There is no question that Derek Chauvin did not get a fair trial. The entire scripted scenario was a "set up" and Chauvin's attorney's were inept at best. Floyd had three times the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system, plus meth complicated by heart problems. I believe Floyd was suffering from "Excited Delirium Syndrome" which is well known, and fatal in almost all cases if not properly attended to.

The other officers involved are now incarcerated too. For what? Trying to save a drug addict that was about to explode? Look at the FACTS below.


Chauvin's stabbing (22 times!) is highly suspicious as this film was released and Chauvin speaks for himself for the first time and he was CLEARLY following the training manual that the Minneapolis Police pictured to DETAIN individuals in these dangerous conditions, lest they go into trauma and DIE.

There are other parts of this trial that the film doesn't show us, but body cams show us that Chauvin was asked by another officer if he thought Floyd was suffering from EDS? Chauvin did not know for sure. The EMTs were WAY LATE in arrival (ignoring the first calls, only 8 blocks away)

At times I think I am angry at the people of Minneapolis for allowing this injustice to effect the entire nation. But I actually feel bad for them, as time will burn them, as the truth comes out, and not everybody in Minneapolis is to blame. Like all of us, we suffer from corrupt government.

I pray for Derek Chauvin that he will HEAL and be set free, along with the others, so we can recover from this jaundiced jury and court case---and deal with a fentanyl problem that kills on average 300 people a day!

George Floyd was not a hero. But he is not the only person dying in our cities with the same problem that these CORRUPT leaders want to hide! And even worse, they create racial tensions for their vile political gain.

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My Mom and I noticed this story the day it came out. We have been “Following the Counterfeit” for nearly 30 years and it usually starts at the casinos.

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minnesota — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says its officers seized $900,000 in counterfeit money from the International Falls Port of Entry.

The agency says the counterfeit money was found in a commercial rail shipment that originated in China.

Officers found 45 cartons of counterfeit $1 bills with a fake value of $900,000 last month during a customs inspection. The Secret Service was contacted and determined the currency was counterfeit.

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Since 2020, definitely the Fall of America. I guess the masks are never coming off, and the price of housing is never coming down, and the middle class is never coming back. At least where I live. Get your STEM slave job and take your jab and buy everything from Amazon and hyper focus on race. The new America.

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

Before the 1980s, the mafia was the FBI/CIA's go-to for foreign and domestic hit jobs. But with the psychopathic rise of cartel's like MS-13, our bureaucracies now have access to millions of expendable sicarios with little risk of connecting the killers to their contractors. In this way, a "hit" can appear like a random act of violence without connecting the bureaucrats who ordered the hit.

Now that the entire world knows of the growing population of America's political prisoners, every hour of Derrick Chauvin's false imprisonment further discredits the bureaucracies that lynched him to sanctify George Floyd as the Democrat Party's black Übermensch. To those bureaucracies, an innocent casualty like Officer Chauvin is easily resolved.

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Dec 3, 2023Liked by Celia Farber

Make sure you see the Alhambra.

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"The public donated over $90 million to BLM after Floyd’s death."

Oh my, don't they know how to milk the punters with their psyops.

Celia! George Floyd was a completely staged event - Nobody Died Nobody Got Hurt (NDNGH)!

This is an interesting video on the "tree" discrepancy.


Various discrepancies


Just go to Bitchute and put in George Floyd psyop / hoax and there are plenty of videos. Not saying that everything said in the videos is accurate, however, it is beyond obvious that the event was completely staged - which is the usual way. They're injuring, maiming and killing people unconscionably now with the jab (and before with the other measures) but generally speaking staged events are cases of NDNGH. And the thing is it's always the opposite - they're telling us they're saving people with the jab while they're killing them. When they tell you people are being killed that's when they're not.

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Glad you are where you are! Enjoy the swoons and more. Photos, please?

Thank you for this update and film recommendation.

Setting aright the inversions is vital, recognizing the wrongs is necessary, and all of it is sometimes / often excruciating.

Far better than the alternative. I am grateful to no longer be a sleepwalker.

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Great reporting, Celia, thank you. All new to me. Perhaps, at last, we will come near the truth of the matter?

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How exciting Celia! All these events and info coming out now. Wake everyone up!

Organized crime is in the house.

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thanks for the movie, sad to see how these cops got railroaded.

Genevieve Hansen, the off-duty EMT, seems like a FBI plant. anybody notice how scripted her interaction with the cops was at the scene? and she's just as hostile during cross-examination by the defense attorney.

i wish officer lane hadn't been so confrontational from the start. floyd was obviously too high to kill anybody but himself. which he eventually did.

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Thank you so much for airing this Celia. What a travesty of justice, and the supreme court didn't have the guts to retry Chauvin based on new evidence. I'm happy for you because you are in Spain. Enjoy yourself.

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I've never watched anything about the trial before, and felt for other reasons that this was allowed to explode far too much for whipping up race issues during Trump's tenure. What I listened to in this documentary, however, was a man who I think was told he was going to die that day and he was trying to avoid getting to that point. Listening to his pleas from the get-go, and then as he was being put in the car, it sounded to me like he had previously been told he was going to die that day. It wouldn't surprise me if he'd been previously injected with something that was going to kill him regardless of what happened. They just needed a black man to die that day in order to light off a powder keg.

That the media and judge suppressed evidence to show this just shows you how much this is staged for the result to spiral out of control.

It's unbelievable what the police chief and city council people said!

Again, this is my first time watching any of this. I actually tuned it all out, and also called out BLM supporters for the organization being akin to a terrorist group. I had heard from business owners that they were being extorted by BLM for shakedown money, otherwise something bad might happen to their business.

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"Events So Horrendous, We "Should" Never Wonder If An Entire Nation Can Become Possessed."

You/Me/We "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda" Know Better, but the Hilarity Rotten Clintoons cackle on endlessly and Kissinger smiles from beyond the pale. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. Leaving "It All to God" is an Abdication of Your/Our Responsibility as Sentient Beings.

I wish us all Well in Hell, if you get my drift.

"If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

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The infrastructure of a psy-op was waiting. This is an integral part of deliberate destruction of this country and the West, in general. This will not stop until we take the power away from the Criminals behind the curtains. They want us to bicker about lies thrown at us. The most radical thing we can do to save ourselves is to refuse to believe anything they say, and refuse to be divided against our fellow human beings. When they open their mouths, laugh at them!

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes, is false"

Willian Casey. CIA Director 1981-1987

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wonder how long it takes to plan these psyops.... don;t really need to beperfect as there is the propaganda media to cover up flaws and other things also... but to expose these takes a longtime and great effort.... meanwhile the 'truth' of the psyop has become part of the foundational truth of the public mind

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