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Whether Fauci leaves or not will make no difference UNLESS 1) Fauci and his co-conspirators are investigated by real investigators (not DOJ, FBI, Democrats), and 2) prosecuted for his/their crimes in a full and open public Nuremberg-style trial.

Short of that, Fauci's replacement will come from industries and agencies that are populated by thousands of corrupt, incompetent, and acquiescent MD/PhD technocrats that control the military industrial complex - the same trolls who've allowed Fauci's decades of corruption that captured HHS, CDC, and NIH.

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While I am relieved to hear this, I am strongly reminded that we have been ensnared in an abusive relationship with our governments and so-called health authorities (big pharma) for 2+ yrs. As any survivor of an abusive relationship can tell you, when the pressure applied to the abused is too much and might lead to their leaving, the pressure is reduced and some amount of pleasantness follows, leading to the abused thinking that things might finally be better. But the abuser will crank it up again, like a cat playing with a mouse or a torturer with his victim. Don't kill them. Give them a rest. Let them revive a bit. And hit them with a fresh wave of assault. The evil game! Abusers don't change...EVER! The victims are fooled again and again, systematically confused and exhausted along the way. They either succumb or wake up and escape. There is no middle way... We know this in relation to partners. We need to apply what we know to this larger scenario. Do not be fooled by these tyrants. They are murderous and conniving to the end. They do not wake up to the truth, their 'compassion' is fake. It's just another 'head fake'. They merely regain your trust, buy time and change their tactics. They are hell-bent on achieving their goals. Never think otherwise...

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Yes! And it is a really beautiful thing to see this. #Freedom #WeAreNovak

(I can't do hashtags on Twitter anymore, because when I warned of dangers of COVID vaccines last February, quoting an infectious disease professor at Univ of Marseilles, Twitter suspended me permanently. So I am suing the Biden Admin for violating 1A in colluding with Twitter for the same as government actor. How many lives could have been spared if those of us giving the early warnings had not been censored?)

Thank you so much for this great news.

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It’s all good news — thanks for this (growing) summary! On another subject, Celia, I just finished reading your 2006 Harper’s Magazine piece “Out of Control: AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science.” This, along with the first chapter of “The Passion of Peter Duesberg” that you posted earlier this month, have my head reeling. I want to learn more!! I believe that the eye-opening many people have had regarding the corruption of the academia / pharma/ government complex during this whole COVID mess makes these EXCELLENT AND COMPELLING pieces you have written more relevant today than ever. If you need some $$ to help get your book re-published, please let me know. You are a gem.

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I hope we can one day have a debate about the foundation of virology, built on lies... Otherwise the idiots will keep on falling for it


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Wonderful list! I can feel it happening. Though many are still stuck in the narrative, and there's this "Bombshell: CDC Admits Natural Immunity Superior to Vaccinated Immunity Alone at Preventing Covid Hospitalizations & Deaths" https://theparadise.ng/bombshell-cdc-admits-natural-immunity-superior-to-vaccinated-immunity-alone-at-preventing-covid-hospitalizations-deaths/

tho they are still pushing the quaxine.

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Thank you for your stand !

In Quebec, Canada, on a recent talk show, a popular host brought on two children and, in a q&a session, coerced them to say that the unvaccinated spread disease, that you should call the police and place them in jail....millions saw this.


Please sign this petition ( in French but easy)to remove her show:


We have to vote with feet, wallets and clicks to end this.

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Here are two very important postings regarding the wheels coming off of the satanic world order's current narrative.

First is C.J. Hopkins’ article comparing the current ending, now in process, of the induced covid-1984 psychosis. (I don’t care for the label, recently invented by the Belgian psychologist, Mattias Desmet, Mass Formation Psychosis, which Robert Malone MD PhD has latched onto and made famous via his recent Joe Rogan 3 hour interview. Formation means nothing to the average person. I prefer Acquire Mass Hypnotic Psychosis.)


Hopkins is an American writer who has been living in Berlin for the last decade or so. He compares the AMHP to a global imposition of the psychosis that afflicted the residents of Jonestown, enabling them to drink the cyanide laced Kool-Aid. (Actually it was not Kool-Aid but a cheaper generic substitute called Flavor Aid, which I feel is somehow appropriate.)

The second video is a recent zoom call. The more famous principals are Reiner Fuellmich, a German civil right lawyer who also practices occasionally in the USA, and Wolfgang Vodarg, a (formerly) highly respected German MD and former Bundestag MP. Tangentially involved in the discussion is Mike Yeadon, the UK immunologist, formerly a Pfizer VP and chief science officer and now an important whistleblower. What they are discussing is a correlation of the VAERS data between lot (usually referred to in Europe as batch) numbers and the most serious side affects and deaths. The initial findings are that all lethal side effects of the fake vaccines result form only 5% of the lot numbers. Also, when one examines the timing of the release of these lots, one discovers when a company released a lethal lot, all the other companies would refrain. The video group concluded that this was done because what was being conducted was a global experiment to fine tune the kill shots, and they didn’t want a multiple release to interfere with the data. I would add to this that they didn’t want (at least initially) an avalanche of deaths and very serious injuries, which would result in a massive “vaccine hesitancy" among the sheeple. Fuellmich got excited about this discovery because it proved criminal conspiracy and coordination between the fake vaccine manufactures. This, at a minimum, would invalidate under USA law any civil immunity of these manufacturers, opening them up to slam dunk suits for trillions of dollars. Eventually and hopefully, it will lead to a tribunal in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity with Fauci, Gates, and the Big Pharma CEO’s being the first to be hanged at the refurbished gallows at Nuremberg.

Another conclusion is that 95% of the original fake vaccine rollout did not contain the lethal, at the moment conclusively unknown, ingredient(s?) of the deadly 5%. If you are vaxxed and have retained the lot numbers of the fake vaccine, here are two videos which will inform you if you received the potentially lethal one or a far less harmful one - one for Pfizer and the other far Moderna. Let me add that this is only for the fairly immediate side effects and say nothing about long term consequences. I suspect that the ratio of the so-called “boosters'” lethality are way higher than the original 5%.

For Pfizer:


For Moderna:


Sort of like a negative lottery.

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Thanks for this good news! I want to invite readers attending the Jan 23rd March in DC to download free poster designs. The link is available on my new substack, Parking Lot.


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Perhaps the tide is turning, indeed. But those responsible for untold damage to humanity and the world must be rounded up to face the reckoning they so richly deserve. No excuses can be allowed.

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Wow, great stuff Celia. Not to rain on your parade, but . . . .

Unelected NYS Gov. Hokum is going to enact far-reaching, and draconian pro vaccine regulations, absent of legislative authority.

And the Democrats will let her do it, just like they let her enact all her unilateral covid panic rules. Is there ONE Democrat who has stood in the way of Cuomo or Hokum?

Seizure and imprisonment of suspected public health risks,

-------- Hochul is now attempting to give herself the power to detain and imprison anybody without trial who she declares to be a possible public health risk. We all know about Assembly bill A416, the public health gulag bill, which would have allowed the Governor to imprison without trial anyone she declares to be a public health risk. It sat in the assembly for six years and never went anywhere until it was finally withdrawn by the sponsor. So now Hochul will just give herself that power through a regulation. Nothing in the regulation stops her from declaring anyone who has not had the shot as a public health risk and vulnerable to arrest and imprisonment.

Read the proposed regulation here: https://regs.health.ny.gov/sites/default/files/proposed-regulations/Investigation%20of%20Communicable%20Disease%3B%20Isolation%20and%20Quarantine.pdf

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Permanent authority to order masks,

-------- Hochul also wants the authority to require masks in all public places without having to declare a public health emergency. The proposed regulation includes language that would allow distinguishing "between individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and those that are not vaccinated." This language would allow mandating only un-vaccinated people to wear masks as a means of punishing dissent and dissenters. We know that the shots do not prevent transmission of Covid, we know that the vast majority of masks in use do not prevent the transmission of Covid. And, of course, it pretends that natural immunity in recovered people does not exist.

Read the proposed regulation here:  https://regs.health.ny.gov/sites/default/files/proposed-regulations/Face%20Coverings%20for%20COVID-19%20Prevention.pdf

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Expanding workers required to get Covid shots,

-------- Workers required to get Covid shots will expand to include but not limited to employees at general hospitals, nursing homes, and diagnostic and treatment centers, certified home health agencies, long term home health care programs, acquired immune deficiency syndrome home care programs, licensed home care service agencies, limited licensed home care service agencies, hospices, and adult care facility. Religious exemptions will not be allowed. Employers will need to maintain records and make them available to the NYSDOH.

Read the proposed regulations here:  https://regs.health.ny.gov/sites/default/files/proposed-regulations/Prevention%20of%20COVID-19%20Transmission%20by%20Covered%20Entities.pdf

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Boris is in a World of pain and it's just begun.

Common law is on the side of the people but can they get it enforced?

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Amazing to read all this. Thank you!!!!

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I'll take the good news where I can get it. Thanks for the round-up, Celia. I do know, however, that even if we've struck a blow, the PTB will maybe fake a retreat for the nonce, but come back with Plan B. So we must continue complete vigilance. I think the Jan 23 protests are going to be great for momentum, let's hope, anyway.

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Celia, are you coming to DC for the march?

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