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I don't know how to begin processing this. Not just the death of this child, but that people are behaving as if nothing is happening. What will it take to break this spell?

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Stories like this WILL NOT be covered by main stream and social media! In fact, they will go out of their way to cover and make stuff up!

The Tiffany Dover story. Nurse from Tennessee gets covid shot on TV, collapses and DISAPPEARES! Her social media goes dead, etc. Claims are she is dead. Mark covered it:


Hospital, fact checkers, NBC, etc, insist she is alive and well.

If you were alive and well, wouldn't you tell people?

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People were warned. Most warnings were censored, and the whistleblowers wer ridiculed and threatened. Still, there were small spaces in the net, and in traditional media, were some people were allowed to explain what was likely to happen.

All the horrible 2021 I spent mourning all the tragedies that happened and that were brewing in silence. I have developed a thicker skin for these things over time. It's almost a shell now.

I always say that the survivors, if they chose to wake up, should be received on our side with open arms. As time passes, they will go through several phases. One of them is when they realize that they pressured people, and promoted censorship, and ridiculed and insulted people, and collaborated to destroy human rights. They will realize that they helped bringing this pain on themselves, and on many others. No need to add fuel to that fire.

But there are people who will not wake up even after losing children to the injection-19. If anyone desires to be cruel, focus on them and leave the remorseful.

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6-years old, an avid runner, died unexpectedly


Wayne T. Canty, age 6, of Merlin, OR passed away unexpectedly on August 16, 2022. Wayne was the oldest child of Robert and Thuthao (Becky) Canty. Wayne was a vibrant young boy who could light up a room with his smile and left an impression on all who got to meet him. He loved to spend time outdoors with his family and enjoyed camping and hiking regularly. He was an active boy and an avid runner, keeping his parent’s company on their runs, as well as participating in fun-runs. Wayne loved the characters Sonic, Mario, Garfield and Kirby, leading to quite a collection of related toys and clothes. He had encyclopedic knowledge of those characters and could tell you anything and everything about them. Wayne also enjoyed old-school video games and was a whiz at all of the games he played, frequently winning battles with family members. Wayne had a lot of friends that he joined for birthday parties and played with at school, but a lot of his time was spent with his younger sister, Sylvia. They were very close and he took his big brother role seriously. Wayne will be missed for the way he could make your day with a hug or a smile, his kindness, and his zest for life, amongst many other things. He has left a hole in the lives of his family that will never be filled. In addition to being survived by his parents and sister, Wayne is survived by his grandmothers Debbie Canty and Thuha T. Nguyen, his grandfather Vu T. Nguyen, his aunt and uncle Cyndy and Jesse Trentzsch, his uncle Hung Ricky and Dat David Nguyen, and Richard Quang, his cousins Genevieve and Miranda Trentzsch, in addition to countless extended family.

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It's more heartbreaking every day.

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This is UNCONSCIONABLE beyond words. Little innocent healthy children dying from a MANDATE. The aftermath of this crime is just starting to surface. May we learn and arm ourselves so they can NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!

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Lockstep mass formation psychosis/hypnosis has provided a foundation for a global euthanasia event. Didn't we witness this when Jim Jones told his followers to drink the kool-aid? Clues found down the rabbit hole...https://jonestown.sdsu.edu/?page_id=33150

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"How Those Who Die Following Covid Shots Are Treated In The Media" -- by Celia Farber (February 11, 2021)


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Yes, "young blond female" fits the bill with all the sensationalized murders that have saturated the usual media from the '90s through the '00s. At least, in the USA.

Hope Mark has every case he's written up also stored away in *at least* one USB or hard drive.

My gosh--hope you're ok with this revelation-- you aren't bound to silence when ghost-writing a book?

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I was hiking the hills in my old LA neighborhood this afternoon when a 50-something neighbor said hello. After greetings, he said that he'd suffered a stroke several weeks after getting a shot and had recovered most of his movement. He also had a stent placed in his neck. He said he thinks that he got the stroke after riding Space Mtn at Disneyland. Neither of us know the cause, but he didn't want to blame the shot. He'd been in great health before that. So sad.

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I’m finding it very difficult to wrap myself around this.

It still astounds me that there is virtually no attention to it.

It only reinforces what is really going on.

Never knew that the media could be taken over like this.

Always took it for granted or laughed it off.

It’s now serious business.

I saw this alao 👇

Vile works of darkness are around us everywhere.

Some say can’t be proven, it’s just a big scare.

You have to be the judge of what is right or wrong.

You have to have the truth in order to help people along.


Thank you Celia for this.

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As with the American in New Zealand the pharmacy employee talking to a grieving yet fully rational relation to a victim of murder and physical assault was Asian: cold, ruthless and shifting blame.

Wake up.

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Another sad story the butchers of big pharma couldn't care less about.

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I can hear June bug speaking to me thru her portrait

She is not speaking in language but I understand her vocalizations

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The whole situation is truly heartbreaking and devastating. It’s like being trapped in a nightmare that you can’t wake up from. I’m dealing with my own mother being sick as a result of vaccination. And every day is like that movie, Groundhog Day. It’s just a repeat of sickness, despair and approaching death, from the day before.

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I am seeing more ambulances than ever on my drives in the past few weeks. I fear this is just going to get worse as time goes on. What on earth will it take for people to wake up?!

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