My opinion. Its pure theatre. I think its designed to push Europe into hardship as an excuse to shove them further into Agenda 2030. Considering who Putin rubs elbows with behind the curtain I believe he is a willing accomplice playing his part in the script.

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These reptiles are everywhere in every country. For a moment just entertain that Putin, Zelensky and the entire system are in lockstep bringing us to the brink. Don't think for a moment that this is not possible. Remember, Putin and Zelensky were on the WEF web-page and then Putin was removed. This is the nature of these deceivers and they will not stop until we are crushed.

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“I actually feel physically dizzy and nauseous when I research and post about this.” Could not express any better exactly how this all makes me feel.

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Considering his affiliation with the neo-cons, as Robert Kegan and Victoria Nuland, we can infer the same hand in 911 towers and present PSYCHO killers have an agenda! Heaen help the fools

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This insanity, like all other insanity will become less insane by the year 2077, when after a series of congressional investigations, commissions and inquires it will be determined that the tyranny of green energy was actually quite a terror to experience.

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If the Biden regime did this he is bring us one step closer to WWIII. We are living in crazy, seemingly out of control times. Be brave and say what you see as truth

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Nauseous means one has the effect of making others sick. Nauseated means one feels ill.

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HIya, I think us being totally confused it part of the plan!

No one I talk to really knows why energy prices are going up- 'because of the war'- but clearly the destruction of Nord stream was in motion way before Russia invaded.

The technocracy control the whole narrative, all nation states are just puppets. They want to destroy the economy and people of ALL nations. They are in a world separate from nations.

The technocracy make a lot of money and therefore their power from GMO’s, pesticides, fertilisers and pharmaceuticals that keep people sick, plus perpetual war and constant nuclear deterrents.

Leaders may be more and some leaders less in their pockets, some by desire others by coercion, blackmail etc, nothing is too low or off the table, some may be more in the 'know' than others.

Maybe it was the Uk and trident that sabotaged Nord stream. I wouldn't be surprised. The UK is linked with the NWO by the Azov nazis who also declared the EU already dead.

I believe Russia is holding out against the technocracy which is why they are particularly targeted and isolated from the rest of the world.


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Davos benefits by destroying the pipeline in efforts to reprogram European brains to understand that America is not their friend but their enemy and in efforts to bring about financial destruction and create a new rebuilding program in order to maintain control...

E: the message is sell your terrorist dollars, America is rogue state against peace and energy...

Maybe true but while the Americans are brazen, I just have trouble accepting they would be so ramboesque to this without a heavy propaganda cover blaming someone else... The American media machine is barely covering this and just seems to have been caught by surprise. Just curious to think about how EU benefits from this act. Good be total lunacy this theory - curious what you think.

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Thank you Celia

Another example of keeping so many shiny balls moving that you don't know where to look.

Good theory in the comments that are the pipelines REALLY blown up?

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I know this is gonna sound silly, but does Z's incredulous-ness, remind you of some one ?

...Emperor Napoleon...

I dunno.



Great Piece !

That's For Sure.

Very Impressed.

Stay Strong !

Thank you.

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Within every rational motive is an irrational act.

Such is the basis of war. Senator Johnson wants war because he states Russia/Putin executed a military operation against the US/NATO puppet regime threat to 1) join NATO 2) acquire nuclear weapons.

He sees no contradiction there regarding how this whole thing began, jumped over Ukrainian regime change per Nuland, et al. and all US provocations.

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Exactly! And thank you for putting this stuff out where more people can see it.

The bizarro world of Russia-Ukraine is why I said a few posts ago that this is bigger than convid. I thought I had a fairly good grip on why convid has happened, but with Putin's speech declaring do-or-die opposition to the WEF/Davos crowd, what with Europe/UK apparently happy to immolate themselves for one of the most corrupt regimes on earth they have no obligation to defend, with barely a squeak of opposition from German business – which is very powerful –, with Johnson scuppering peace talks back in late March ... like you said, Celia, this tears to tatters any sense I had of some coherent picture, some coherent ambition behind all this.

It can only be insanity of the most putrid and deranged kind, born of generations of privilege and grand ambitions surrounded by the best Yes Men infinite wealth can buy.

Perhaps, perhaps ... this is the only exploding spectacle of modernity's delusion of materialism, of godlessness, powerful enough in its Krakatoa-like ramifications, to expose that delusion lastingly, for centuries, if not millennia, to come. Perhaps millions will die in this apocalypse, this revelation, but perhaps, truly, this is the only way. I am even beginning to think thoughts like this now. And I hate them.

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There's a bar a block away from me called peacemaker.

Thankfully they ain't flying nukronazi flags, yet.

I give them wide distance when I walk by on the street in the street

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Late to the party... wanted to make sense of things first before reacting.

Does Europe still completely lose a supply natural gas for heating with the "coincidentally" newly opened Norwegian/Polish pipeline now?

Or does this incident *really* make Germany and W Europe freeze (with many expected deaths) over the coming winter? (Not that killing human beings has ever bothered the globalist puppeteers before. In fact, that's the plan, isn't it? Especially w.r.t. vulnerable and "nonproductive" elderly--a drain on society's coffers.)

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I had overlooked wanting to send my condolences to you in a recent post in which your dad was mentioned. He must have been such a remarkable person. I am so sorry for your loss.

I don’t know what to make of anything anymore. I found it astounding in March when Thierry Meyssan said that the Ukraine war was a UK-US proxy war w/the EU, particularly Germany. Of course, the head of the EU is Ursula von der Leyen who is German.

I’ve found Meyssan’s articles intriguing, beginning with his expose of the Straussians (the protégés of Leo Strauss; including the neocons also exposed by Jeffrey Sachs as drivers of the Ukraine war.


Here’s a recent follow up article in that regard


And Sachs’s article


I read Dr Nass’s expose of Sachs and listened to RFK Jr’s interview with him. I understand that he’s a player in the pandemic scenario, not to be trusted. He told RFK Jr that his friends and colleagues on the investigative committee deceived him.

As much contempt that Biden deserves, I am inclined to think of the war as pushed by Chatham House/Council on Foreign Relations. They feed policy into the State Dept.

No sooner did Trump tell Germany that they needed to spend 2% of GDP on defense; the NordStream deal w/Germany should be prevented; and NATO better step up business than we see these things happening under Biden’s tenure.

A recent expose revealed that Germany was by far the leading WHO funder w/respect to Covid-19. Berlin based scientist Drosten designed the PCR tests that detected the virus. And Mainz-based BioNTech holds the lion’s share of the patent for the vaccine made with support from Pfizer and Fosun.

The British panicked to ditch the EU, Brexit having taken place just ahead of the pandemic.

I have no idea what’s going on. It’s hard to know who the enemy is. I look to see who’s hurting and

in that regard determine who’s being targeted. Obviously the Ukraine is hurting but the UK-US doesn’t seem to care enough to stop the conflict. They did their best to foment it, keep sending munitions and now are invoking nuclear war.

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