Sadly, such events are no longer surprising. Yet, am I alone in questioning the appropriateness of the acquaintance going "live" on social media with this public break-in into his house-- invading this poor victim's privacy even-- or especially-- in death?

I also doubt that such dreadful videos will even change any of such captive minds at this point. Witness the posts of this mother re her son's post-jab myocarditis. (Read all the way to the end--the epilogue will leave you shaking your head.) -> https://voxday.net/2021/11/01/guilt-to-carry-to-the-grave/

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I hear you Dennis. I actually didn't mean the firefighters, in what I wrote. I meant the refuseniks. I made precisely your point--that it's not the firefighter's job to address cause of death--to a friend in a conversation about this a few hours ago. I'll amend the text.

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Couldn't have been the vaccine. He likely succumbed after being misgendered. Haters.

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