WW1 was created for a League of Nations government: failed

WW2 was created for a UN government: failed

WW3 is being created for a One World Government: succeeding!

Masonic Russian war

“There are 30+ U.S. bioweapon labs in Ukraine, most of whom are very close to the border with Russia. The Deep State in the U.S. is frantically trying to stop Putin from taking out these bioweapon labs! Putin doesn’t 'invade' Ukraine. He is taking out bioweapon labs!” 1

“Anatomy of a Coup: How CIA Front Laid Foundations for Ukraine War” proves how the masons at the CIA ousted the pro-Russian elected president, and replaced him with Zelensky to push Russia into war.2

Crimea VOTED to rejoin Russia, by a huge margin. Independent polling agencies have gone into Crimea twice to ask the population if they stand by that choice. They do, unequivocally. Ukraine is the most corrupt nation on earth. The US overturned their democratically elected government in 2014 to install a less Russia-friendly regime. The US also trained and funded the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion which has spent the last nine years bombing and killing ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. The US encouraged Ukraine not to honor the Minsk Agreement. The US also promised Russia during the Carter administration they would not admit any more countries to NATO and that they would not surround Russia with military bases. The US has broken that promise every which way from Sunday. The ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine have been begging Putin to come to their aid since 2014. He was pretty patient, all in all. The situation is far from Russia's fault, no matter how "evil" you think they are. In this situation, the US has pretty much cornered the market on evil. Not one more penny should go to this fake Ukraine boondoggle that exists only to make money for US weapons manufacturers and Biden's friends and family.

Russia has tried to negotiate in nine years. That is false. Every time Ukraine and Russia came close to an agreement on anything, the US put a stop to it. They have negotiated SINCE they invaded, too. The US put a stop to that also.

In Zelensky and Biden are masons. They must obey orders, just as the military. Those orders are to attack Russia, which defies the masonic New World Order and the global digital currency from the BIS. What you consider a legitimate government, in fact is a facade for a masonic coup exploiting and culling the US citizens.

money laundering machine going long as possible, killing millions of Russians & Ukrainians, long as we keep it under the nuclear threshold, throw another $200 Billion at the MIC and let the Big Guy, Dems & Neo"cons" get their cut!

addition to the eight year Kiev bombardment of Donbas and gathering of Kiev forces and the dozens of US funded biowarfare labs in Ukraine:

2008: Bucharest Summit Declaration: “We agreed today that these countries [Ukraine and Georgia] will become members of NATO.”

24 Apr 2019: Rand Corporation US/NATO strategies for total destabilization and collapse of Russia. 1) Extending Russia 2) Overextending and Unbalancing Russia

19 Nov 2021: US: “...Georgia and Ukraine will become NATO members...”

01 Dec 2021: Russia request for written security guarantees


10 Dec 2021 Russia: “... fundamental interests of the European security, ... necessary to formally disavow ... Bucharest Summit that ‘Ukraine and Georgia will become NATO members,”

17 Dec 2021: Putin published: Proposed Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees. (Biden ignored)

26 Jan 2022: Putin: .“If we do not receive a constructive answer from the west ...” Biden ignored

23 Feb 2022: Putin: “This is that red line that I talked about multiple times. They have crossed it.

24 Feb 2022: Putin: UN Article 51 invoked. Russian Special Military Operation initiated.3

Dec 2022 Both Francois Hollande (France) and Angela Merkel (Germany) admitted that the Minsk Protocols of 2014 and 2015 were falsely used by France and German to give Ukraine more time to arm for war, not for advertised purpose - peace.

Ukraine war = win-win for masons

They didn’t lose, when losing means winning!:

1. War joins media and people behind the leader, no matter how bad or evil he is. Otherwise, they are considered “traitors”. Wars keep masons in power for a longer time and with more tyrannical uncontested power: Biden, Zelensky, Netanyahu, Churchill ...

Counting graves is “treason”:

2. The war was a perfect excuse for placing hundreds of billions of dollars:

2.1. in the mason controlled Military Industrial Complex of the USA and Europe

2.2. in Zelensky's hands

This means dozens of billions in black money diverted for the masonic agendas and masonic pockets.

2.3. in the "Marshall plan" to rebuild the Ukraine after peace, increasing masonic economic power even more with PPP (Private-Public Partnerships) and reinstating the NATO-US funded 30+ biolabs working in the creation of the next COVID that Putin dismantled during the invasion.

3. Ukraine is the #1 crop producer in the world not using transgenics: the war was ideal for Zelensky to authorize them and join BlackRock in buying the war-cheaped land (the 2nd most fertile in the world).

4. The war was also intended to weaken Putin: peace will mean his ousting. War corpses are the price to pay in democracy.

5. There was a chance to get the Ukraine into NATO. Even if Russia won, they would only ask what they asked in the beginning: autonomy for the Donbas russian people and NATO demilitarization of the Ukraine (what triggered the pre-emptive invasion).

6. This is the most important: the war was used as a smokescreen for Zelensky's religious persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church: he closed the monasteries and many churches... just as the lockdowns were a smokescreen for the persecution of all religions.

Did I miss anything else?

Macron, Zelensky, Biden, NATO leaders... ALL masons !!!

You'll never understand politics and history if you don't take into account the SSS: Satanic Secret Societies like freemasons, who worship Lucifer as "the great architect".

Masons need a global war to justify their global government:


All we are saying is give peace a chance!

The USA has become ATM of foreign wars like Ukraine and Gaza: why?

Is it all a false flag operation as an excuse to genocide (40,000 Palestinians already, half children, killed by Israel’s raids), get the Gaza gasfield, and the canal head-port from northern Gaza to the Red Sea? Time will tell their true intentions, though it's clear that saving the lives of the hostages wasn’t and isn't the priority at all !!!


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If you take the longer view, they didn't fail at all.

WW1/2 were conducted by TPTB to expand their Power.

And it worked.

They decimated a nation that could have stood against them. That did stand against them. Then NATO kept them down for 2 generations while the mind virus was infused into the population there like it has been here and in the USA. By the Bolsheviks and their descendants.

The parasite has taken over the host, turning the USA for all its power into a criminal enforcer for The Monster. Sample any day of the US Government's conduct and tell me I am wrong.

Where we are now is because of how things ended in WW2.

The Allies didn't win.

We lost.

We have been losing ever since, as the acid of Bolshvism has been eating away at our cultures from the inside. Meanwhile the Cold War Kabuki led to the happiest of happy times for the money-clippers gorging on the bloated military expenditures for decades. So many trillions it can't be counted. Even a tiny % of that is an untold fortune.

And now they want to conscript us into fighting Russia and no doubt China.

To continue the cycle and shake loose more money, power, and domination.

Generational Evil doesn't stop.

Whether Putin is really opposed to The Monster or is just roleplaying, I don't know.

We need to remove our consent to being governed by psychopaths, pedophiles, and other Luciferian ghouls. Because they want us dead, and have already poisoned over 5 Billion of our brothers and sisters.


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The Anglo-American-Zionist Empire was created on the graves of German patriots.

See the seminal book by Guido Giacomo Preparata: "Conjuring Hitler: How Great Britain and America Created the Third Reich and Destroyed Europe." See my own book, "Our Country, Then and Now."

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Jun 18·edited Jun 18

Yep, correct and the innocent Jews (fodder- pawns) were the normal convenient scapegoat. And Hitler a psychopath was a willing stooge, like Volodymyr Zelenskyy clown and a drug addict.

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Well said.

I don't think we should ignore, either, that the FED and the IRS were created in 1913, practically on the eve of WWi.

To be even more explicit with respect to our Russian allies in the two world wars: America, and the other allies in WW1, abandoned the Russians, and left them, shattered, maimed and traumatized, to fight the Bolshevists. American financiers then aided the Bolshevists--Armand Hammer, to name one, though there are many. At least 6 million Ukranians died in the famine in the 30s, something like 15 million were in death/labor camps--and yet, and yet, America allied with Stalin --a far worse monster than Hitler.

Stalin was then handed Korea.

Meanwhile, all landed wealth was wiped out, throughout Europe. Nor can we ever underestimate the complete wipeout of a generation of men in two world wars. It indeed lead to a feminizing culture. There is an inestimable amount of concomitant fallout to be considered here. Everything from the crazed teeny-boppers swooning around Frank Sinatra to a rise in atheism spurned on by the death of so many fathers, by the killing of so many civilians.

And then there is the bomb, and all the concomitant repercussions from that.

Then realize none of this was by accident and everything was by design.

Connecting events is the single most important step to gaining an understanding of the current picture.

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Yep but it is therefore an Inter-generational Evil, the same as the fake democracy they created.

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Ukraine is the most corrupt nation on earth.

With the U.S. running a close second.

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Wouldn't the US be first because the US is behind what happens in Ukraine?

Basically these earthly demonic civil serpents, out of tbeir own demonic servitude are fulfilling prophecy. This is great news because this is what will bring back Jesus! It's going to be so wonderful!

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The US isn't directly murdering 20 thousand innocent children in Gaza, right?


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Well, I would respectfully diagree. How many will have died, and will die from covid shots. SIDS, etc

I suspect they've killed more through their diabolical DARPA programs. I also suspect many of the children being killed in Gazs, aren't. I know people in thrbarea and have seen staged photo-ops. There are children being killed by hamas, etc.

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What's keeping the dead, bronze-age politician ...is he held up in traffic?

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In God’s time. He is neither early nor late, though we may all think so.

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So that Jewish god has Jesus on his, (gods) timetable then?

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The true God self revealed in the 66 books of the Bible progressively in time is the same God of the Old Testament Jews, the New Testament early Church and throughout the ages until now and until Jesus returns at the Second Coming. God is a mystery: 3 persons in one entity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit, eternally existing before time, through time & Lord of time. The Father spoke the world & universe into existence through His Word, the Son, known since His Incarnation and Jesus, Messiah, the only begotten Son of the Father. The Father Holy Spirit overshadowed (whatever that means—remember it is a mystery) and she conceived Jesus, God’s Son in flesh, fully God & yet also fully Man, again a mystery.

His nature is un changeable. He is not a politician, for a politician implies negotiation s and bargaining, etc. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He is not dead, furthermore as He rose from the dead on the 3rd day as witnessed by well over 500 people before He ascended into heaven.

Now, I don’t expect that you will believe any or all of that, but smarter skeptics than you have been convinced by the historical record (including the Bible).

Persist in your skepticism at your own risk, sir.

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Granted. Might be wonderful when He arrives but up until that point; not so much. A lot are going to perish in the run up to that and we have no idea how long this can go on.

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True, I agree. But the life here is short, eternity, everlasting. Even if we die a painful, miserable death. It's a short spec of time in comparison. Bless you.

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I'd like to add that while, yes, this is true even those who were faced with that tragedy were not necessarily too overjoyed about the premise.

My favorite hero(ine) Joan of Arc; when at 19 was sentenced to death by burning at the stake she asked if she could be beheaded; wrought with fear of the hideous death that she suffered. How evil is this; I understand that when one was burnt at the stake the height of the stake was set so as for the victim to succumb to the smoke and then, ultimately burn but, supposedly in her case, because the British and their French cronies; the Burgundians had such a hatred for this pious young lady that they set the stake so as for her to just die from the burn. Ultimately, even Even Christ, Himself asked if it could be passed.

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Very true. I agree 100%.

God Bless you.

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The British Monarchy are at the top. Ask the French who call them Perfidious Albion. They call it "la perfide Albion".

When you dig deep down they are always involved. Indeed a treacherous Monarchy.

See the current conflict in Israel - https://larouchepub.com/other/2013/4031mb_hms.html

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deletedJun 7
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Maybe the man just likes to arrive fashionably late?

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deletedJun 7
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au contraire Sammy, I loved what you wrote.

Are you saying that if I wrote "I didn't like what you wrote" ..that you would leave it at that?

Do you presume that you, or I, or anyone else can write what they like; and there is some right of deferment to the writer?

It seemed to me that you wrote what you wanted to Stevo?

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They always reply with comments like that. No faith, very miserable. Just seems like a very unhappy person. Buys into a lot of the narratives. I still.pray for them.

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While that is true, I see prophecy being fulfilled on a regular basis. Will.it be tomorrow (I pray) next year, 5 years. I don't know, but I will say this. We are definitely in tribulation period.

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Dispensationalism was concocted in the 1800s. The church (falsely) believed John's unveiling letter was fulfilled in 70 AD with the destruction of the temple by the Romans. The Apocalypse contains prophecies far older than Christianity. The Jesus narrative is also far older than Christianity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09IlLkZH39I

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'"only the Father knows" when Jesus will return'

Waiting for Godot!

Seems like the real excuse for doing nothing is not taking any responsibility.

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deletedJun 9
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And "WHO'S" direction are truly followable based on Jesus?

Which writer of one of the many variations of the "word of God, or Christ"?

Are Christ's words more important than the Buddha, Lao Tsu, Muhammed, Krishna?

I have gone through life to understand that ALL people's religions are equal, not Christ preferred.

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The Zio/Globo/Homo Borg is the most corrupt entity on Earth.

They all speak English.

Ironies are fascinating!

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As I mentioned the U.S. (alleged leadership) has become the most evil on this earth.

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Yup, that pretty much sums it up!

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I have subscribed to your substack. Kindly forgive me for being unable to donate. Not that I don't want to, I really would if I could.

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Don't worry! I'd appreciate if you could share my research as much as possible and of course, your prayers!

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Thank you Prof.

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A quick way to know what the Western Mainstream wants us to think is to Google Washington Post, New York Times, TIME, CNN, BBC,, etc. I just did, and within 15 minutes found ample evidence from all these publications that they are fear-mongering about WW3 -- maybe not with quite the shrill hyperventilation they did with Covid, but nevertheless...

For example, a typical headline CNN (courtesy of its fellow Middle Management partner Google) provides:

"Zelensky tells CNN the US needs to send aid to avoid Putin from starting WWIII. "

That is enough for me NOT to panic; since when it comes to important sociopolitical issues, if the Mainstream says "up" I go down, if it says the sky is clear & blue, I wrench my umbrella off the umbrella stand with a vengeance and take my hat, mackintosh AND rubber galoshes along for good measure.

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Watch & learn:

BREAKING! U.S. Plan To Deploy Soldiers To Fight Russia ! w/ Scott Ritter - YouTube Jimmy Dore


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Ritter certainly adds ammunition to my point; but all I need, as I said, is to see what the Mainstream says, and conclude the opposite is the case (and that they have some retarded and/or nefarious reason for fomenting panic).

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Thank you.

It’s naive or irresponsible or both for folks to spread it beyond MSM.

They’re only helping perpetuate the message and make it real, just like COVID.

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Yes, and it also shows how even redpilled people in the Alt-Sphere sometimes lapse into trusting the Mainstream without thinking twice. If you watched that Ritter link, you see Jimmy Dore (as redpilled as you can get) say like three times about an MSM headline, “You mean it’s not true…?” lol

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Yep. 🤣🙄

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For every bit the MSM mentions possible WW3 they don't mention it 100X when by any logic & reason they should be doing so. Everyone is amazed how thoroughly the MSM is avoiding discussing possible nuclear war.

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The MSM is seeding.

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Yes, as mzlizzi noted, the Mainstream is "seeding" -- planting suggestions. There are many ways to skin a cat. Covid was full-blast 24-hour alarm bells worldwide. This is subtler.

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Believe you are spot on with all of this, Celia. Cooler heads, because it's all we can do. Have been working through prayer and meditation at an energetic level. Putin is a smart man, thank God, and fairly level-headed considering how he's been poked and provoked. 🤞

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The coolest heads don’t even bother with it.


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This whole thing never should have been focused on to begin with. "mzlizzi" got it right, 100%. 'Alt' media is just as full of propaganda as the MSM is.

Remember, it works like this:

Thesis (MSM)/Antithesis (Alt media)......people get SO stuck in Coke vs Pepsi; it is too salacious for most not to get mired in this energetic. Meanwhile they are leading people a to predetermined SYNTHESIS.

They are following a script.

Here's a perfect example of someone from 'alt' media being drenched in CIA connections. Tucker Carlson- https://www.bitchute.com/video/jFSSdGwvF4GO/

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Remember, we were always at war with Eastasia.

Doubleplus good!

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Rob, Orwell also states, "We are winning the war in Eurasia." (Orwell's three superstates in 1984 being Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia). The warfront changes constantly.

Julian Assange and Orwell both say the same thing: "The goal is not to win a particular war. The goal is perpetual war."

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There is an old saying: "All Wars are Banker Wars". Which applies exactly in this situation.

ALL WARS ARE BANKER WARS: All Wars Are Bankers Wars – by Michael Rivero


Tucker Carlson explains the Truth. Our Bankster Overlords are just old idiot Parasites who have a giant chip on their shoulder because they are the most useless people on this Earth, they create nothing, build nothing, and yet have unbelievable wealth & power which they don't deserve and know they don't deserve it, so they strike out like an angry spoiled child. These Psychopaths will kill us all if we don't take away their power = their control over our money supply.


Neil Oliver: What kind of society are we living in!?



"...that in the end all we have to fear is a handful of old men. Old men with noodle arms and bloated guts. I see that handful could swiftly be chased out of sight by A Few Good Men easily. Those desiccated ghouls would be chased out of our Lives never to return... We're not just Millions, we're billions and we all know what we know and we all think what we think. All that's left is to act on it. The world in which they would have us live is Only Make Believe, the fantasy of bitter old men..."

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Boy, they love their drama.

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I have no clue as what comes next, but, I saw this comment today on the Unz Review Kevin Barrett's column "Fadi Lama on "Why the West Can’t Win" https://www.unz.com/audio/kbarrett_fadi-lama-on-why-the-west-cant-win/ Excerpts from comment #5, June 5: "As a West Point grad with quite a bit of relevant experience and education in this area, I think I ought to contribute my two cents to this discussion...

The United States has entered into a state of permanent military decline because (1) it outsourced the heavy industries and the skilled workforce that used to manufacture its arsenal of weaponry and (2) corruption in the American military establishment incurred during the course of the ‘Global War on Terror’ (GWOT).

Reason #1 is self-explanatory to anyone who has lived in the United States in the 21st century, and it is peculiar that Lama cites Andrei Martyanov in this regard, because Martyanov explains clearly in Losing American Military Supremacy and Disintegration that the destruction of the American military machine occurred through economic decline and political corruption, not because of the direct effects of the GWOT...

The United States Army’s ability to conduct large scale combat operations was destroyed because the leadership class of the US Army and Marines simply allowed it to atrophy under the circumstances of unconventional warfare. Afghanistan was even more important than Iraq in this regard. Armor brigades and even field artillery brigades were totally repurposed to fight dismounted insurgents in the Hindu Kush mountains, rather than constantly training for combined-arms operations at the corps- and division-level, which was the emphasis for the entire US Army throughout the Cold War and throughout the 1990s.

(6) It cannot be emphasized how *stupid* it was for the United States military to allow this to occur.

Effectively executing combined arms operations is nightmarishly difficult. Most armies fail at it. It takes years to train brigade- (c. 4,000 soldiers) and division-sized formations (c. 25,000 soldiers) to successfully integrate EW, ISR, artillery, aviation, engineer, infantry, mechanized, motorized, and armored assets into an effective formation. In practice, while brigades can be trained to a high level of effectiveness, the division- and corps-levels (c. 75,000 soldiers) are only learned in actual ground combat operations against a real enemy. Recall that the Wehrmacht in WW2 reached peak effectiveness during its counteroffensives and mobile defense operations against the Red Army in 1943, after two-and-a-half years of total warfare against the Soviet Union; while the Red Army reached peak effectiveness in 1944 (after a similar length of time); and the US Army reached peak effectiveness in 1945 (again, 2.5 years into major combat operations). The same pattern holds true in Korea: the ratio of Chinese to American casualties, always lopsided in favor of the United States due to the Chinese emphasis on dismounted infantry tactics and lack of military education in its officer corps – became most lopsided in the period 1952-3, when General Matthew Ridgway’s ‘meatgrinder’ tactics forced the Chinese to negotiate a settlement under circumstances relatively favorable to the UN coalition.

(7) It takes *years* to learn LSCO(large scale combined arms operations) because the learning curve for field grade officers (04s, 05s, and 06s) at the ‘operational’ level of war involving battalions, brigades, and divisions is extremely steep: techniques like brigade-sized breaching operations (like those conducted in the 1991 Gulf War against the Iraqi Army) must be practiced over and over and over again and be properly resourced and equipped in order to effectively train Army officers to execute them. The US Army completely threw away its institutional knowledge in these areas during the 20 year long GWOT wet dream. The insurgents were not dangerous enough to the US Army to force it to either recommend withdrawing from the Middle East or seriously reconsider its tactics: so Army officers kept getting promoted doing the same idiotic unconventional warfare missions ad nauseam ad infinitum for the entire GWOT.

(8) By the time the US Army decided it had to retool in c. 2018 to fight the Russians and the Chinese, it was simply too late to hold onto whatever institutional knowledge existed in the force prior to the GWOT. The US Army has been attempting to re-educate itself in large scale combined arms operations (LSCO) doctrine, but it’s a struggle, because nobody knows what they are doing, the NATO conscript armies that used to practice LSCO are largely demobilized, the industries that used to field the vast fleets of tanks and other vehicles involved in it are gone, and the Army hasn’t practiced on an effective opponent in decades. By contrast, the Russian Army right now has had two years of difficult combat in Ukraine to hone itself to perfection in the area of combined arms operations. Yes, they have suffered tens of thousands of casualties, far more than the United States would throw away for any reason whatsoever, but warfare against a well-armed, well-trained opponent like Ukraine is exceptionally difficult, thousands of people die in the normal course of combat operations in war, and the Russian Army is competently led and is approaching a terrifying pitch of effectiveness on the Ukrainian battlefield.

They may not say so publicly, but American generals are shitting their pants right(even Biden can't resist doing the same) now at the prospect of fighting the Russians on the battlefield. Lama is only directionally right in his analysis: in any event, the Iraq War never touched the American expeditionary capacity (ie, its ships, planes, and merchant fleet), which have always been the platform for American power projection anyway, not its ground army. I hope someone points this out to Mr. Lama before the next edition of his book comes out."

skipping down to comment #19. he adds:

"Yes. The bizarre, demonic 9/11 false flag CIA-Israeli operation looms even larger in historical memory in this analysis. God has it in for the United States. The rank, brazen corruption of every element of the federal government reached liftoff velocity after this event and affects everything."

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This reminds me of a vid someone recommended just yesterday -- Eric Weinstein, famed MIT mathematician [and no relationship to Harvey] talks about when he was invited to meet Jeff Epstein on the Island [ICYMI, JE too is some kind of genius, and was dispatched by his mossad handlers to get involved with academia].

Anyway, Eric says that first of all, he had a noticeable physical reaction to JE's evil vibe (my words). He said the scene was clearly set to creep him out, including being sat at a long narrow table with a US flag draped over it, like a coffin.

A commenter theorized that meant "the death of the US."

You probably know (but many commenters didn't) that JE was cultivated by the highest Powers That Be.

Thus, reading your very true comment about how the US' safety and viability is being crushed made me realize, that's the plan. We're so thoroughly indoctrinated that America's the greatest, it just doesn't occur to us that "our leaders" [not!] are crushing the nation on purpose.

As well, it only just now occurs to me that our country's Pluto return, happening NOW, portends the end of an empire. Rome lasted exactly that long, as did some other big empire (British? Sorry, I forget.)

But your comment thumped me in the forehead to open my eyes and see clearly that crushing the nation from the inside is actually the plan.

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Good for your connecting the dots, Ann! Funny, when I saw notice of your comment, I was reading these words from John Colemsn's "Tavistock Institute of Human Relations," p157 regarding creating effective brainwashing techniques: "The same psychotherapy techniques used to cure a mentally sick individual could be applied in the opposite direction. It could be also be used to make healthy become mentally sick." Example: GWOT-global war on terror or Covid, constant fearmongering, chilling isn't it? Plus destroying the family through soul-murdering of traditional(before modern) concepts of male and female natures where potential fathers and mothers no longer aspire to being lovers where they are blessed by children who give a sense of completion and solid purpose in life. (Progressives see that previous sentence as obscene and primitive.) I didn't figure this out on my own, but was exposed to a different perspective of kids & family when my wife and I were in the Peace Corps in Micronesia(Pohnpei) in the early 70's where it surprised us that children were seen as assets(similar to 18th century early American farm families) and realizing seeing modern kids as "liabilities" is the result of social engineering. Also, bankters printing money(that we have no control over) to fund various weaponized projects against us is a large part of our decline. Elizabeth Nickson just had a great article:

"Wall Street's Planned Theft of America's Lands and Waters -Everything will be monetized and measured and traded, even you." https://elizabethnickson.substack.com/p/wall-streets-planned-theft-of-americas Our work is definitely cut out for us, but I'm glad you "see clearly that crushing the nation from the inside is the plan." Thanks for your comment, Ann.

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Yes, that's what General MacGregor is also saying. And they don't even have the infrastructure to move large numbers of troops to Ukraine. And it didn't help that they gave their best ans brightest a big middle finger with their vax mandates and CRT/DEI indoctrination.

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The MSM warns of Putin threatening WWIII. The opposite is that US / Nato is threatening WWIII.

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We won’t fight for this regime. It is illegitimate, and our kids will not go fight some stupid war 6000 miles away ever again. Whoever is controlling Biden had better wake up fast. Never forget how the LEFT reacted during Vietnam to the draft in a far off place. It won’t be the right who throws a fit over a real conventional war in Europe, it will be the left; the same left that wants us in it. Winner? China. They are laughing at how geopolitically stupid the ‘west’ is. If the world blows up, they win. So look for retribution events in the US. If anyone thinks the fires and the burning food plants and the crashing planes, trains and ships is just random normal transportation mishaps, you are not thinking straight. All of what we are doing, funding and supporting in Ukraine has a consequence, and if we aren’t careful, those consequences will start filling cemeteries.

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The present administration has so screwed up the personnel side of the military that we in Ukraine would be better off without those men in dresses. The US has, however unwisely, however inefficiently, blown trillions on hardware. That hardware would be very useful to us, now that after 75 years the Russian bear really has his teeth into a large, western-oriented country.

Hope we win. God save us from the EU after we do. We just want to be left alone.

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The munitions manufacturers are, of course, none other than the banksters. What to us is trillions thrown away, is to them a windfall.

They may live here or there, but in fact have no national affiliation, they're above all that. I'm finally starting to see that it's their PLAN to destroy this country, for whatever evil reasons.

Stuff starts make a lot more sense, if we can let ourselves grok their intentions.

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There is a good case to be made that the neocons wished this war on the Ukrainian people. Putin wanted it - look at the previous wars he has instigated. Ukrainians certainly didn't want it.

Yes, bankers have profited from every war in history. Yes, bankers may have wanted it. But now we in Ukraine have a war. Started by others none of whom seem to have our interests at heart. The US was a feckless ally in Vietnam. The Europeans vacillate.

The delightful surprise to us in Ukraine has been the willingness of our people to fight for our interests no matter what the machinations of others. We know the Russians. We have had and rejected the opportunity to be Russian.

The right of self-determination is written into everybody's constitution. The UN charter. NATO. We claim that right. We welcome support from whoever is willing to offer it, corrupt, self-interested or not.

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That's why they brought in millions of military age young male migrants. They get will get drafted & citizenship or deported. Make good cannon fodder.

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Bob, you might be stuck in the 60's. Today's "LEFT" attacks anyone who criticizes the government. Ever heard of Anitifa? It is precisely the "leftists" who are wearing the blue-yellow pins. They're NPC's. They want abortion, reparations, tranny lap dances for your 5 year-old at the public library, deadly genetic shots for everyone, and the FBI and police at your doorstep if you question any of this.

It is precisely your beloved "leftists" who wanted the unvaxxed in concentration camps and mandated shots for everyone. You know, the shots that now are giving millions nasty side effects and turbo cancer. Millions are dead from the shots. You're delusional.

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Biden is on such a cocktail of drugs his digestion system is probably irrevocably destroyed.

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if kiev gets nuked tomorrow, the cloud hits moscow by monday plus putin won't nuke ukraine since russia might need that breadbasket. holodomor 2 may happen though

but a DEW attack like lahaina could serve as a fake nuke

glad you are out of nyc Celia

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Like button glitched for over a week now...if I had to bet the godfather's cash, I'd lay odds on Kiev military & political HQs getting massively zapped by non-nuke hypersonics.

Another fine mess, Stanley... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9UkmKiV8ds

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Jun 7·edited Jun 7

Agreed. Unlike the U.S.'s scorched-earth approach to war and the genocide of it's own citizens, Putin has been very careful to not kill or misplace Ukrainian civilians; so, it would not make sense for him to now call for the evacuation of Kiev so he could raze it to the ground. He's fighting for the hearts and minds of civilians and there are reports that civilians are frequently apprising the Russian military of significant military targets to hit, including those where there are numerous Ukrainian and/or foreign troops congregating. The Russian military's non-nuke hypersonics are unstoppable and highly accurate. There have been numerous such strikes when more than 100 NATO officers or foreign mercenary troops have been exterminated, but the western press has refrained from reporting. There are, however, still non-western press sources of accurate news: See SouthFront.Org Blocked By U.S.-Controlled Global Internet Supervisor at https://southfront.press/southfront-org-blocked-by-u-s-controlled-global-internet-supervisor/

Go to southfront.press

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Thanks for this; I too failed to see any value in razing Kiev, nor does it sound in general like something the Russian leadership would stoop to doing.

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nice one. i was thinking more like this - on the long side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfyOXwQNnLE

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That's a good one, too.

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Napoleon and Hitler found out the hard way that poking the bear is a bad idea. WTF, so much from learning about history.

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Sentences of potentiality are less pathogenic than sentences of ontology.


What do pirates do when there is nothing left to loot and the last bottle of grog is as empty as their hearts?

Answer: they fight each other.

That's pirate life. (An affirmative ontological sentence)

Politicians are pirates. They are more discreet about their parties, and they take a bath from time to time. But the differences end there. Politicians will destroy each other out of boredom.

If I was to rephrase all that as a potential sentence, the reader would feel less fire in their blood.

I will continue pouring fuel onto the fire with more affirmations: in the worst case scenario they will create wars, and people will stupidly obey and go to war, because the multitudes love pirates and vampires and werewolves and witches and ideologues and used car salesmen and thugs and feminists.

In the best case scenario, the politicians will be thrown out because the survival of the State is essential, but the survival of the managers is not. Then, another pirate will become the new false savior who steals from everyone and makes social cooperation a nightmare.

Hysteria over nuclear war is a bad idea. Hysteria is always a bad idea. But I've noticed that when I say "nukes ain't real," people really get hysteric anxiety. Negation of existence is a pathogenic sentence.

Potentially, nukes could not be real, maybe. That's a much less pathogenic sentence.

We've run out of pasta. We only have meat, salt and water. It's almost summer and the lettuces are flying north because they are migratory vegetables. That's clearly not potential or ontological, but consider the contrast in emotions.

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It was good to listen to Doctorow he was less hot headed than Ritter who is also good to listen to. It seems as if the Russians are the adults in the room at the moment. Putin has initialled three Ukrainian/Donbass (south) peace agreements way back to 2015 if my memory serves me, but Ukraine kept shelling their own citizens in the south. What madness is this? The US doesn’t care if Ukrainians die (it’s good for business) but Russia does. Ukrainians are brothers and sisters. The west wants war to continue until after the elections EU, Uk and US and it has been alleged that the Zionists want a wider war to hide what has been done. If the rest of the world can maintain some form of calm we may come out the other side of this better off.

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Doctorow is a little too sure of himself, Jeffrey Sachs is in Ritter's camp. When you are talking a REAL existential threat (i.e. not climate change), being extremely cautious is just being wise. I would be careful about Doctorow's optimism, he could just think he knows too much for our own good.

Besides Ritter, Sachs and others have pointed out how many times dumb screw-ups almost caused WW3, if tension escalates, and some fool in Ukraine lobs a missile at Russia's strategic nuclear command center, all hell could break lose. Woops.

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Celia: "They’re using him to humiliate us, is all I can think of."

Good observation! But the humiliation may be just a bonus. They are using him as an avatar, a mask, a cat's paw, a marionette, so that who ever is making the real decisions can remain in the shadows.

Just ignore the guys behind the masks and follow the drama.


Also, as I am many other people have pointed out, there are multiple Joe Bidens. Joe Biden was once a human being and a politician (and perhaps he's still alive in a nursing home or a cellar somewhere), but the guy they call Mr. President is not Joe Biden the human being, but Joe Biden the character, who has been played by one of several actors, none of whom bear a very close resemblance to the real Joe Biden. I don't want to debate this. But I'd like everyone to just bear the possibility in mind, even if you disagree.

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Even under the direst of circumstances, Alex Jones, captured or uncaptured, black humoring us to end.

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If Alex can't keep his grub down, this must be really serious.

Perhaps he's been over-indulging in those dodgy supplements he sells.

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