"What disturbs me the most is that the country doesn't seem to have a memory." I learned long ago, to my horror, that memory for most ends with the most recent news broadcast.

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Celia Farber

Look forward to listening to this interview. I had the same experience first time I heard Edward. He has shared his personal journey and that’s what always captures my attention - and heart to people. I need at the very least a little bit of vulnerability without victimhood. I feel the same way about you. I look forward to your content and feel it’s so important to get a sense of the person behind the story. I do understand the privacy issue. It’s just a personal preference maybe because I work in very close contact with people (mostly women) and in an atmosphere with the intention to assist in healing. It has been painful to watch my physically healthy clients who I have had between 10-25 years. All the clients who received the poison have experienced physical ailments from blood clots, restless leg syndrome, tinnitus, nerve issues, deformed enlarged knuckles/fingers (arthritis?), breast cancer, anxiety, very disruptive menstrual cycles and now many more colds/flus and pneumonia. These are people who rarely got sick. They are completely oblivious to any connections to the poison shots and are still invested in The Fear. I did lose the majority of my business and was forced to close my business location due to the fear/plandemic. I’m currently taking some clients in my home now. Since losing or distancing myself from friends and family relationships due to their cruelty towards myself and others because of refusal to take the poison, I have realized how important it is for me to feel a part of a community. I too read the comments and believe it’s just as important as the articles and or videos. I have learned so much and been led to more people and info because of the comments. I wish we could all meet someplace someday. I need only read the heartache ~ and yes, even passionate anger of others to realize and be reminded we are all One. I now understand the full meaning of that. I recently came across a quote from Carl Jung which really struck me. I had not been able to put my finger on what or why I had been feeling and experiencing deep inside. I believe from the outside those friends and family I distanced myself from might perceive me as depressed, but I know without a shadow of a doubt this is not depression as I have always enjoyed stillness and solitude in a balanced way. For my own personal wellBeing, I need to talk about the things that deeply affect or move me regardless of anyone disagreeing and vice versa. I am deeply nourished by conversations. I thrive hearing other’s perspectives and I love when I have an aha moment due to seeing a new perspective. That is what feeds my soul. And that has been the silver lining in all of THIS. To always be aware and remain curious and open to what comes my way, “good” or “bad” ~ to pose more questions to those who don’t see eye to eye ~ to gather more info from them so I can be very clear. ~ to always be aware of the reaction inside of me and ask myself why am I reacting to them, rather than focus on what they are causing to me. I have expended too much energy trying of make others see the bigger picture. At the end of the day, all I can do is become very clear to either leave what is causing harm to my wellBeing or participate in a new way that serves humanity, big or SMALL. You and your content and the community have been so meaningful to me. I know this is a lengthy comment and has more of me than I’d like, but I just wanted to express how much you and your work matters. I also adore all the content you share like music, animals and heartwarming stories. Keep it coming. Love and more Love.


Does not come from having no people around.

But from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible. ~ Carl Jung.

Thank you Celia and this community for communicating important data/info ~ and what is felt in your bodies, mind and spirit.

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Thanks, Celia! I interviewed him, too, in November: https://mickeyz.substack.com/p/post-woke-60-ed-dowd-on-the-biggest#details

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Unimaginable for sure. The direct death toll isn't close to WW1 or WW2, but this is the first time that THE ENTIRE WORLD was strangled and impoverished and tortured ALL AT ONCE.

The authorities who shouted Never Again after 1945 are the same fucking demons who decided it would be great fun to do it again, and this time do it COMPLETELY.

What they really meant was "Never do a halfway job of torture and genocide again!"

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When Dowd sticks to the numbers, I think he's spot on.

The notion that there's a virus killing people has never, ever been proven. Once you fall for the claim that it does, you've lost the entire thread of what's been happening.

Yes, it operated as a psy-op, but this was orchestrated globally. There's no proof of a SARS-Cov-2 or it's "disease" COVID-19.

The vaxx are massively toxic. Why, it could be because it is meant to kill. I think it's also because you can't make such a concoction in warp speed with multiple points of failure. The manufacturers are exempt from accountability. Period. The mRNA/Spike Protein are fiction as is the red herring that there was ever a "lab leak". Labs manufactured a computer assemblage and visuals to provide "evidence". Nothing more. Labs also provided the injection weapon.

No pandemic. No one died from a novel particle nor of a "disease" labelled Covid-19. Hard Stop.

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I just watched this interview this morning. I agree on everything you've said about Dowd - as messenger - and his message. We needed him. Danka, Celia.

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I heard SK speak w RFKjr from two days ago.

RFKjr relates a doctor at an AA meeting.

Doctor says he killed his brother in law with an injextxion of Harmacide scamdemic hacksxxxxine.

Then another guy months later also died., He killed with injextxtion. He stopped shooting after that, but....

And that doctor says his sister died of broken heart grief after couple months.

We must halt the Harmacide scamdemic lest we all die of broken hearts.

I disagree , Womanity is best spoken for by all Womanity, but men are indeed more Arrogant.

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Just finished watching the video. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it. I would put this in a handful of videos that are “counter narrative“ that I find hugely impactful and informative. I like that Mr. Dowd always talks from data. I also really appreciate the expressions of hope. I am a practicing physician with a small panel of adults that are highly vaccinated, I would say 80% had at least the primary series and I bet a third or more have had four or five shots. I am documenting this diligently as I am concerned about their exposure to these shots. I have had a few vax-injured folks, and quite frankly been pondering why more of my vaccinated patients do not seem to have been hurt (so far). I certainly think it is possible they got defective or incompetent vaccines. I am also inclined to believe that our bodies are hugely resilient and complex, and our immune system in particular has evolved over millennia to fight attackers, which includes these poisonous vaccines. Thank you once again for pointing me in this direction. God bless you in your truth-telling efforts!

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Hi Celia and fellow readers,

I want to put the following out asap.....

The convo started yesterday on taking no action. So I felt I had an opportunity at the following MSM site.... Please include improvements and or edits for future publication...Thanks


Push your agenda, you ask Mr. Bruce Y. Lee.

When is the proper time to ask about your vax status or if it could be a contributing factor in the event that just transpired ?

Would that be only when you're entering the Holocaust museum in Illinois ? How ironic is the previous statement Mr. Lee ?

Is it per entry into a restaurant, concert, sporting event or possibly to be able to have a life saving transplant?

So Mr. Bruce Y. Lee please tell me when is the proper time to inquire about these matters because the faster the nation knows the truth the sooner we can rectify, what I think beyond a reasonable doubt is provable, the astronomical rise in died suddenly cases, teens diagnosed with myocarditis, other heart ailments etc. etc.

Has it dawned on you the importance of news sources such as this wouldn't eliminate truths that are so important to the conversation to go unheard for either moral reasons or even financial benefits.

So now Mr. Bruce Y. Lee, I beg you, for the sake of the innocents, especially the children, when is the proper time to have this conversation which is possibly the biggest story in the history of our country.

A story that is going to forever change the history of not only our beloved nation but the world at large.

So Bruce, may I call you Bruce ?

I beg you to tell me when is the time, is it today, tomorrow, next week, month or year ? Possibly let it fade into the memory hole like all news stories that enter in the cycle. Wait for its relevance to slowly vanish into another abstract memory.

Please tell me .........

With heartfelt sincerity,

Michael A. Stilinovh

ps May God Bless you all

And please keep the conversation going.

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His disciples said to him, “When will the kingdom come?” <Jesus said,> “It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying 'here it is' or 'there it is.' Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it.” - The Gospel of Thomas

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Thank you Celia so much for the words I would not be able to form about Ed Dowd not having read yours here. I have been listening to every interview he has given that comes into my mail. I watched an interview yesterday about his book. I will read his book because of this post. I would also like to get a copy of "Requiem".

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Ed Dowd owns the data! And the data goes from nightmare to hell on earth.

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Celia, Like you, I had a similar reaction upon hearing Ed Dowd speak so perfunctorily in numerical data that previously hadn’t been discussed in the manner he presented. It could easily be fact checked, but in uncharacteristic fashion, wasn’t. No “expert” stood upon the stage of public opinion to disavow his presentation, not in anyway that could begin to pierce it. He simply lays out the data, explaining the methodology of his mind. It stands on its own merit.

We do have great men and women among us who seek to protect the sacrosanct of life, who care for those who don’t seem to have a self preservation gene of their own and most especially for the youngest of us who carry out future. May God bless and keep every man and woman who stands against chaos, confusion and tyranny by being a voice of reason and reassurance.

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The reason I’m here is Celia Farber.

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As one who prefers to read generally...thanks for the tip on that podcast. Great, wide-ranging and HOPEFUL!!! So needed..

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Ahh.. the sycnronicities are just somestimes so sweet.

Pasting what I wrote to a friend just ten minutes ago.

'When people realize that the channel they're watching is the channel they're in, they're bound to run in circles ...with scissors I'd expect.

There's no 3 balls for 5 bucks and a way to test their right arms for accuraccy in the hopes of winning the toy bear for the girlie.

You've seen the murals.

Chaos is the music of that orchestra, however, if they excell at one thing regularly, it is underestimating their oppostion.

A wall of awakened populations isn't likely, and if awakend, questions of immediate priorties will likely face each of us in our contextual ways.

That said, spontaneity of the individual spark and all manner of observable opportunities and proximities will likely prove the thorn in the feudalists ass more than we might expect.

Loose ends tie laces, nooses whatever., but that's not how I see the pivot points, or turns in the road that would cause the bastards pause, rather. divine agency via an availability of willing agents.

Do you know substack is?

The comments are fertile ground for thought.

I've made a few now.

Let others start the story, while others add a few pieces, that better serves it.

Share the liability, reinforce the message but also be a reenforcement.

Grab a five gallon pale, the barn is burning. '

to arrive here, to discover yet again, well.. nice to see you Celiea.

Ed Dowd.

His Dystopian tweet from May 2020, the one he pinned to the top, a 'what if' fashioned as script for a hollywood flick , the new soilent green :)

Well done Ed.

My Jan 21 Shirt design.


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