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Celia, I thought you might experience deja vu with this one: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/vaccine/pfizer-creating-covid-pills-you-take-daily-vaccine/

If i recall correctly, you had a bit in Serious Adverse Events about a fellow plugging the drug cocktails and including an early protease inhibitor that really messed with the patients after a couple months. The same gang playing the same game all over again, but this time they're not letting you think you're immune by staying abstinent. This perfect storm is civilizational suicide.

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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to go about getting a copy of Serious Adverse Effects or even how to read it online? Amazon is listing it at $850.00 or thereabouts.

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This is horrible. I have family members who all rushed out to be vaxxed. No one would listen, or even do their due diligence before taking the jab. They thought they were saving themselves. I'm just horrified for them.

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Curious statements from Stew's guest, Dr. Ruby:

1) Blood cells normally have a negatively charge & thus repel each other,

2) Blood cells charge changes to positive charge and "that's why they are stacking together".

Um, I wasn't a physics major but opposite charges attract & same charges repel is the rule.

Maybe there's some special blood circumstances under which positive charges would attract rather than repel each other?

Maybe she mistranslated some part of the German and got something mixed up?

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Spoke with my mom seriously about the inoculation’s potential dangers today. Hope she listens to me on this one and avoids it. Only one mother.

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