Glad to be of assistance Celia.

Reading through the Real Anthony Fauci book again. Your copious contributions to Kennedy's book inspired me to dig deeper into the Fauci AIDS Scamdemic.

Lots going on in China. I personally believe China was set up by Fauci Inc.

Pro-lab leak theorist and Uber liberal Jeffery Sachs admits to visiting China over a 100 times. Why?

Anyone figure out why the CCP gives the Vatican $2,000,000,000 yearly for the last decade or so? Indulgences perhaps?

And why did the spiritual mafia running the Vatican pick defrocked super predator Theodore McCarrick to broker their secret concordant?

China still remembers acutely the Century of Humiliation by the West.

Not a good idea to make them the scapegoat for the mad global elites.

Pray for the Chinese people.

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yup we sure do need ta' recall what they did with AIDS (so many sentenced to death by fatal medi-sin!) but fer all the psychotic tomfoolery that killed so many needlessly back then, it wasn't quite THIS dystopian with folks bein' pulled off the street like so many vermin (none of the faux carin' and sharin' malarkey of the AIDS scamdemic). A perhaps (?) better battle cry today harken'in' back to the AIDS "plandemic" (which is what is wuz) might be Silence = Death (Our silence may may be our downfall--not that Substack isn't a good platform but it's just'a sparkly drop in the dark ocean--we need some mountain-sized megaphones 'er otherwise I fear CCP theater is comin' to a thee-ate-her near US... same Producers too!) Skeeeery stuff. Most folks don't have a clue...

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Nov 6, 2022Liked by Celia Farber

Some pimps looked on China with envy.

Can you believe that two Aussies - one offline - positively invoked China as an example? I met them in H1 2022. One online guyis a believer in the zero-covid myth - he is a physicist!

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Nov 6, 2022Liked by Celia Farber

Great job bringing us back to the center point, China. Many unanswered questions.

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in doctor strangelove, it was "how I learned to love the bomb".

Maybe here we need to write "How I learned to love listening to doofuses."

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From different sources have heard China is on the verge of collapse. The covid BS and the lockdown are because they can't feed everyone so it is population control!

Can't believe how stupid everyone is about China's motives and methods:

1) Practically ALL their weapon systems were stolen off US!

2) Buying up U.S. food producers like candy.

3) Own 192,000 acres of American farm land, some very near military bases.

4) Buying up large U.S. companies, one being THE CHICAGO STOCK EXCHANGE!

5) TIK-TOK is a premier spying operation, they even admitted they are tracking all possible info on Americans!

6) Now they are SETTING UP POLICE STATIONS IN THE US, Canada, etc WITH OUR BLESSING to track and kidnap their citizens!

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The ONLY way to achieve zero Covid is to achieve ZERO 5G.

That is so obvious that it hurts me to waste my time typing it.

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Yesterday at a lunch party someone said that the problem is that Putin has too much testosterone.

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Zero-COVID is probably being used to suppress dissent because of China's failing economy. The bigger purpose is depopulation, though. I'm sure everyone is being vaxxed to infinity over there.

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When was the last time the CCP told the truth about what was happening in their country? The CCP has to protect their brand of communism (a form of centrally planed capitalism) at any cost and that means lying to give the illusion that all is well. Every government does the same thing because none of the egomaniacs in power want to appear with fault.

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Nov 6, 2022·edited Nov 6, 2022

Great work with the documentary, with debunking the other virus myth:

the aids scam.

China has been captured too.

Communism, left, and right, governments

and politicians. And it’s sometimes difficult

to know if a “dissident” is for real.

What the “right”, conservatives, or those who to any extent believe the propaganda carried out for so long against anything that might threaten the financial system of growing oppression and impoverishment of the many, and the control

of the handful of soulless psychopaths,

call “left”, “socialist”, “communist” or even

“liberal or progressive” is just a mockery of what it may have been once upon a time. With all it’s contradictions and issues.

And about the alleged virus, at least at the start of the global operative, I don’t believe the cause of the few real cases of differentiated symptoms called covid were caused by an outside virus “attack”.

Not really proven.

It appears to be multifactorial, mostly environmental toxicity, (terrain…) including toxic substances in the flu vaccines,

as some studies attribute some of the symptoms,

of real, or fake “pcr” covid,

like pulmonary symptoms, to, toxic, ingredients in the flu vaccines/bio weapons.

Also, contamination from electromagnetic radiation,

and maybe the use of energy directed weapons; intentional spraying of the atmosphere with toxic substances, and who knows what else.

The apparent causes of the real 1918 pandemic,

are similar: mass vaccination, at the time, with the rockefeller vaccines (as the medical mafia was acquiring power) and contamination by emf’s: the advent of the radio, and also the telegraph.

The change in the planet’s frequencies (see The Invisible Rainbow; Dr. Pall’s work; Dr. Payeras; Dr. Ana Maria Oliva; Dr. Devra Davies; Americans for Responsible Technology; and many more.)

Ah, and no contagion was proven, as per some research done at the time.

There is certainly bio weapon experimentation and “warfare”, (as there are geo engineering operatives) but it was probably not even really needed as most cases and deaths have been fake pcr cases

and deaths, (fraudulent statistics) and killing by administering the wrong protocols, including respirators, and by not providing “adequate” medical care for alleged covid, (real, or fake: what had always been experienced).

Then, killing by injection…

The operative is part of the agenda to impose the financial fascist totalitarian regime.

Digital dictatorship. 24/7 surveillance state.

Credit system with the ponzi carbon credit scheme,

digital currency and certificates; thousands of toxic forever injections, 5g’s and led’s or the likes.

Permanent lockdowns in 20minute smart cities and meta; trans humanism; communitarianism and stakeholder capitalism; in brief, techno neo feudalism and slavery.

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What is zero Covid policy someone enlighten me please,is It the same as Celia write "undetectable on HIV" what ever that means undetectable

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A man who brings this much hell on other people truly lives in hell himself. He has zero love, zero sympathy, zero God, and the paranoia must be mind numbing. I would not want to be him on judgement day.

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Anyone who thinks having the CCP running everything is not big deal needs to read No escape: The true story of China’s genocide of the Uyghurs by Nury Turkel.

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And as for the supposed China Uyghur genocide and slavery narrative, Kim Iverson delivers some cold hard facts to derail it.


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Indeed the tests provide an aura of legitimacy that enables the medical cartel to pull the big con. Listen to Turfseer’s hit song THE TESTING TRAP at https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/the-testing-trap

Turfseer’s entire "Scamdemic Collection" can be found here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/sets/scamdemic-collection

Watch all Turfseer's music videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szPvXq8UXGU&list=PLvrDA-UtzN9zSEsaUJ5mvG-zfekakATKJ

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