Fuellmich: "This Is Worse Than What Happened In The Third Reich"

This Reiner Fuellmich clip is short, its message very important. Please do not go back to sleep because Joe Biden and Tony Fauci have said you might be able to stand near two or three “fully vaccinated” relatives and eat a hot dog on July 4. Maybe.

I am aware none of my subscribers (you all) subscribe to such abject Globalist disgustingness.

But we all have a tendency to avoid blind fury because it requires a lot of energy. The time now however, is for blind fury. Fuellmich does not mince words, and has always called “Covid-19” “..the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.”


To those who cynically say “Fauci is too big to fail!”

I say: “Stop helping them, at least, would you?”

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

Many tides are turning again Fauci and the Covid Cabal. Here we have as usual the British tabloid press doing our reporting for us:


They (the globalists) got away with HIV; They will not get away with this. Indeed the ghosts of those they vainly believed were defeated enemies in the HIV war, like (PCR inventor) Kary Mullis, are rising to haunt them, and help us. This has been going on from the very beginning. Stay fervent.