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In this world we will have tribulation. In Christ we have peace. Be anxious about nothing. But in everything (and I believe that God’s Word means “EVERYTHING”) with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to your Father in heaven, praying always in the name of the Son of Man. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will keep your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus, Messiah Yahshua.

We live in dangerous times and troubling times. That’s the nature of tribulation. Protect yourself from the darkness. Beware of the false light. Seek first the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.

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Looks to me like they're clearing islands for the ruling class to move to, away from the rest of us, because they figure sooner or later people will start to fight back, and will come for them. But will people ever start to fight back??

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Thank you for this article, Celia.

"Where are the FACES of the MISSING and dead from Maui and Lahaina? It’s been many days. Who is “missing?” How many children? What are their names? Is it part if the New World Order not to pay tribute to people, even children, who were killed by….Climate Change?"

I wouldn't be so sure that there are lots of people missing and dead. I'd say this could be the typical button-pushing, tugging-at-the-heart-strings propaganda used to raise money for GoFundMe campaigns.

A rule-of-thumb: when they tell you people are being killed, they're not and when they tell you they're being saved, they're being killed.

"Remember years ago when you could just find out what happened without having to wriggle through Psy Ops, come out of trance, etc."

LOL. I am beginning to wonder though if years ago all the psyops were happening but we were simply less aware - obviously some were at least and even though it seems that so many more are happening now I just wonder if they were all missed before. I'm not saying that's the case I just wonder.

"How many times did we see the planes flying into the buildings after 9/11? Now we know there were no planes."

The nominated passenger airliner crashes certainly didn't happen and what they showed us certainly wasn't real planes penetrating buildings but whether there were aeronautical objects of one kind or another flying around the WTC is debatable. I know someone who was there who said he saw a plane heading towards the South tower and I never like to deny people's experiences - at least not when I don't suspect them of being agents or stupid and I have no doubt this person is both genuine and very smart. The important thing is not whether or not there were aeronautical objects or not but whether the nominated passenger airliners crashed and that fact is clear. Nobody died in a plane crash which means - if they evacuated the buildings and there is clear evidence that the buildings were evacuated - 9/11 was in essence a massive exercise comprising numerous smaller exercises and drills plus massive demolition job.

To my mind the most important aspect of psyops is the "psy" part, it's how they control our minds, it's not what they do or don't do but how they control our minds ... and how people seem to willfully WANT THEIR MINDS CONTROLLED. That's what drives me absolutely nuts.

The most important aspect - by far in my opinion - of 9/11 is the False Dilemma propaganda strategy - it's the double-propaganda campaign implemented which targets the anticipated believers and the anticipated disbelievers separately ... although with partly the same goal - to maintain both groups' belief in real death and injury when all the evidence supports staged death and injury - which isn't to say a few people weren't killed or injured there's just simply no clear evidence of it.

I have very little to do with young people but today I had my hair cut by an 18 yo apprentice - I explained the 9/11 double-propaganda campaign and she got it immediately. I've had the same experience with a 17 yo while I find people my age just don't get it. Young people aren't fossilised in their beliefs and they also have access to far more channels of information than we did when younger so their minds are more open.


You can propagandise and coerce thousands upon thousands of health professionals to inject people with poison that injures, maims and kills but you cannot propagandise demolition professionals to only partly evacuate buildings before destroying them - that's not a thing. Demolition professionals will not be persuaded to only partly evacuate buildings before destroying them.

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I think you're right. I think we don't need to follow every twist and turn. That's just a way of sucking us in and getting us distracted.

I am reminded of what Karl Rove said,

"We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

We need to organise, and not get hypnotised by their fear porn.

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I don't know who anybody is anymore, either. We will need to build trust from the bottom up if we are to escape this evil. Mathew Crawford says to find five people you trust with your life and to start from there. I think about this constantly now. Trust and truth can only return if we learn to trust each other again.

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As someone who has been part of the anti-war movement for decades and part of the movement against Zionist propaganda for decades, I have come to the position that we need to stand up to these monsters on the spiritual plane. The Roman Catholic Church is very weak and heavily infiltrated, but I believe if you are in The West, it is all of our duty to bring it back to health so that it can serve to protect us. I am sure this sounds crazy, possibly even Satanic to some, especially those caught up in one CIA or Zionist evangelical Christian sect or another and hopeless to others who are dismayed by the failings of many within The Catholic Church, but the reason we need it is because Protestantism is plagued by division due to hubris and lack of charity. Protestants split and divide upon themselves as easily as socialist do because they are both driven by the same lack of humility. We cannot be victorious without Christ and The Roman Catholic Church is His Church that created and delivered the Holy Scripture. If you are in the East, then Orthodox. The Roman Catholic and the Orthodox are the two wings of God's Apostolic Church. They are attacked because they matter. The FBI is targeting Catholics for a reason. Catholic Churches are being torched for a reason. The history of Catholics in Canada and the US and Germany is distorted for a reason. The Orthodox Church is being shut down in Ukraine for a reason. The Catholic Church is the best source of spiritual weaponry to take on this spiritual battle. Do not despair. Get spiritually fortified. With God all things are possible. With Christ and the Holy Spirit we can have the best chance of staying close to God. If you are in The West, then it is The Roman Catholic Church that gave your civilization its principles, morality, art, architecture, philosophy. You cannot expect to thrive if you are cut off from your roots. Time to graft back in to your roots so that you can fight evil from a position of strength. We need to be able to chase out these demons with love, truth and light. Time to get up to speed on the Good News so you have something positive, radiantly positive, to share. God Bless!

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Yes Celia .. the images are real. Hard to fathom, however - real. ….

In 2003 we lost our home to the Okanagan Mountain Park Firestorm.

The Rank 6 Firestorm consumed over 25,000 hectares of forest and park land, and 239 homes. Rank 6 Firestorms leave nothing recognizable. Only ashes were left of homes - no structural remnants at all. Rank 6 Firestorms are erratic with uncontrolled behaviour. It will burn one house to the ground and leave the next untouched .. Our house burned - our neighbours on both sides were untouched. .. The force of the fire bent huge pine trees, candled and exploded others, and left other trees standing untouched. Rank 6 Firestorms burn at an extreme heat .. this one melted the fireproof safe in my sister-in-law’s home and left nothing but ashes of the house. Fire guards were no deterrent. And the slightest wind fuelled the flames.

There is nothing sinister - nothing planned. People need time after the destruction - I know I sure did and so did all those that lost their home. It takes time to literally sift through the rumble and make sense of it all.

We were blessed in that there were no deaths. However, when there are, this also takes time.

As I write this I am also watching from my home the flames and candling trees of the McDougall Creek Firestorm - here in West Kelowna - British Columbia. Over 1,000 people evacuated today. Come visit and witness for yourself how a Rank 6 fire behaves and the aftermath.

Let’s not jump to hasty conclusions - we live in such an instant gratification society that we’ve forgotten empathy in the need for information. Give those that have just lost their homes and livelihoods, and those that have lost loved ones — your prayers.

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Thank you for reminding us about Rosa Koire, Celia.

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Thank you so much for this article. It puts words together in a way that makes sense of the non-sense that we are surrounded with these days.

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They don't need DEW, when they can easily do it with plain arson and poor tending of the land.

This land grab is focused on high value areas that are paradises.

Old style gangster tactics when they can't take control of a valuable area.

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I've been thinking recently that the psyop of the last three years was a "humiliation ritual." Once again, your intuition and articulation is spot on, Celia. Thank you.

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I made a shirt that says:





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Same pics coming out of Kelowna, British Columbia tonight. Thousands evacuated and the videos/photos are insane.

Interestingly, in 2021 a guy named Stephen Leader was caught trying to start fires and throwing a Molotov cocktail at the height of the fire season in the same area the fires are burning tonight. He was convicted and rumored to be motivated by his environmental beliefs. (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/arson-wildfire-west-kelowna-1.6098777).

So, are guys like him at it again???

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Under the conditions of that day, all that was needed to cause what happened is a Zippo. There is not need to go off on wild theories. The simplest answer is usually the correct one. If arson, which it could have been, all that was needed was the smallest of sparks, no need for the elephant gun when a BB gun would do the trick.

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Thank you Celia. On a positive note, check out this short video showing community self-help and local mutual aid efforts in Lahaina, with neighbors in Molokai bringing small boat loads of supplies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMWk9PHsE18

Hoping they can stay strong and resist the evil technocrat vultures from taking over their land....

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More and more I find strength and peace tending my garden with my wife, learning a little permaculture and tuning out. I still fight that need to know what is going on "out there". That little bit of nurturing life is very therapeutic and helps us prepare for whatever "they" have planned for us. Never gave much thought to 'preppers' or homesteading. Now it is a big part of our life.

We don't do television. Rarely we watch a movie.

Whether it is "programmed" propaganda or the chaotic collapse of the West, it doesn't change what we are doing with our lives. If our future will be happy quiet homesteading with our plants and books or the technocratic apocalypse, we try to take each day and make something good happen, whether that is making a little life or being a little more self-sufficient for what is coming.

Plant something. There is peace in that garden and God is there with you, smiling and thanking you for cherishing life. If a battle comes, be centered...

God bless. Thank you for your Stack.

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