"I know the FBI raid of Mar a Lago is a “big story” but since we can not know what lies behind it, one is left to move pieces of foggy propaganda dust from one side of the page to the other. It’s all but impossible to get hold of anything gold-backed true."... That foggy propaganda dust... we're all choking on it. Thank you for helping us muddle through the media asbestos.

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I always use the expression that "The Laser Pointer is undefeated."

The Laser Pointer (think, cats) is the direction that our Owners would like us to be looking.

I think the Trump Raid is laser pointer stuff. Trump himself is like a Laser Pointer all his own.

People are going to go trampling into tribes of Hero Ball and Villain Ball. Of course Psy OP media would love to see Civil War. Whewww...that's a relief. Now they are divided and we don't have to look at this VAERS chart. We don't have to look at the fact that we NEVER NEEDED THESE DRUGS and we had treatments that work.

We don't have to look at where the OG bioweapon, the virus, or the sequence if that's your angle, came from. (hint: DOD, Fauci, Baric)

We don't have to look at why with Obama, Trump, or Biden you get Fauci.

You won't look at the WHO and our HHS or Gates or Klaus. Or the absurd Monkeypox "emergency".

Our Owners do NOT want you focusing on the Injection-19 Psy Op and Herd Cull.

And yes, Trump was instrumental in all of that. Whether he was duped or co-opted, doesn't really matter does it?

The Laser Pointer. Undefeated.

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Thank you, Celia. Excellent analysis and to-the-heart evocation of what these Psy-Ops can feel like.

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A very picky point here, about Trump being the first criminal President: What about Bush #1? Can one be head of the CIA and not be complicit in A LOT of crime?

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Celia - As time goes by watching how the fake mainstream news continues this PsyOp that intensified with the approval of Trump, I keep getting reminded of the film Network which prophesied this all nearly a half century ago. I saw this today which gives you a clearer picture of the shameless propagandist plans. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/fake-news-creating-false-narrative-about-violent-trump-supporters/

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Aug 11, 2022·edited Aug 11, 2022

Gregory Mannarino believes it's nothing but a distraction from something else the gov't is doing. E.g., from the fact that it's handing LOTS of cash to the telecom industry, while handing out nothing to you & me. Starting at about 7 minutes in: https://gregorymannarino.substack.com/p/alert-be-ready-for-it-the-federal?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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The Dark Journalist had a very compelling presentation speculating that the documents the FBI was looking for at Mar-A-Lago may have included the UFO file and the files on the JFK assassination which Trump had talked about declassifying. Trump's uncle was a protege of Vannevar Bush, who I believe was the originator of the UFO file. That file supposedly includes information about technologies found at UFO crash sites which serve as the basis for a secret space program run by the CIA on behalf of the global elites. I know, sounds whack, but DJ's information is incredibly well grounded and well sourced, I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEBJmKNGJuI&t=216s&ab_channel=DarkJournalist

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Aug 11, 2022·edited Aug 11, 2022

I always thought that the endlessly repeated "Epstein didn't kill himself" was itself a sort of pervasive mini-psy-op. One and all (many or most of them full blown normaltons) saying it and writing it endlessly established forever that Epstein was dead...just not at his own hand. But he was dead. He was definitely dead. No doubt about it, he was dead. We all knew that then and we all know that now. So tell me, how it is that we know this?

If James Fetzer examined the death certificate and proved it was fake, he would be facing a new lawsuit. Fortunately he didn't. He's in enough trouble for questioning the authenticity of a Sandy Hook death certificate.


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There are layers upon layers in whatever is going on here. Thank you so much for your wise words to reject the projection that want played in our heads. I incorporated your newer article of today about the media civil war talking points in that as well. Whatever they are selling, I, and multitudes of others are not buying. Am I sick and tired of their spell casting crap? You betcha! But I will not be goaded into behavior that will only help their evil narratives and plans.

I looked into the symbolism of the spiral. I haven’t read those articles your mention, but it’s too weird to be random. Signals being sent out? A lot of historical significance to that shape. Many cultures and pagan beliefs read a lot of meaning into the shape; but at the same time the spiral is built into creation itself, which tell me God had a hand in it. All of that reinforces my belief that this is a good vs. evil battle being waged. It has always been waged, but is very much in a “hot” phase right now.

Thank you as always for your thought provoking articles and balanced take on the insanity swirling around us.

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This post yesterday:

August 10, 2022 at 2:00 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 257 Comments

Donald Trump signed a bill into law in January 2018 “that included a provision increasing the punishment for knowingly removing classified materials with the intent to retain them at an ‘unauthorized location,'” the HuffPost reports.

“Previously, someone found guilty of this crime could face up to one year in prison… Now, a person convicted of violating this law can face up to five years in prison ― making it a felony-level offense to mishandle classified documents under 18 U.S.C. 1924.”

His blog is politicalwire.com

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I sure hope I am wrong about this, but it seems very clear to me that both parties want both global war with BRICS (Brazil, Russian, India, China, Singapore/Saudi Arabia/Iran/whomever else joins....

Both parties are also ginning up the rhetoric for civil war! We are the fools for acting as if their are not both playing us as the fools in their horrible propaganda games!

Please, help us all out here; what really is going on that the WEF doesn't want going on?

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3 letter govt agencies have lost all trust IMO. You adequately pointed out how they protect those in power. CIA talking heads on MSNBC and CNN. I never ever remember in my lifetime so many govt agencies all politically aligned. Its downright scary.

At then end of the day, Trump is America first. He has been adamant about not staying in globalist agenda organizations. Pulled us out of Paris Climate and WHO. Now with the Covid Industrial complex coming to an end (public had been done with it a while). The globalists and those in power will move to fear with Climate and getting corporations to push digital ID , Digital currency, etc. They want control, control, control. As long as there are enough of us that don't fall for the non stop hit you over the head , propaganda; we patriots still have hope!

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