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The biggest con of our era is that so many people think the definition of the word vaccine means "safe and effective" no matter if it's 1 or a million in a row. I remember when vaccine mandates started on children in California and then they removed exemptions. To those arguing in favor, I asked if there were any number of mandatory vaccines that would give them pause. They had nothing to say, to which I said, "well get ready for an unlimited number of them, once mandates are accepted."

Then cognitive dissonance kicked in.

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It may be shocking and disturbing to see (and understand) that all vaccines carry significant risks of adverse events. That’s a topic for another day, certainly. But as has been pointed out in other outlets, once there are a relatively small number of deaths associated with a vaccine or vaccine trial, such as there were with the Swine Flu trials, the vaccine is deemed unsafe and pulled from further testing. There were dozens more deaths with the mRNA/Covid19 vaccine (Pfizer) as compared to previous vaccine trial deaths and yet this vaccine has not only remained in-use but was pushed through to get full FDA approval. How can anyone, knowing what we know right now, say this is not a self-serving profit interest over public health? Or, some sinister attempt at population control...?

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Here's a video from The Highwire showing a WHO panel on vaccine safety basically admitting that they don't even know if the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe. https://thehighwire.com/videos/shocking-vaccine-admissions-from-inside-the-who/

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Since 2009, the pharmaceutical industry has paid more to settle criminal and civil complaints than the total revenues generated natural supplement industry - $50+ billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure 2-4 million Americans, ANNUALLY. To accomplish this, they've paid $12 billion in REPORTED kickbacks and bribes to more than 1 million clinicians who promote the unnecessary use of deadly drugs for their healthy patients. https://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/

If tracked like heart disease, preventable medical errors, complications, and adverse drug reactions would rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States – below cancer and heart disease. https://omsj.org/reports/starfield%202000.pdf#page=2

By any standard, companies that kill and injure for profit are typically characterized as “criminal enterprises”.

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Two major reporters of HIV/AZT/AIDS: Celia Farber and Jon Rappoport. I put AZT in the mix as that was the Remdesivir of the time for AIDS - an oddly approved drug that had devastating effect that mirrored the disease it was supposed to cure.

Both Celia and Jon were guests (in different episodes) of Tony Brown's Journal, a PBS tv program that was unique on AIDS coverage.

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History will look back on 2020-2021 as a dark time.

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Celia, thank you for writing this important article.

I had originally thought that the 1,291 adverse events from the Pfizer document were an exhaustive look at all possible adverse events from the beginning of the modern-day vaccination campaign$ in 1796 up to the present-day; however, I was wrong. I performed a search of "serum reaction" at Internet Archive Scholar (https://scholar.archive.org/) to obtain a few more documents. I wanted to compare the serum/vaccine adverse reactions published in those documents with the Pfizer list. There weren't many matches. Thus, I decided to not only include the Pfizer adverse events in a table, but also the listed adverse events from the other 5 documents for a start.

That table is the basis for the jab.adverse.reactions (https://cran.r-project.org/package=jab.adverse.reactions) R (https://www.r-project.org/) package that I created & maintain. Please refer to the CITATION.cff file (https://gitlab.com/iembry/jab.adverse.reactions/-/blob/master/CITATION.cff) for the complete citations of the reference sources.

Anyways, I have the full data, for non-R users, available in three formats: CSV, JSON, and XML. Please see the relevant links below:

CSV (https://gitlab.com/iembry/jab.adverse.reactions.full/-/blob/master/inst/public/jab_adverse_reactions.csv)

JSON (https://gitlab.com/iembry/jab.adverse.reactions.full/-/blob/master/inst/public/jab_adverse_reactions.json)

XML (https://gitlab.com/iembry/jab.adverse.reactions.full/-/blob/master/inst/public/jab_adverse_reactions.xml)

Thank you.

Irucka Embry, E.I.T.

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