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Thank you, Celia. David reminds us that the honorable are rarely famous and the famous are rarely honorable.

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Thank you for this recognition and remembrance of David Crowe.

This tangled web of lies.

Is never true.

But a true kindness

shares a gift

of a greater love

the lie cannot see.

The virtues of science

made mask for cover story

set by fear's denial

against the light

Love of true

in true of love

lives our willingness

in true with-ness

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David's podcast, The Infectious Myth, was incredible. I continue to listen to his old shows, although his last cast related strictly to his cancer was a tough listen. He was a warrior through his cancer, and a warrior for truth. I still miss his quiet intelligence. Anywhere he went, I'm sure he was the smartest guy in the room! Such a loss to the community.

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It really was so sad to see him pass away and so quickly. I loved his humble voice and demeanor. The wonderful little music at beginning of his podcast episodes. How he would offer to send hand-made postcards to listeners. Gosh, I so regret not asking him for one of those. I was shocked and angered and just disappointed in mankind when I realized he had a patreon for a while and it was only brining him like $300 . It just saddened me. Given the wealth of information he provided/managed, in such a potentially dangerous field. How can people learn so much from him, and give so little? One almost feels like society deserves to be crushed by the Communist horde, although I know that is not the case.

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Thanks Celia. For some reason I decided to look you up again tonight when I was particpating in a telegram chat. I talked for many hours with David as soon as I saw the preprint out of Wuhan. I was sending him lots of information pertaining to the useless EUA's and going over all the authorization letters. Since he was in the same province I was researching information on which tests the laboratories here were using and tracing in back to the FDA website and corresponding EUA.

I do not know how else to explain it to people. We fought a great battle but I tired of it after the Durban Declaration and House of Numbers then the whole Parenzee thing. Anyway I was fortunate to help with David's Last Paper "Corona Virus Panic". He was working with a group out of England to get the information out there so at least men, women and children could be informed.

David never stopped. His efforts and his love for others was unceasing. I viewed him as the Validvictorian of the World keeping $cience in check.

I lost quite a few people this last year but out of all of them David's passing I think affected me the most. We spoke numerous times after November 2019. I will never forget when he told me that he had an agressive case of Liver Cancer. I sent him links for the DCA drug that is effective against cancers made in Edmonton but a month later God took him.

I never actually had a chance to meet David in person. I will never forget the conversations I had over the phone with him as we discussed the twisted $cience of virology, testing methods and papers published and those censored.

Anyway I keyed in your old truthbarrier website and it did not come up so then I ducked ducked Celia Farber and here I am. Hopefully I can donate again in the future. I feel like firing up all my old websites again just to splatter the google algorithm and search results but I'm out a few level 3 switches and I'm waiting for some shares to get cashed.

Otherwise it is difficult to explain to people the dedication so many of us had and how hard we fought to prepare men, women and children what was inevitably coming. David was always the driving force for good. The keeper of the tablets of knowledge I like to say. Prior to his passing we talked about his website aras.ab.ca and what he was going to do with it. Old code old database. I am saddened it is gone now confied to the obsurity of wayback but the censorship is real even for live websites.

David like so many others primed the world for what we knew they were going to do. I once found a post I made in some comments back in 2009 describing it as much. This great reset is so damn boring - it is like living in the worst B rated movie ever made. Same plot, right down to the lab leak psyop. I mean they were even to cheap to make new scary graphics and instead stuck with the tried and tested spikey ball thing because it is great for catching those dollar dollar bills.

Hope - for sure. David's efforts, everyone's efforts on the side of uncensored science paved the way of protection and knowledge for so many. There are because of David's efforts and everyone else othered into a denialist role exponentially more men, women and children that properly question $cience today.

Anyway I miss David. I also miss Etainne. They were great teachers and their memory lives on in my words to others every day and I speak the virology history of our past fluently to anyone in Canada that cares to listen. They will be remembered always because their cause was just.

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I discovered David when GreenMedInfo sent out his paper “Does Coronavirus Exist?” I was compelled to look him up and discovered his podcast, The Infectious Myth. Despite being off grid (no internet/computer…) and having limited data on my phone, I was somehow able to listen to his podcasts, and listened to them all (except one due to the language of a person he talked with) within a few months. By the time of his cancer, I was caught up, and eagerly awaited each new podcast.

I am thankful I did receive one of David’s bookmarks, which I treasure. Dewdrops on some sort of red berries.

I was impressed that David replied to my e-mails. He was such a giant when it came to his wealth of knowledge and I felt so ignorant in comparison. My first e-mail was after reading his paper. I was so impressed with that and told him I couldn’t believe how much information there was. He humbly said that it wasn’t all gathered so quickly, but just adding to existing knowledge a bit at a time. I thought, to someone with the long term awareness of these topics, “SARS-CoV-2” would be like, “Here we go again…”. Another round. I was just coming in on this round (as far as viruses, germs, and pandemics).

I learned so much from David, and am listening back through his podcasts for a second time to see what I learned from him that is now part of me, as well as to pick up additional information that I couldn’t take in the first time around at the rapid pace I was listening and learning.

I didn’t agree with David on everything. There were some pretty significant issues I disagreed with him about. But because of his humble attitude and gentle voice, I could listen - even to things I very strongly disagreed with - and not dismiss him. I had also started a list of possibilities for him to interview, as he was always saying that he welcomed suggestions for people with differing viewpoints from his.

I was communicating with him about his cancer. I couldn’t believe it all happened so quickly and I was devastated by his loss. It hit me really hard, despite never having met him or interacted with him extensively, other than some e-mails. His manner of speaking and his graciousness and kindness just made you feel like he was a friend.

Thank you for not letting him be forgotten. I wish someone could go ahead and edit and publish what was ready for his book. Someone must know what his plan was…

I think I must have first heard of you, Celia, through David.

I still miss him and remember him, and it is comforting to know others do too.

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Fabulous info. Thank you!

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