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to use current woke lingo: I identify as a conspiracy theorist. My pronouns are : told/you/so

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fwiw- During the lead up to the War on Iraq, I was working in DC and knew a woman who was married to a guy at the state department. Long before the vote in Congress, she told me that it was already decided and that the war was definitely happening. So, that vote was just for the sheep to make it look like we were still living under representative government. The truth is that America has been owned by the central bankers since 1913 and the Federal Reserve Act--the bankers run the govt and the rest is just an illusion.

Here's financial expert, Greg Mannarino, on the central banks being the real government:


Who collectively runs the entire financial system? Who runs the economy? Who runs world markets? The answer to all these questions is CENTRAL BANKS.

Central banks run the world, period. The illusion may be that Kings, Queens, Monarchs, Dictators, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc. along with so called representative democracies or “We the People” get any kind or choice is nothing but an illusion.

The dire situation regarding the world economy is deliberate, as central banks are collectively pushing it off of a cliff. If we were to look back on history, we would see that it is precisely these economic downfalls/situations which lead the world population into World Wars. War of course, is both the end game and the scapegoat which will be blamed by our so-called world leaders as the source AND REASON WHY the world economy is failing and inflation continues to skyrocket- anything to distract people from the real culprit, central banks.

Here's ex-Secretary of Labor, Robert Reisch, under the Clinton Administration admitting the truth:


Robert Reich understands the current power structure of the U.S. because he was a Rhodes Scholar. He is a member of the CFR, and he was Secretary of Labor during the Clinton Administration. Robert Reich's January 7, 1999, article in USA Today states:

"The dirty little secret is that both houses of Congress have become irrelevant . . . in case you hadn't noticed, America's domestic policy is now being run by Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve Board. . . Congress is out of the loop. Every so often, some senators or house members politely ask Greenspan to visit and talk about the economy . . . Then he goes back down to the Fed and runs the country. . . . America's foreign policy is being run by the IMF (Int'l Monetary Fund) . . . and when the president decides to go to war, he no longer needs a declaration of war from Congress." [23

And the best documentaries on the bankers and all of the wars are:

Bill Still's The Money Masters


Mike Rivero's All Wars are Bankers Wars


It's basically 8 billion of us against the psychopathic, genocidal banking cartel.

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This is why my go to guy on Russ/ Ukraine is Scott Ritter. He was weapons inspector then and told the A hole war monger George W, "the decider" ", and his power and money hungry group that THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! Of course they plowed ahead and killed millions of innocent people for nothing. And have no doubt, this base of Neocons then are todays new Neo Liberals who what the same thing. Scott Ritter has been there and knows it all.Thats why he is not on MSM

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There are no words. We must face the fact that most people embody this kind of "morality."

On what basis do I make this claim? First, the majority of a nation that believes and resorts to insult in defense of an utter absurdity -- the crime syndicate's official story of the attacks of Sep 11. That was when I really began to despair...Second, the cheering on of an invasion of and war against a country completely outside of those attacks -- even in the official lie.

If the people of a nation continue to believe that the karma set in motion by such immorality is not going to come back and bite them -- bite them so hard their great-grandchildren will feel it -- then that provides further support for my thesis -- the absence of basic morality and true intelligence rules the day in the country formerly known as "America."

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And the 1,000s maimed for life on both sides. And poisoned by vaccines and how many suicides?

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The intention of the “news” organizations and the reporters is to move people from where they are to where they want them.

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NOT a "blunder" but a lie-started, Orwellian-illegal War of Aggression (US/UK/NATO business as usual): https://carlbherman.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-one-article-you-need-to-prove.html

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A "blunder" in the same way COVID and CV19 jabs were a "blunder". All pre-planned according to blueprints drawn up years, decades before.

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“Nation Building” is code for Enormous Profit for the Military Industrial Complex. Just like “Climate Change” is code for transferring all wealth from the People to the Elites.

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Today is also the anniversary of the 1999 war crime of America/NATO bombing Yugoslavia.

The Bible calls America-Babylon "the hammer of the whole earth" for good reason.

Her end is not good:

How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations! (Jer 50:23)

Christians: BeSureYouAreSaved.com

Jesus said few were actually, in truth, born again. The time is later-than-late.

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I remember when Bush, Clinton, and McCain, maybe others, said to us, "thank god the war is in their back yards and not ours"... To applauding audiences. I wouldn't pray for that. Right on the heels of that, I was an early-days 911 truther, and in late 2004 they started saying that questioning the official story defiled the families of the victims and meant that we were terrorists. And I remember Dick Cheney hitting the podium with his fist saying, "We must have terror". Those were dark days indeed.

Moving on to today... Has the pandemic seemed pretty bad to you? It seems like the worst thing so far to me. They've got another one in the pipeline, and they're consolidating WHO control over govts on pandemics rights now. What I'm writing about right now is how so much of the whole modern system is broken, that I question investing in it. I mean the parties, the universities, the press, all govt agencies; no help there. They blacked out OWS (and others). The alt media is growing, and we're sharing a lot, but I think we can take it a step further, to the point of being organized among ourselves, and maybe accumulate what we invest in our organization, a bit more outside of the system, in our own NGO. Here's an intro: https://markgmeyers.substack.com/p/introduction-to-a-democratic-approach

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None of the dimwitted legacy media in Australia will admit they were wrong.

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NewThink™ by the NWO:

"All war is wrong therefore our wars are right!".

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The Iraq War was orchestrated for Israel’s foreign policy objectives by PM Benjamin Netanyahu and mostly dual neo-con Israeli/American citizens-Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol, late Foxnews contributer/cheerleader Charles Krauthammer, etc.

Pat Buchanan, who once referred to Washington D.C. as ‘Israeli Occupied territory’, wrote an article detailing who was behind the war back at the onset in March of 2003:


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I like the bit where all the sub-headings are self evident, trying to carry water for the one total bullshit sub-heading. 'The specter of Iraq has led the U.S. to dramatically change how it approaches global conflicts'. Oh yeah, we have dramatically changed alright. No more of that strong arm stuff for us.

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Prove me wrong: all but a handfull of our 'leaders' are tools and/or bought off mind controlled NWO clones. Its been the UN's goal to destroy the USA and the west, europe to bring it into NWO, its proved horribly costly but the shills are still in power bc we the epople cant see through any of the subterfuge.

Im a conspiracy factist , our leaders are all sold out, along with most corporations, media, hey the wortld! Bible tells me so and it is SO.

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