These reports from Japan make me so sad. Everyone I love there took the shots. Such a cooperative culture... I don't know anyone there who even thought to refuse.

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I told a friend whose serving over there about this from different authors, facts, and she just dismissed this as false. 😢💔

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Non sequitur. You will like what I just read.

excerpt from Stefan Zweig's "The World Of Yesterday," his magnificent tribute to life in the Austro-Hungarian empire in the first several decades of the 20th Century (and the utter destruction of that world in the aftermath of World War I), describing the hyper-inflation of the 1920s in Austria and Germany:

An economist who knew how to describe graphically all the phases of the inflation which spread from Austria to Germany, would find it unsurpassed material for an exciting novel, for the chaos took on ever more fantastic forms. Soon nobody knew what any article was worth. Prices shot up at random: a box of matches could cost twenty times more in a shop that had raised the price early than in another, where a shopkeeper was still selling his wares at yesterday's prices.… Standards and values disappeared during this melting and evaporation of money. There was but one merit: to be clever, shrewd, unscrupulous, and to mount the racing horse instead of be trampled by it…. The most grotesque discrepancy developed with respect to rents, the government having forbidden any rise; thus tenants, the great majority, were protected but property owners were the losers. Before long, a medium-size apartment in Austria cost its tenant less for the whole year than a single dinner….

The strangest thing is that I cannot recall, however I may try, how we kept house during that era, or in what manner the Austrians kept on raising the thousands and tens of thousands—and the Germans, in their turn, the millions—of kronen which were dally needed to keep body and soul together. Mysteriously enough, they did raise them. Habits are acquired and the chaos became normal to life. It stands to reason that one who was not a witness would imagine that, at a time when an egg cost what a fine motor-car used to cost (in Germany eggs went up to four billion marks, the approximate past value of all of the real estate in Greater Berlin), women must have been running wildly through the streets with tousled hair, that shops were deserted for lack of purchasing power and that theatres and amusement places were surely empty.

Astonishingly enough, just the opposite was the case. The will to pursue life was great enough to overcome the instability of the currency. Financial chaos prevailed, yet the daily round seemed little affected. There were widespread individual changes, such as those who had wealth in the form of cash in bank or government bonds becoming impoverished, speculators becoming rich. But the balance-wheel maintained its rhythm unconcerned with single fates, there was no standstill; bakers baked bread, cobblers made boots, authors wrote books, peasants sowed and reaped, trains ran on time, the morning newspaper never failed, and the places of entertainment, bars, and theatres were filled to capacity. The very fact that what once represented the greatest stability —money— was dwindling in value daily caused people to assess the true values of life-work, love, friendships, art, and Nature the more highly, and the whole nation lived more intensively and more buoyantly than ever despite the catastrophe; young people went on mountain tramps and returned healthily tanned, dance halls kept going until late at night, new factories and business enterprises sprang up. I don't think that I ever lived and worked with greater zest than in those years. Whatever had meant much to us in days gone by meant even more now; at no time had we ever been so devoted to art in Austria as in those years of chaos, because the collapse of money made us feel that nothing was enduring except the eternal within ourselves.


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I live in a semi-rural area (BC, Canada), population 30,000. No one that I or any of my friends know, died from "Covid." But since the vaxx roll-out we each know at least half a dozen who've died "unexpectedly". Many in their sleep; healthy young to middle-aged folks. And I watch the weekly newspaper obituaries... always one or two of similar fate. The herd-culling is real. And the horror show in Ohio is just beginning (I just subbed to Absurdistan).

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thank you Celia- so much-- here is a statement mike yeadon made 5 hrs ago- it's so profound- he certainly has woken up to so many things- and wondering to people like james corbett- who live in Japan- if this applies to his country too? Mike Yeadon

5 hr ago In my view, they’re doing they’d darnedest to make sure you regard this event EXACTLY as they want you to.

Specifically, that there WAS a novel virus (I’m not alone in originally believing that myself, but over time, I’ve seen sufficient evidence that casts severe doubt on that idea. Additionally, when considered as part of a global coup d’etat, I have put myself in the position as the seniormost, hidden perpetrators. In Q&A, they’d learn that the effects of a released, novel pathogen simply couldn’t be predicted accurately. It might burn out rapidly. Or, it might turn out to be quite a lot more lethal than they’d expected, collapsing advanced civilizations. Those top decision makers would, I submit, conclude that this natural risk is simply intolerable to them. The crave total control & the wide range of possible outcomes from a deliberate release militates against this plan of action. “No, we’re not going to do this. Come back with a plan with very much reduced uncertainty on outcomes”. The alternative that I think they’ve used is to add one more lie to the tall stack of lies which has surrounded this entire affair. The lie is that there has ever been in circulation a novel respiratory virus which, crucially, caused massive scale illness and deaths.

Instead, they simply TOLD us there was this frightening, novel pathogen & ramped up the stress-inducing fear porn to 11 & held it there. Cheating about genetic sequences, PCR test protocols (probes, primers, amplification and annealing conditions, cycles, ignoring contaminating genetic materials from not only human and claimed viral sources, but also bacterial and fungal sources. Why did they insert the sampling sticks right into our sinuses? Was it to maximise non-human genetic sequences?

Notice the soft evidence that our wondrous leaders, including Queen Elizabeth II, were happy to meet & greet one another, without testing, masking or social distancing. They had no fear. In the scenario above, a few people would known there was no new hazard in their environment. If there really was a lethal pathogen stalking the land, I don’t believe they’ve the courage to act nonchalantly and risk exposure.

Most convincingly, for me at least, is the all causes mortality data by state, sex, age & date of occurrence, as analysed by Denis Rancourt and colleagues. The patterns of increased ACM is inconsistent with the presence of a novel, respiratory virus as the main cause.

If I’m correct, what a genius move if was merely to pretend there was

They want you ONLY to consider how said virus got into the human population. Was it a natural emergence (you know, a wild, horseshoe bat bit an innocent pangolin & this ended up being sold out of a wet market in Wuhan) or was it hubristically created by a Chinese researcher, enabled, along the way, by a dastardly researcher at UNC, making an end run around a presidential pause on such work?

Then there’s the frisson on the question as to whether the arrival of this “killer virus” in the general public was down to carelessness and a lab leak, or did someone deliberately spread it?

I close by pointing out that the perpetrators have hermetic control of the mass media. That’s why they’ve found it so easy to censor people like me. If a story appears on multiple TV networks, it’s because they’re either OK with it or they actively planted it, it won’t be genuine. I don’t think they’ve told the truth since this coup began.

I believe I’ve established that the perpetrators planted the controversy about origins of SARS-CoV-2, because a little embarrassment of the establishment was a small price to pay in order to persuade most of us that there surely must be a novel virus when, in fact, there isn’t.

I have colleagues who do not believe what we’ve been told has happened is even possible technologically. I don’t have the background to be able to assess that idea. But the rest hangs together for me in a way that no other explanation does.

In closing, I’m not saying people weren’t sick or that they didn’t die in huge numbers. I’m arguing only about the causes of illnesses and deaths. They were made such & sone killed by all the pre-existing causes, amplified by fear, resulting immunosuppression & then a swath of revolting actions. They chopped antibiotic prescriptions by 50% durujg 2020. They endured very large numbers of frail elderly people were mechanically ventilated, a procedure which, in such subjects, is close to contraindicated. They were administered renal toxin, remdesivir. They were given midazolam and morphine, synergistic respiratory depressant drugs which are also all but contradicted in patients with breathing difficulties.

The main reason for the lies about the novel virus is total predictability and control, with the intention to begin dismantling modern society with lockdowns and furlough. The immediate practical goal was to inject as many people as possible with materials designed not to induce immunity, but to cause injury, maiming and death.

The chickens are coming home to roost, right now in the banking system.

As I always say, I cannot know much for sure, and this is among them. I don’t have a copy of the script. By the way, whatever it actually is, I don’t believe what they called influenza disappeared conveniently in early 2020.

Best wishes


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The shots are designed to harm & kill. Read Sasha Latypova's Substack, along with Katherine Watt's- if you want a deep dive on all the intended harms from a biological point of view - read Walter Chesnut's work. Peace. :-)

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This is good though doesn't provide much balm for the heart nor stop what has happened. As more figure it out, deaths will still increase and harms too... what a time. Thanks, Celia.

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Well, until more of the world's population wakes up and recognizes what has really been happening (and thanks to so many being both poorly educated with zero critical thinking skills as well as mis-informed by actors who do nothing but push the WEF's narrative) stores of this nature, while vitally important to spread, will not have effect. And of course, the scum who are running things know that all too well.

But more important - ...wait! Look over there!!! Did an extraterrestrial mothership pass through the solar system???? ALIENS!!!!!

While horrifically evil, the globalist cabal has never been stupid - gaslighting and distractions are part of their game. Just look at the "global warming" BS - never mind pointing out it is utter nonsense - if indeed rising CO2 levels are going to kill us all then where are Al Gore and that retard Greta when it comes to the fine folks in China building 1000 coal power plants this year? Wait...don't look over at that - look over here! Aliens!

At this point, I daresay that nobody with more than 4 working neurons between their ears has any faith in what the "leaders" of government, big medicine and pharma, and the educational systems have to say as they vomit out idiotic things - the problem is we live in a world where far too many do not have that many working neurons between their ears. And of course, since they are emotionally driven useful idiots, pointing that out to them hurts their tender feelings and gives them the "right" to shut out anything you have to say.

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Now they are talking about it.

Two years into the slaughter.

Other countries begin to timidly comment on the reality of the situation.

How far do they want to go?

One thing is admitting there is a problem, another thing is to investigate why the problem is there. An investigation that has already been done.

There was no need for any measure.

They assaulted the civil rights of everyone to impose wrong measures.

They have caused great problems.

Then, they insisted in making greatly rich the evil PCR profiteers, and the evil pharma companies, who have been running a gigantic financial bubble, with the permit of the evil regulators.

The anti-individual obsession is in charge now. It expands central power and money is raining directly in the chosen ones pockets.

There were elections in a few countries. The enemy won. Cheat or not, there was no real alternative anywhere. The "right" parties went to the elections accepting all the monstrosities and pretending to be responsible. They offered no alternative at all. Zero defense of the individual.

In some countries, the opposition wanted even more destruction of civil rights.

All that explains why this is moving so slowly: no one likes to self-incriminate.

I see very wide smiles from the evildoers and the millions of bullied people who smile to reduce the bullying a little.

Then there are the sophisticated doormats who argue that there is no evil, the State has its own reasons. I always say the same: if one individual kills a few people, we call that individual a murderer; if the numerous people that constitute the State murder a large part of the people, they call it "economic reform." This is wrong.

It is murder. Democide. Pretending the State is not guilty, the people running things, that will not make anyone safer.

The ultimate purpose is not as important as the methods in order to prosecute this. Those Nations who fail to punish the State will live in a new tyranny, worse than the USSR, because it will be a humanitarian tyranny, and the drunkenness of "despotism for the greater good" does not have a self-preservation limit.

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Here is a British Professor reporting excess deaths throughout the developed world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNT-YNLhprw

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I know we're living in an insane asylum. All these deaths, many directly and provably the result of these experimental injections. Yet they continue - the ads ad nauseum.

Did anyone else see this headline - https://cbsaustin.com/news/nation-world/more-than-32-million-calico-critters-toys-recalled-after-deaths-of-two-children - and think wow, just two children and millions of toys recalled? I read the article. Those two children died 8 and 5 years ago, respectively. One was in Japan and the second child in New Mexico, died in 2018.

The wheels react when they wish and move at necessary speeds. Sometimes one has to conclude they desire many deaths and, if not, crippling disabilities for which new drugs await.

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the 2000 deaths are surely just coincidences according to standard coincidence theory which was published with a coincidence grant from the bank of the coincidental rothschild of Rome.

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Sad. What in the world is going on? Japan was doing so well by not following the Fauci WHO narrative initially. No mask mandates and no lockdowns and virtually no Scamdemic deaths.

Then the new PM changed everything.

They stopped the vaccination program temporarily after observing the horrendous side effects and switched to Ivermectin treatments in 8/2021.

Now they are back to pushing jabs? Pfizer extortion?

Large money changing hands behind the scenes?

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The Japanese may have been over-confidant in their government concerning vaccines as Japan over 25 years ago stopped vaccinations in children under two years, SIDS did not just drop, it disappeared. This was noteworthy for a modern, wealthy nation.

With the trust in their govt. and the might of the int’l pharmaceutical industry, many in Japan were willing to comply with the covid program.

An interesting pre-covid (2018) article on vaccine dangers. Comparatively the MMR shot is not as dangerous as the covid mRNA shots, but even the MMR can raise alarming stats on the VAERS system.


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Hard to believe people could be so stupid to take shot that had no long-term testing. Never before had a vax been released so quickly. Volunteer human guinea pigs. Plenty of early warnings too: Yeadon, Bacharit, and more. My grandnephew suffered grave injuries since the shot. 25 years old, now permanently disabled.

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