Update from Celia

Hello every one.

Your prayers were heard and effective. I have to keep this brief (this is Celia)—I was found to have a degenerative spinal disease, (it has other names too) but this explained the many days of excruciating pain in arms, and numbing and paralysis of other parts of the body. A neck disk was pressing on a root nerve.

I am staying with friends as I recuperate, but am no longer in crisis, only need to slowly recover.

When I was sick I didn’t write. I had my reasons, but I did learn and observe and look forward to telling you what I figured out.

My capacity to sit up, think, write, will soon all return and I appreciate so much all of you.

Yours, gratefully, with love—


P.S. I have a surprising new leaf. A respect for allopathic medicine. X ray machines, this kind of thing. I think I have been too dismissive and I needed humbling.