There truly are viruses. No, they are not biological pathogens that fly through the air and then find a hospitable host to reproduce in. No, they don't exist in nature. No, they have not been created by God. They are mind viruses caused by inexact use of words. We have been brought up on their words. Capitalism, a free market economy in which everyone's success depends on their merit, has never existed, not even close. It has always been corporate socialism, which is really misses the evil that has metastasized, so also doesn't work. Where the wealthy and the powerful have the freedom to use their money and power to tilt the field so that money and legislation role their way. Communism, a system designed to eliminate the power of the wealthy and put the power in the hands of the people also has never existed. Those in power have always put out straw systems that would appeal to certain folks and then coop them for their own ends. We see this in spades with critical race theory, gender politics, climate change, medical protection for society, and etc. All have an apparent element of heart in them that is used to dupe liberals into backing them. They don't see that they truly are just distraction as other agendas are being roll out. They are magic tricks, having people look here while something more important is going on there. Our acceptance of their words is our participating in spreading the virus of the fog that disables our ability to really see beyond the veil. The reality is dark, but to change it we must see it clearly for what it is. To use real words that clarify.

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It is often called "Communism" but it is a whole lot closer to Satanism.

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Capitulation over agency! Lucifers idea over Jesus’s. my dad told me about this battle in heaven before the earth was. 🙏

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Thanks Celia. It's a strange mix. At the top levels, with the direct coupling of industry and government, you have classic fascism - at astonishing levels. What we are watching is a "War Against The Weak", a book I read some time ago about the American Eugenics movement in the 1920's and 1930's. America and Britain gave the eugenics technology to Germany - see Vera Sherav's documentary "Never Again Is Now Global" on CHD.TV for a shocking breakdown of how major American corporations fueled Germany's killing machine, including IBM, Ford, and Chevrolet. At secondary levels, there is a strange mix of communism and/ or marxism. I think Bonhoeffer's famous essay on stupidity sums it up:


What is the root cause of the problem? Godless people who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Peace! :-)

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This is Fascism, in my opinion, as in “too big to fail capitalism” as well as “crony capitalism” and now “stakeholder capitalism.” The relationship of Pfizer and the federal government is the embodiment of fascism. Americans have been fed fear concerning socialism and communism, although central planning and authoritarianism characterizes only the latter. President Biden is from the land of corporations, Delaware - he is no communist. His magnum opus has been the Patriot Act, which is far from patriotic. Americans will March willingly into FEMA camps if that’s the only source of food. This is fascism.

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Martin Armstrong believes the Ukraine-Russia conflict will eventually become known as part of the Climate Change Wars.

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I think "communism" is outdated, irrelevant to what's happening. It still divides the world into "communists" and "non-communists". It's just totalitarianism, plain and simple. Yet with the consent of the brainwashed public. More "Brave New World" than "1984".

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Virus communism.

It is all about wrong beliefs. People are told they are becoming computers. Therefore, they are at risk of "computer viruses." Which don't exist, like biological viruses don't exist.

A computer virus is just software plus psychological abuse. Computer people like to abuse other people, they feel like being at home again when they do that.

In general, technicians and engineers like to shock people. Make them believe wrong things that will hurt them. Smart people often have envy of simple people.

Masking is a symbol of submission to irrationalism. Also the damned cotton swabs and any other test. It is a shamanic ritual to renounce reality in order to conjure away the fear of death. Communists have always been irrationalists.

Injustice does not make them flinch. They have a fear to submit to. They are slaves of prejudice. They never verify anything. There is no contrast anywhere, no measuring. Only the worst form gregariousness.

So the virus is their fear to admit error, their fear to admit they are afraid of life, and their fear to confront their vices. They have chosen to be slaves.

But this horrible mental slavery was designed for them, to exploit them. The virus communists live happily exploiting themselves for the sake of the perpetrators.

I don't know why they destroy the unused vials. Just offer them to those who are most proud of their iniquity. They will be happy by proving they are better believers in the Big Lie than anyone else, and when they breathe their last they will be happy forever and everyone else will be unburdened.

I would prefer that these people could be able to reflect and change course. Their pride seems to be in the way. They chose the path of slavery for them and everyone else, and they are now convinced that it is unjust that other people don't submit to their absolute will. That is the virus communist cultist behavior.

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Corpo-serfdom is the term I use.

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Ism's - Communism, marxism, socialism, fascism, progressiveism, always look exactly the same to me.

They always end up with suffering and poverty, a massive body count and all the power concentrated in the hands of a few real bastards.

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I find the throwing around of the word “communism” extremely distracting

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Thanks, Celia.

I worry that by using this language - communism and capitalism - we are playing 'their' game. I know we can't communicate without these shared references of course, but so much has been set up to create sides and divisions. (capitalism vs communism just one ex.

I think those behind this version of reality, behind history and our collective understanding of that history - so behind the reality-show - manipulate largely through images and language. In both simple and highly sophisticated ways. (And frequency. Technologies used we probably don't have a clue about.)

What difference does it make to suss out these terms? Part of the smoke and mirrors.

There is a group that operates in the shadows but through governments and institutions, indeed whatever tentacles needed to control humanity. It has been this way for a very long time. When we look back at history, we are looking back at their creation.

But now, it's being seen. This is also, imo, due in large part to the frequency going up on the planet. The proverbial veil is thinning, and then it will be gone. They are working very hard to stop that. And they are failing

We need a major ZOOM out perspective in which to view all this. Cosmic-scale. We're in an all-or-nothing race. Them VS the humans waking.

They will lose.

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COVID-19 is not a public health emergency; it’s a treasonous cognitive warfare operation.

It’s about terrorizing people out of old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas by killing off old people.

It’s about murdering our mothers and grandmothers to foster the illusion of a desperate disease justifying desperate remedies designed to isolate and atomize the individual, destroy all forms of capital, and extinguish the “flame of liberty” worldwide.

It’s about diseasing us with desperation to rid ourselves of our American social compact and embracing a “new normal.”

Where Americans are no longer born with the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Where the State has taken the place of God and State slavery is a form of worship.

Where the American individual is deprived of the moral decision as to how he should live his own life, and instead is ruled, fed, clothed, educated, vaccinated and surveilled as a ‘depotentiated social unit.’

It’s about replacing the Blessings of American Liberty with the Totalitarian game of Mother May I.

It’s about a cartoon ideology so hostile to life, liberty, and individual happiness that resolving to burn the planet to a cinder in lieu of surrender has been the only language that Leftists have ever respected since the dawn of the cold war.

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Virus fascism.

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Terms I employ follow:

Scamdemic Harmacide injextions.

Hacksxxxine viruganda from big Harma.

IsoLa solitary confinement lockdown isolation IsoLa.

Antisocial distance.

New for today.... monkeye masks of shame.

Lawfare lies to depopulate Womanity.


The scamdemic Harmacide is the new Holocaust.

We all fall down

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