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thanks for writing here for us Celia, I'm sorry you have so few comments, but they will come. I thought I had already subscribed to you, but apparently I wasn't.

And yet I still got this notification.

Go figure

Blind rage is difficult to deal with, even when it settles into the body and one's whole life.

I have been living this way for so long now, and still see no real hope of people waking up.

Objectively they are, I can see it all over the internet, but I have no friends left, because not one of them can see it apparently.

Anyhow, keep going. It's all we can do

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The truth is slow but is also persistent and consistent.

Fuellmich is a good man and has made many important observations. For me his most important is that it is us who count, not the liars, not the deceivers, nor the deceived, hypnotised and corrupted many. Lines have been drawn and people have made their choice; the time for convincing has passed in all but the rarest of cases. The objective now is pushing this through to Nurenberg 2 and full disclosure. We must therefore support all those most capable of bringing this about, and also help each other through this extraordinarily difficult ordeal. Keeping relations as calm and compassionate as possible with the deceived will prove to be like sound savings in the bank as this unfolds. After all, what we want is that the truth come to light. There's nothing wrong with that. Our challenge is to create the best possible cultural soil for growing the future despite how poisoned society has become. If Stefan Lanka is right, healing is when the symptoms develop, and symptoms (healing) are what we currently think of as disease. That turbulent healing phase lies ahead, after disclosure. We're going to need to be ready for it as best we can. Love is the right state to occupy.

So blind rage is not called for; that would be wind and froth against granite cliffs. I watched a documentary shot by a fully-on-board member of a cult run by a cheap, inelegant, unconvincing guru, and yet despite this fourth-rate leader the members were all under his spell. When you're in, you're in until the spell lifts, somehow, sometime. Any evidence, any reason, all facts and figures only cause the group to attack in blind rage. I lost a friend to a cult. He's gone until something changes how he perceives what's going on around him. And that's how it is now for the overwhelming majority of planet earth.

Humanity's propaganda, public-relations and NLP powers are exquisitely effective, way too much for our wisdom at this time. The deceivers are the sorcerer's apprentice now losing control. The lunatic sorcerers in 'charge' of the asylum have bet the farm on this paying off. If they lose, it's all over for them. This is life and death for them. Consequently, they will not go down without a big fight and they have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Tough times ahead, but I believe the tide has turned. They will fail. The only question left is how maturely humanity handles their failure.

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forza Celia! siamo con te!

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Nuremberg Trials 2.0, yes,... while simultaneously, behind-the-scenes, preventing Operation Paperclip 2.0 from being launched

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