I grew up in Rochester NY. I’m very familiar with what happened to all the people in Love Canal. What if this was a train on the Metro North NY line ? Do you think people here would be flipping out ? This entire thing upsets me terribly

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I'm not promoting this article or its premise. I just thought it better to direct your attention to it and let you process it.


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these are my recommendations:

now— very serious- time for food sourcing --eat NOTHING from that area- ever- again

American- the West coast in particular, already got a toxic load from Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear plant (Motorola built). It blew all over the farmlands here- which means it’s in the milk- it’s bio-accumulated in the animals. I’m not saying this to scare you- but if we are going to survive this- we need to have the facts to hand

If you are buying food from Trader Joes/Safeway of wherever you shop- then you need to see where the food comes from.

i would recommend- never eat out at a restaurant - unless they certify organic- you can’t source that food and it’s not organic anyway. On top of that stop eating pre-made anything—

buy local farmer’s market--simplify your diet--make your own bone broth/vegetable broth- absolutely everything- buy Sally Fallons book- Nourishing Traditions--it’s not rocket science- have potlucks- share with your friends- have fun and cook together. Bring joy to friends and family.

Join a food coop that’s local for cheese/dairy/veggies/meat- whatever you eat

Join WAPF.org— attend their informational potlucks- learn how to eat and cook well.

All the food that comes from the Ohio and environs- wherever the water flows- where the wind blows-- is now contaminated- forever.

Farmers need your support- take the time in your life to make nourishing food- or start buying it from someone who cooks and needs the money. There are films- from Texas where you can see where the plastics are now manufactured- you can taste the plastic in the air--these psychopaths have been poisoning us forever. and it's not safe-

i am praying that one of the bomb trains that traverses the Oakland Hills near us, does not ‘accidentally’ explode on the way to the Richmond refineries.That would be the end of the organic dairy and farm products on the West coast-- we have 300+ refineries along the bay North of the Richmond refinery and there are constant spills and toxic releases over Richmond residents. We also have biolabs up and down the entire 101 freeway from SF north, and all along the bay in Berkeley. Our Water district is now pushing recycled, desal, sewer water for Marin residents—what they made San Diego residents drink --if you don’t think this is serious- then think about the fact that what comes out of the tap will be filled with contaminants- including quackzines. Start going to meetings where you live, and hope they are not engaging in the same f.....ery.

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we can't afford to help these americans. we're all too busy ironing our ukrainian flags

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Perhaps the residents of East Palestine might appeal to Russia for non-lethal aid in their war.

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"Apparently it is not possible to know where this train originated nor where it was headed."

Take a look at https://robertyoho.substack.com/p/203-the-east-palestine-ohio-train where a fellow who seems knowledgeable in these matters says "On February 3, 2023, at approximately 8:54 p.m., eastbound Norfolk Southern general merchandise train No. 32N, en route from Madison, IL to Conway, PA, derailed in East Palestine, OH."

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from out of chaos comes a new world order. Problem is the vinyl chloride was phosgene gas to be dropped on western ulraine and poland as a false flag! Burming the contents was only way to remove evidence of crimes against humanity!

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so no one knows who sent it and where??? there must be a starting point and a delivery point! Anyone knows where this line passes exactly? we must be able to find out. But I am going to read Jerry-s article and pulling up more maps of the US with train rails on it. We will need to dig this up or this whole country blows into our faces, like it did for these poor people from Ohio.

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I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I texted the following information on doixin to a number of my contacts. As far as I can tell, only the first recipient received the message and all other messages were blocked (censored). I've never personally experienced this before. I tested with a trusty friend and, once again, the message was blocked. Benign, follow-up messages went through to the people no problem. This is what I sent. Would appreciate knowing if others are experiencing similar blackouts on this story.

------------------------ Original Message ----------

Re East Palestine OH massive dioxin release.


Ways to mitigate Dioxin damage:

NAC -- very potent liver supplement



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You guys, just came across another curious detail in connection to East Palestine-- Apparently, back in October, a surveillance wearable-program was being rolled out specifically for beta testing in the East Palestine area, "MY I.D.". ( The link to the report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNqluWRf6r8 ) And links to the wearables-program: https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/east-palestine-weeks-away-from-launching-new-myid-medical-service/



With the foreshadow-cabal-signalling via that verbatim script film they recently shot there, and now this East Palestine-targeted wearable-program roll-out just prior to the incident, its clear in my mind that this is so hardcore one of the cabal's pre-orchestrated test-case operations for executing multiple objectives. A WHOLE BALL O' WAX....................

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What do you think about offering people from East Palestine to come live with us? I realize there is the economic issue, meaning job loss. But, I have room in my home for people. If anyone sees the usefulness of this and also the implementation for it, please reach out!

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i just listened to the wonderful zoom that Eric and others organized- they are talking about having Erin Brokovich come to speak to energize the population. Please get the word out to your friends and family to watch this amazing informational- the step by step- how to to organize the community- get publicity from major media. Eric really outlines it here- how to be successful. All of our communities need to understand how to do this. It will happen everywhere- this is what Naomi Wolf warned us about- it's planned chaos. Every community needs to be ready to be self sufficient- know your local resources. If you are not meeting with community groups- do it now.

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Kennedy’s Limo was scrubbed the same afternoon. Fact.

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There are train webcams. Wonder if they have historical videos and can piece together the train’s route. Virtual Railfan is one. Anybody ask them????

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this is so important- thanks for keeping on this topic!!! here is what I just sent my friends here in CA--- where our lands were already hit hard by Fukushima fallout as the winds blew across America- it hit the west coast first. There was weather modification at that time- and it rained out all over Pt.Reyes seashore

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