The next step is grasping that this is all done by design. If you want a centralized, global technofascist state, then you must destroy the Western democracies and especially America. This is the bigger picture behind all the inexplicable policies that are occuring that "make no sense," such as wide open borders and the importation of migrants enmasse; Anarcho-tyranny in our major cities (at least in the US), where police are defunded and delegitimized and Soros-funded DAs play catch-and-release of criminals; the financialization of housing globally, with special thanks to BlackRock and Vanguard, making it nearly impossible for working class people to get by; the pushing of woke identity politics ideologies and propaganda, especially in academia, k-12 education, the mainstream media, and Hollywood; media sensationalizing any race-based news story they can: white on black violence, which is statistically much rarer than black on white violence, makes front page news with the requisite handwringing about "white supremacy" and "systemic racism" while black on white or black on Asian crime gets buried or not covered at all (case in point: a black man with an AR-15 was arrested at the Capitol yesterday, a story generally ignored by the media, but imagine if he was a white Trump supporter?). Arthur Schlesinger Jr warned about this in his fine book The Disuniting of America. It may seem that I am digressing from the main theme of this post, but I want to re-emphasize that everything from lockdowns and vaccine mandates to never-ending wars and climate change policies are all designed to slowly destroy western democracies, demoralize and destabilize their populations, and to ultimately create the crises and chaos that will eventually allow the Globalists to swoop in and "save us" from the problems and crises that they have created.

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Democide is a feature, not a flaw of totalitarian governance. Totalitarian governance has the largest body count throughout all of history of all forms of government. Disease. War. Famine. Cold. Which result from the acts of man, not acts of God.

This presentation of Death by Government regime types was compiled by researchers in 1994. Just needs updating for the past thirty years., especially the past three. The further government goes towards totalitarianism, the higher the deaths by government. Democide. Predictable. And predicted. Which makes it intentional.

Death by Government

By R.J. Rummel, 1994



Deaths by Regime Type (Democratic, Authoritarian, Totalitarian):


Power curve of Total Deaths by Regime Type:


Governments around the world are coordinating a democide of their people. Democratic governments have decided to embrace totalitarianism, especially the censorship and propaganda campaigns that are hallmarks of totalitarianism. And now have the body count to show for it. That's growing.

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Israel can ethnically cleanse a territory while labeling the people who speak out against the cleansing as “anti-Semite.”

Boggles the mind.

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To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.

Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where

individuals and nations are FREE...

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"Everything The So Called Western Powers Touch Turns to Death And Failure" - by design. Instability and war is great for the bottom line.

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Innocent people are being used as weapons. Awful.

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Why aren’t people telling the truth about what’s going on in Gaza? It’s about ‘following the money’ yet again.

MASSIVE OIL has been found off of Gaza. It presently, following international law, belongs to Palestine. If the Palestinians are driven from their homes across the border into Egypt, guess who owns the oil?

This has been known since at least mid June, 2023.

There are plans for a canal in Gaza rivaling the Suez and wresting the gas/oil distribution through Israeli lands as an alternative to the Belt and Road-the New Silk Road of China, Russia, plus other BRICS nations.

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Inverted Totalitarianism:


Inverted totalitarianism, in contrast, while exploiting the authority and resources of the state, gains its dynamic by combining with otherforms of power, such as evangelical religions, and most notably by encouraging a symbiotic relationship between traditional government and the system of “private” governance represented by t e modern business corporation. The result is not a system of codetermination by equal partners who retain their distinctive identities but rather a system that

represents the political coming-of-age of corporate power.

When capitalism was first represented in an intellectual construct, primarily in the latter half of the eighteenth century, it was hailed as the perfection of decentralized power, a system that, unlike an absolute monarchy, no single person or governmental agency could or should attempt to direct. It was pictured as a system but of decentralized powers working best when left alone (laissez-faire, laissez passer) so that “the market” operated freely. The market furnished the structure by which

spontaneous economic activities would be coordinated, exchange values set, and demand and supply adjusted. It operated, as Adam Smith famously wrote, by an unseen hand that connected participants and directed their endeavors toward the common benefit of all, even though the actors were motivated primarily by their own selfish ends.


Richard rocks, and fucking RFK, Junior, is spewing his bullshit!


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The Solar Eclipse in Libra is highlighting disequilibrium as the source of the western crisis. C the Abrahamic religions are self-destructing due to their incapacity to address the continued exile of the divine feminine as counterpart to their worship of the divine masculine. Saturn changing direction overhead in Israel brings this imbalance to a crisis in the Holy Land of the three Abrahamic religions:


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The goal of our unseen controllers. It’s very clear.

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It has nothing to do with Ukraine but FEMA has also lost credibility.

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Kevin Barrett , Israel Will Lose, Here's Why

The non-Western world majority has turned sharply against Israel—even more sharply than it turned against the US in its war on Russia through Ukraine. Yet Western media continue to manufacture and inhabit a bubble completely divorced from moral and strategic reality. They can’t even imagine Israel being in the wrong, even though it obviously is. They can’t imagine Hamas being noble and chivalrous fighters, and Israelis being cowardly child-killing terrorists, though such is obviously the case. They can’t acknowledge that the vast majority of the world disagrees with them for very good reasons, not because of “anti-Semitism.” And above all they can’t imagine that Israel, despite (or because of) its genocidal assault on civilians, is losing the war.


​ Disturbing footage from the early days of the Israel-Hamas war has become a topic of controversy over a month later, as one major Israeli newspaper strongly suggests it shows helicopter footage of Israeli forces firing indiscriminately on civilians "approximately an hour after the onset of the [Hamas] terror attack" on Oct. 7, while media fact checkers - including those dropping 'community notes' on X, insist the clip does not show the IDF firing on concertgoers - and that Israeli forces instead "mainly fired within Kibbutzim at the directive of IDF soldiers on the ground, precisely, as stated in the source, that they couldn't differentiate."​ (See for yourself.)


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Bullet points 1 - 5 are a statement of truth.

Yet the globalist media keeps pushing its agenda and the sheople applaud.

Darkness surrounds us and the political elites keep their pathological lying faces on for the next TV appearance.

Go with God.

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If this information is true, it clearly explains what is going on with the US and with Israel. It purportedly has been available since mid June, 2023, well before the Israeli security stood down on October 7:

Massive amounts of oil have been discovered off of Gaza.

International law says that oil belongs to Palestine not Israel.

After the genocide is completed it will be rightfully Israel’s oil.

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After two hundred years of plebian toil

He woke up to find that republics are royal

And credulity still is its own reward

And democracism complete:

Who'll come forward to govern

Das republic of mien

A doctor a lawyer a young Einstein:

It's heads still I win

And still tails you lose

So what the Frank Pledge

Am I trying to prove:

That credulity still

Is it's own reward

And democracism complete

Or the notion of kings is natural

And only the models are moot:

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