry has no data or references about the existence of the virus, danger, causes of disease, if vaccines are safe… The petition had many more questions asking for scientific evidence of all those crucial questions and they replied to all: "We have nothing." That in itself would be more than enough for courts to dismiss all the restrictions as unconstitutional, but not a single actor in place of power has tried to question the government further.

Farber: What do you see happening next and speak to what the significance of this is, if you would.

Dias: Nothing will happen. Media in Portugal has full grip on the narrative. 80 to 90% people believe their narrative blindly. They believe that Lisbon is under a deluge of Covid, while at the same time the death rate is at its lowest since records [became] electronic. The government recommends people attending weddings to do rapid tests; the same day media stated tests were mandatory—the government changed the law next day to make them mandatory. Law [states] masks outdoors voluntary, media repeats they are mandatory. 90% of people wear them everywhere, including to the beaches.

As the media completely ignored the court decision, the government and health ministry will continue to pretend there are 17 000 deaths by Covid.

—Celia Farber


Dr. Dias followed up in a subsequent email:

‘I have published further details of what my understanding of the court decision: 


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