I am so excited to know this is finally out. I had the joy of speaking with Vera a couple weeks ago, and she was telling me about this project. Andrew Bridgen needs to schedule a screening for the UK parliament and make them sit through all 5-1/2 hours without a break.

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Stunning Parallels Between COVID Measures and Nazi Germany

"Murderous medicine: Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus" by Naomi Baumslag. CDC's "Shielding Approach” - Modern Ghettoization


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The fascism is global genocide.

The Harmacide is fascist.

I was forced to wear masks last year in two of the jobs I had.

Lost the first one after a few days of not wearing mine, although for apparently unrelated issue.

I lived in one of the ten foster homes in my childhood, with two holacaust survivors,Larry and Lotte Pick

These two were damaged goods, both of them, and they kicked me out of their foster home within a few weeks, after I disobeyed their command to stay inside their house early on one Sunday evening.

They managed to have their own biological child Elaine Pick.

New Milford NJ.

The Harmacide scamdemic is global terror and needs to end, the jail needs to be torn down today .

End of comment.

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The race thing in Nazi Germany had its roots in eugenics, and the state sanctioned legalized euthanasiac murder by the medical profession of any persons considered unfit to live, like the disabled, retarded and mental patients in hospitals. The death camps did not just spring up overnight like poisonous mushrooms........from there it moved on to those considered social undesirables, like various ethnic groups, and Aryans who hated Hitler's murderous regime.

After the war, many prominent Nazis were not executed but were relocated to the US. See OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Check out and trace the postwar murderous corporate metamorphosis of chemical conglomerate IG FARBEN which manufactured Zyklon B poisonous gas used in the death camp gas chambers. Check the history of Bayer pharmaceuticals.

Note the role of IBM during the war. Connect the dots. If you still think Nazi medicine is a thing of the past, guess again

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The nazis had a fascist dictatorship based on race. The Soviets built a fascist dictatorship based on class. In the US we are building a fascist dictatorship based on hygiene

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Thanks. I subscribed to the Kennedy website and will certainly watch this important document. History repeats itself. Why don't people remember ?

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“The Holocaust was only possible because of mass obedience to authority.”

EXACTLY. People, blind obedience to authority is NOT a virtue, no matter how much our would-be rulers try to brainwash us into thinking it is so. The image of my boyhood self, hand over heart, pledging allegiance to a government symbol, comes to mind. The propaganda begins when we’re children.

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The levels of denial amongst the Covidians are pretty high. At a party, recently, I encountered both stiff resistance - and the "how dare you" gambit - for raising these points to a jabbed woman from Nuremberg.

It started by my pointing out the violations of Nuremberg principles, and at some point, I raised the fact that more than 6 million, had likely been killed, so far.

But apparently, the lack of gas chambers, made the comparison impossible to digest, for this woman. I pointed out that Vera Sharav would know best - but that didn't seem to matter. I raised the issue of statistics and VAERS data, etc. - all to no avail.

One of the party's hosts felt compelled to intervene like a UFC ref, in the face of a TKO - but then declared it some kind of a draw. I never even got to point out the Concentration Camps in Australia and Austria - or that most of the 1940's genocide victims weren't killed using gas - but instead by bullets, and starvation, diseases, medical experimentation and medical neglect, etc..

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I have a strange feeling that this mandate for the jab that is currently going on by our wonderful government is only going to get worse for those of us that refuse to get it....I will never take this jab period, but as it is, my wife had a minor procedure done lately and they wouldn't even let me go into the hospital to comfort her.....I dread the day that if I ever do get sick then what will they do? Give me no treatment?

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Jan 25·edited Jan 25

Again, Naziism was only defeated militarily and temporarily. These globalist sociopathic mofos are their heir apparents with a vengeance.

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I used to support the Holocaust Museum, until I realised that THEY were complicit in the rewriting of the holocaust. Follow the money!

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The real hero here is Liam Scheff who made explicit reference to Sherav's organization in his "House that AIDS built." Vera ran with Scheff's reporting, which is why the NY Post took the story seriously. Had Sherav not run with the story, RFK Jr would not have discovered Sherav, and she would not have appeared in the Real Anthony Fauci .... and it was Christine Maggiore who put Scheff in touch with Mimi Pasquel and Celia Farber ....

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Another good book on this is Lifton's, "The Nazi Doctors." It was a biomedical program to purge disease elements from society.

This side of things coming out might be the real turning point. Thank you.

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I live in the UK and in summer 2020 I pointed out the chilling parallels with mass obedience re. masking and the WW2 Holocaust. Like many others at that point, I sensed the nightmare we were headed into but the majority just scoffed at such 'outrageous' comparisons or feigned indignance at the supposed 'insult' to the victims of the Holocaust such comparisons were. I was hounded relentlessly from that point on. As they virtue-signalled their present day blind obedience to authority for the 'greater good', which is the fertile soil needed by all tyrannies, they furiously virtue-signalled their 'outrage' on behalf of the victims of a notorious historical tyranny at those who had the temerity to point out the chilling comparisons with the past. By censuring discomfiting debate back then, these people played their part in allowing the tyranny to rip through our society in the coming months and years and must bear some responsibility for the nightmare now and what is to come.

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Thanks again Celia for your insight. The covid hoax and wef agenda appears to mimic Nazi ideology of “useless eaters” and unclean (not jabbed, unmasked) people. Are we being exterminated like the jews and gypsies in nazi Germany? It definitely looks that way thru the frosted glass obscuring truth.

Will we be sent to the fema camps for not partaking in their cocktail of jabs (I can’t call them vaccines)? I’ve not complied with many government obedience guidelines in my life and too old to start now.

The only way the mother WEFers win is if we all comply.

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Everybody needs to watch "Europa" - the last battle. It will change everything

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