Correct. A group I have much respect for is AE911truth. 20 years in they still talk about nano thermite and controlled demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. They get the facts right. But the occult aspect helps explain the dark human forces at play. You can find pdf of this book, https://a.co/d/3fm9AMl “Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual”

These evil schemes take years of planning, in utmost secrecy.

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Are you AWAKE yet? Our battle is SPIRITUAL


The Occult is The Spiritual Foundation of The United Nations. The Stage Is Set For The Coming One World Government Under One World Leader.

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations)


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Eliminate legal tender laws, and watch fiat currency go away. The only thing that is propping it up is having to accept it as payment, and pretend that it has value, even though we know it doesn't.

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“It is not an offense that money costs nothing, for if a currency represents only the wealth and *whole lack* of injurious processes united in natural trade, then the *costlessness* of the non-injurious tokens of wealth only paves the way for a *costless* system.

It is ignorant therefore to persist in shouting out against "creating money out of thin air," or furthermore to simply presume that doing so is "inflationary," for by definition and effect both, inflation of the sum of circulation can only occur if the circulation is increased moreso than the value of whatever assets for which the money is loaned into circulation. We have already observed however that this cannot occur, because we can borrow no more than the nominal value of the specific asset.

If an injury is inflicted then by some related process, we must identify that explicit related process, if we are to solve or eradicate it.


The offense to which the present shouting against federal over-spending wishes to speak is the crime against our progeny and the very chance they can survive as such a nation.

This is not only an ominous crime, but even a terminal crime against them, because in extending *our* falsified prosperity under present magnitudes of debt which for our own iniquities we ourselves have made ourselves capable of servicing, we heap yet the multiplying costs of the false preservation of our own hides upon later generations, who will be asked to pay those debts from even far more disadvantaged positions.

Even so, we are not even suffering presently (or even into the distant forseeable future) for this potentially great injustice, because we are not paying down (and *only* ever moreso *cannot* afford to pay down) that sum of debt.

What then is the real force, presently driving the cost of sustaining ourselves ever moreso beyond our means?

It's the interest. It's the interest. It's the interest.

It is the inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest which, in rendering us incapable of maintaining a vital circulation by further private borrowing, forces usurers to extend their graft by unpaid borrowing against federal over-spending.

What would happen if we terminated this federal over-spending without first perfecting the economy?

We would immediately suffer mass systemic deflation, because as we pay against private and public debt and cannot afford otherwise to re-borrow as necessary to replenish the circulation, it is thus this federal overspending which has necessarily become a vital temporary cog of the stratagem: Unless we first perfect the economy by eradicating interest, we have no other way of maintaining a vital circulation any longer, because we have let the system degenerate us to this very state (and continue to let it destroy us further).

While that undue spending really only moves multiplication of private debt to the federal side of the ledger (where we simply ignore its vast multiplication for the while), the unpayable accumulation of this debt too will ultimately fail to sustain the system, because ultimately the interest even only on federal debt will crush us.

It is not that "the money" "is created out of thin air," or that the gold standard can possibly be implemented *or* save us from further multiplication of debt the gold standard has no power to avert. It's the interest. It's the interest. It's the interest.

In fact the imposed "monetary" system even has no power whatever to inflict the objected injuries but *by interest*.” Mike Montagne

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The problem with all of this talk about “fiat” currency, is that it serves to distract us from the true underlying cause of the manipulation of the cost or value of money nd property.

The idea that a form of money can injure us because it is paper is itself laughable.

Every fiat currency in history (so far) has failed not because it was paper, but because the tokens of wealth were subject to interest, which always, always, always multiplies debt beyond the obligated circulation.

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This is just a theory so take it as such. George HW Bush's wife was a woman named Barbara Pierce. Her mother Pauline was quite a ticket and supposedly in 1924 traveled to Europe and participated in a sex magick ritual with Alastair Crowley and a few others. 9 months later little Babs came along. Now it might be a coincidence but look at photos of AC and BB and see what you think.

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The occult in my experience is the search for the Philosopher's Stone, understanding the fundamental unseen realities of the universe, the unification of science and faith, and a method of coming to know thyself.

But yes, it is very much a kind of black magic, practiced by our elite. The manipulation of the Word to enslave humanity.

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Does it matter if it's "magick"? OR whatever it's called?

The evil exists - that's what ppl need to acknowledge, and be aware of what they are really doing to us, in the name of "safety" and "health". They have always existed, methinks, this cabal of folks (are they human?) who like to enslave the rest of humanity - with or without tacit approval of the latter. They're cleverer today - we get to consent to all the enslavement thru the convenience devices they have deployed "for our good". They used to be more overt and brutal about it in centuries past.

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John Hus:

"Seek the truth

Listen to the truth

Teach the truth

Love the truth Abide by the truth And defend the truth

unto death."

Gold is still good.

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The best way to dis-spell Black Magic is with white light. Darkness is natural so do not hate it. Evil is merely the lack of love in any situation. Do not ever allow evil or darkness into your life and never be quiet in the presence of evil. Always banish evil. Learn to banish evil. Learn to dis-spell black magic. Practise practice practice. All words have power. Blessings. Stand in the light. Breath is sacred. Love from heart. Feed Heart with breath. Look up always. Blessings. and Peace. Laughter. Rage against the Machine. Materialism worshipped becomes Moloch.

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Of course the modern day moneychangers are simply imposing usury on the world as a means to an end. The consolidation of wealth via multiplication of falsified indebtedness makes it way easier to depopulate and consolidate all power.

It’s no wonder that the most powerful plank in the Communist Manifesto is a central bank with a monopoly on all credit.

Meanwhile, most people refuse to understand that We The People have always been the actual issuers of money, when we surrender value in our promises to pay each other.

Likewise, We The People are the actual creditors, because we are the ones who produce and give property and value in exchange for those promises to pay.

The purported banking system, from its iniquitous beginnings, had never had any more at risk than the cost of publishing evidence of our promises to pay each other.

That’s not to say the money is “created out of thin air,” but that what can then only ever be our debts to each other are being obfuscated into falsified debts to the banking system.

The money gets its value from what someone gives up for it. The last I checked, my blood, sweat and tears are not thin air.

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Occult (meaning "hidden"), yes. Babylonian, yes but it didn't start there -- it is far more ancient. Black (meaning dark, opposite of light), yes. Magic(k) (meaning supernatural), no. It's a sophisticated technique, refined and perfected over eons, for conquest with minimal waste of resources.

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I'm sorry Celia! but if you haven't figured it out yet keep digging! Let me give you a hint! A psychological prison, without walls! Peace and blessings!

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It is absolutely spiritual in nature. Always has been. Book One, Chapter Three, verses six through nineteen (KJV).

Our Luciferian overlords do indeed practice Babylonian Black Magick. The financial aspect is mostly legal and conspiratorial. The Black Magick is used to trick an unsuspecting public into joining the scheme and hold them there.

Dr. Toby explains this phenomenon very well in his recent post:

The Base Determines The Superstructure


Why Do So Many Of Our Friends Betray Us?


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You bet dark satanic sorcery is the power behind Mystery Babylon the mistress of witchcrafts and our current crisis. She has decieved the nations through sorcery. She did s drunk on the blood of the innocent.

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Of course it’s black magic, along with vaccines…

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