I am banned from Twitter for life. Can somebody tell this fool the KKK were more deeply died to Democrat Party. Ditto Slavery. https://twitter.com/AliciaSmith987/status/1516417872406396949?s=20&t=KnT-k93ATyWMlnf6fIl_cg

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It's nice to see people happy again and that guy has a fine voice but I wish we'd not be so conditioned to celebrate the return of basic rights the government never had any constitutional authority stripping from us for two years in the first place because they'll just do it again and again.

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Got a call from s f health plan this a m

Do I want to get hacksxxxxxinated?

Am I already?

Do I wish to refuse?...

I only declined to schedule and didn't give it any further legitimacy

The woman who called me knew I suspect that the hacksxxxines injure, although of course she called them "vaccine"$$$$$.... Who pays her?

How many people will her phone calls kill? How many all around killafornia?

Of course I declined to schedule an appointment with

Fascism knocking on my door via needlerape. Medical tyrannosaouraus....

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Just another tool in their brainbashing kit. Squeeze and release. Squeeze and release. It's nice to see the people get a break, of sorts, but it won't last long. Next time, just say no.

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So in San Francisco mask mandates remain on public transit. To gather together in public for 420 day one must not only be vaccinated but masked. State by state the fight continues.

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Great start. Now, no vax mandates for pilots and flight crew and I would consider flying again. I’m sure most here know about the American pilot who had a go-to-the-ICU heart incident just after he landed the plane with 200 aboard. Happened April 9.

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Apr 19, 2022·edited Apr 19, 2022

Why are you happy? When they re-instate the mask stupidity, you will gladly wear it again with honor like a good little leftist. When they tell you there is birdy-flu killing millions you will gladly run to the nearest Walgreens to get as many injections as they say you need to survive. You have to fight this nonsense WHEN it is in force, not after they lift the mandates. I guarantee you will become a coward again as they dictate new restrictions, mandates and other freedom wrecking nonsense. This will not end anytime soon.

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Flying is Safe and Fictive, Come Fly With Me !

This story totally buried by our Media

American Airlines Captain Robert Snow Has Heart Attack Post-Vaccination Inside Cockpit.


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Apr 20, 2022·edited Apr 21, 2022

The Stew Peters Show 04. 18. 22. COMPLETE SHOW


Before you go flying domestically, watch/listen closely to last night's extremely interesting Stew Peters Show, starting at time = 12:20, when American Airlines pilot and U.S. Freedom Flyers co-founder ( usfreedomflyers.com ), Joshua Yoder, talks with Stew about a vaxxed American Airlines pilot's heart stopping in the flight deck just 6 minutes after landing.

Yoder says that "We're standing up and we're fighting back. We've had enough. And, there's going to be accountability here, not just American, but across all the airlines. They're, they're all being sued for what they've done to us; and, we're not going to take it any more."

There's much more to this segment.

This segment is followed by an interview with Dr. Ben Marble of MyFreeDoctor.com, the most banned doctor in the U.S., who talks with Stew about testing for venom in the Covid-19 injections and in remdesivir, and about the World Economic Forum's (WEF) "Great Reset" agenda.

And, this second segment is followed by Dr Jane Ruby revealing that a scientist has found synthetic king cobra venom in an undiluted Pfizer Covid-19 injection vial and has shown what this venom does, in vitro, when dropped onto red blood cells.

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Remember that glasnot always goes together with perestroika.

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Right on Amazing polly in Canada.


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regarding your new friend met after church... kindly engage strangers for they may be angels unaware...

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Come visit us in California!!😁

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did you sleep?

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thou art Lov'd, Cel ~

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