Praying for him! And all. This is an outrage.

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Should have just crossed the open border where passports are not required

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Absolutely disgraceful that Reiner and his wife should have to endure this, after all the other

nonsense he went through over the last 18

months. I hope his defense team clears him

of any wrongdoing, and perhaps he has

sufficient grounds to go after his former

associate, Vivienne, for slander and libelous

accusations! No doubt with all the work

Reiner and his group did , with deposing

so many injured parties from the Pandemic,

Big Pharma would like him discredited and

out of the way. However, this will likely have

the opposite effect, and put more of a spotlight

on the damning information , he and his legal

team acquired from all the negatively impacted

individuals they interviewed, about the

pandemic response. That will only serve to draw the attention of a much larger audience ,

to focus on this critically important subject

matter. Accountability will not be hindered

by this latest legal maneuver, it will simply

be delayed. A day of reckoning , long overdue ,

will not be stopped, simply temporarily postponed. Far too much harm has been inflicted upon a very large percentage of the

population, for this to be derailed.

Please keep us updated as to how things

proceed with Reiner’s legal defense, and

the upcoming Truth Forum on October

23rd. That should be quite informative and

enlightening for us all!

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I love you Celia but Reiner is very likely a fraud. He did shady things in the past and during the 'pandemic' he appears to have stolen about a million euros in donations and escaped to Mexico.

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Viviane Fischer struck me as very weird, from the first time I saw her in the hearings with Reiner. Her strange hairstyle and mode of dress looked like something straight out of Nazi Germany.

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I watched every single episode of CIC (Corona investigative committee) and he was fantastic.

God bless Vivienne but she was very naive and not at all as sharp as Reiner.

I also heard about her claims that he had pocketed money donated to the CIC and actually he had put it into his home for safe keeping with all the money's being confiscated (think Canadian truckers) and other reasons. The money wasn't gone just invested so it was safe.

I don't know all the details any further than this but I do think Vivienne has some emotional issues from what I observed over the roughly 1-1/2 yrs or more of the original CIC.

God bless Reiner and I pray he gets released right away and that Vivienne steps forward to help get him released.

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I find this deeply disturbing, both in his arrest but also in the "disloyalty" of the three who made the complaint about him. It has tastes of Simone Gold and Russell Brand about it. And my head keeps fixating on the word "loyalty". We are in a war. These three were in the front lines of that war. They represented a principle that we are all part of. No matter WHAT they did wrong, we should remain loyal to the principal, and if they have done something legally or morally wrong, we should deal with it in-house rather than drag in "our enemies" to settle our disputes for us. We are inviting "them" to pick off our biggest names one by one. It would be preferable, in the Gold and Fuellmich cases, that "our side" lose that money, rather than invite the elites in to arbitrate! At this rate, we are making it very very clear that even the most sophisticated leadership on "our side" will be thrown by US to the wolves if they displease us in any way. Which means everyone considering sticking their heads above the parapet (in all instances where money is involved and for all men with functional sexuality). needs to be utterly and completely paranoid. Someone closest to them will gun for them eventually.

This is no way for grown-ups to behave. We are proving that we degenerate to the level of lynch mobs, assuming guilt before any proof is offered, and we are more than happy to lynch our own. We are going to lose this battle definitively and permanently, to the global elites, if we don't "grow up".

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I have two questions;

Who was “mirroring” today’s broadcast?

Who loses their passports?

Seems it would be quite simple to break in and steal them in Mexico and set up this entire “arrest.”

The world is a better place for what Reiner and others have brought to light, and I have no doubt that there is retaliation by TPTB for those exposing truth because we have seen it over and over.

I can only wish the best for Reiner.

I have no faith in our judicial system much less that of Germany so neither the truth or the the outcome can be easily predicted. My father brought us to the US because he chose not to live under the German legal system where you are assumed guilty until proven innocent. He grew up in both places and made that choice for his family, he would not have been surprised by what is happening in Germany but would have been saddened to see the corruption here today.

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There's something odd about this story.

He didn't know that there was already warrants out on him?

Going into an embassy is legally entering that country.

As a lawyer he knows this. Or maybe he didn't?

I just don't understand why he walked into a trap.

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Viviane Fisher seemed weird all along, looking like a little girl, and just energetically. Also kind of robotic. So having suspicions confirmed makes me trust my first impressions even more.

Reiner seems strong enough to handle this highly unfortunate turn of events. We need his voice.

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I am sure Fischer is involved. I could never understand why Fuellmich chose to work with Fischer who I distrusted and disliked from the start. I have come to the conclusion she was a plant to derail Fuellmich's efforts

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I don't know shit from shinola, as they used to say (a long time ago), but I do know this: How often have we seen founders or creators of movements, foundations, causes, etc., realize that they are sitting on piles of sweaty cash from donations to their cause and are unable to resist the temptation to use such funds for their own purposes, and who ultimately are found out? Do you recall that at least one of the founders or senior officers of BLM now owns at least one multi-million dollar mansion, and maybe more than one? Just saying. Let's hope that's not the case here, but we have seen this movie before, have we not?

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Wonderful. Totally makes sense in our inverted globalist "America." A hero of freedom "arrested" for what--"not having a passport?" Are you kidding me? I'm in San Diego. The city is being flooded with "immigrants" because the border has been opened and run by the UN since 2020. Fucking revolting.

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Well, isn't this just a classic intelligence operation? How do we get him on German soil? If we nick their passports they'll have to go to an embassy at some point, and that's German soil. Looking at it like that, it's far-fetched to think it could have happened any other way.

I have deliberately not read the Vivianne Fischer link so I can clearly express my position as it stood prior to his arrest. I have been suspicious of Reiner Fuellmich from VERY early on and am pretty damn certain he's a deflection agent, leading the opposition down a (lucrative) cul-de-sac. He has already switched from from taking action himself (which is what I always thought he said he was going to do), to saying he's going to ride on the coattails of other class actions. To say the moment has been lost - and FFS, since he started this we've been through the lockdowns, had the vaccine 5(?) times over and had millions die from it - is beyond an understatement. He has masterfully queered the pitch for everyone else and put the legal systems of several continents on notice that legal actions like these are brought by madmen, chancers or criminals.

As is so often the case with these operations, there's a lot of money in it for the operative, especially if they are prepared to be criminal about it. Most of these people have their GoFundMe set up before the events have even happened, but money has obviously been pouring in here while he makes sure that the lack of progress wearies anyone who might have done this themselves or who is following events. The fact that Ms Fischer is already being set up as a damaged and bitter madwoman makes me think this case has been set up to fail. Far from being a fraudster (and enemy of humanity) this is going to be a laundering process from which he'll emerge whiter than white, as a brave fighter for natural justice, and as a very rich man (because he'll then keep all the money and be immune from future accusations). He may even get a payoff from the German government for kidnapping him. Far from him being persecuted, I think this is him picking up his reward for sterling service to the government at a time they were wide open to attack. Money, after all, is Satan's reward.

Let's not forget how open and shut this case should have been. So what was he doing parading all the witnesses live on YouTube before the case had even begun? The revelations might have been entertaining for the Q crowd but these were material to prosecuting the case and he's just told the defence everything they needed to know - as well as rounding up and identifying everyone who might have evidence. What kind of lawyer does that? Every single revelation (and I remember them as huge though I can't remember half of them now) had its impact drained away by his self-aggrandising theatre. Or, if there is any potency left in any of them, he's given every defence lawyer plenty of detail and time to prepare their counter-arguments.

With his arrest, do you think there's going to be any progress on this front in future? Not a chance. He could even say that while he would love to continue, it's too dangerous for him and onerous for his family. (And if he does continue, be doubly careful!) Worse still, any case brought along similar lines can now be sneeringly dismissed with "Didn't we hear that from Reiner Fuellmich?" Once again, the dark forces have managed their crimes away into obscurity - and that's in no small part thanks to him!

This man is not someone who's on our side, by any means. We should now wonder what the purpose of the VW case that brought him fame was, and whether it wasn't to promote him in the public eye so he was positioned to do exactly this kind of work? This is the Alex Jones scenario, where he gets a scoop filming rituals at Bohemian Grove (private property protected by armed guards and frequently with Secret Service operatives present, yeah sure!) just in time for him to be a spokesperson for the conspiracists for what happened on 9/11.

I hope I have made my case that there is nothing about him that should be trusted.

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The accusations from Ms Strangehair will hopefully turn out to be false.

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Viviane Fischer struck me as very weird, from the first time I saw her in the hearings with Reiner.

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