Tom Renz is helping rip the lid off this. A Covid diagnosis in a hospital is mostly a death sentence via remdesivir and a ventilator. Two agendas. Depopulation, make money for Fauci, big pharma and the hospitals. As a former MD, I am appalled and disgusted at the medical genocide.

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My husband died in January. He was put on a ventilator and given Remdesivir. I have agonized over this since I read his entire 8 days of hospital records in September. He may not have needed to die but I could not save him. If your family member is hospitalized stop the hospital before they are given that drug.

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Fauci compromised by Gilead (remdesivir) ignored the results, forced it into hospitals just like his AZT HIV genocide. This man is in charge of the response to the very thing he helped engineer and cover up. We're living a sick timeline.

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Trust the Psyence! 🤡

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Dec 11, 2021Liked by Celia Farber

The criminal psychopaths that own "our" gubermints know that the losers who obediently lined up for their death squirts are stupid. If the covaid$ mRNA poisoned believe that the reptilian filth waging this democide are "concerned" about the health of their livestock, then the herd will believe whatever sheep shit is thrown at it. Evolution is a bitch. Life doesn't give a rat's ass who lives it or throws it away.

"Explosion In New Heart Conditions Dismissed As "Post Pandemic Stress Disorder"


Cold Weather Causing Blood Clots & Heart Attacks

Researchers Warn That Cold Weather Can Cause Blood Clots & Heart Attacks


Millions Facing Heart-Related Illnesses Due to ‘Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder’ – Experts Warn


Death Squirt Trance

covaid$ deaths...by country before and after the death shot

2 minute global cull


British Funeral Director John O’Looney Updating {Outstanding}


Because you REALLY are the disease and their covaid$ death squirt REALLY is the cure

Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS): 'We should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely'


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Crimes against Humanity. Reiner Fullmich is making lists.

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If you want to be taken seriously you really need to do a better job of proofing your articles. The errors in this article lessen you credibility.

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Fauci Fuming Over ‘Unconscionable’ Comparison to Nazi Doctor Mengele?

Who does he want to be compared to, Dr. Kevorkian?


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Well done.

A last update to this essay (12/09/2021)

When I first completed this essay it was 33 pages. It is now close to 50 pages. Before reading and sharing the essay I would ask that you take time to watch the following 3 videos and share them as well. They are very persuasive and they both expand and reinforce what I’ve written in this essay. In the first video Dr. Youngblood decimates the globalist corporate narrative and exposes that the mRNA injection is worse than the virus. In the second video Glenn Beck exposes the Deep State Collusion behind the financing of the vaccine and the marketing of this insane push for forced vaccination and vaccine passports. The 3rd video features Senator Ron Johnson who has been a great ally in the questioning of forced vaccination. In my opinion the Plandemic may be the greatest crime in the history of humanity and it is impingent on all of us to do whatever necessary to stop this globalist agenda — of forced vaccination, vaccine passports and digital currency — from moving forward. And no, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but thanks for asking.

Parallels between the Holocaust and the Plandemic. And why the Plandemic could be worse


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I have shared this before but I have not got a record with whom I have shared !

My wife died Dec.25, 2020! She did not die of COVID! Due to COVID I was refused access to her for ten days due to the lock downs! I needed a letter from a doctor saying she was dying before they would allow me to visit her!

She had two operations and needed possibly three more but they said she was too week and would not or could not survive further operations! She was in the hospital July, August, and part of September 2020! They harrassed me daily from the middle of August to take her home to die! I got very irritated as half the beds it ICU were empty but they kept saying the hospital may soon be over run with COVID cases! So eventually I asked a ICU nurse how many COVID cases were in the hospital on that particular day, she said one! So I went on to say what is the highest number of COVID cases has this hospital had and she said two! This is a fairly large hospital seven floors here in Toronto!

So I took my wife home and I checked ever morning with the television to get the latest numbers and 90% of the time is was 2-400 people! I checked with the old peoples home across the street and in 2020 they had ninety some people including roughly 40 staff! Apparently 14 died!

I have lived across from that facility for the past 15 years and my mother in law lived there for at least three years! I saw the ambulances coming there a couple of times CC a week during all these years! I have gone there during the seasonal flew season and been denied access due to lock downs! As far as I can determine there were no more deaths these past three years as before!

As far as the ICU beds not being adaquate the demand during the first two years grew to between 2-400 most of that time and about a year ago they stopped posting the information because I checked to see how many hospitals and ICU beds we had! I think in the worst two weeks early 2021 they reached 1,400 beds in use in 380 hospitals here in Ontario and the ICU beds we have is 2,400!

I wrote letters to the Premier and the Highschools insisting they reopen the schools! I told them about Florida and South Dekota not closed for business! Also Sweden and South Korea schools open etc!

I informed them I was pushing for Criminal Charges against CBC, the Premier! The Prime Minister and all the health officials for crimes against humanity!

At the time of the lock downs it was said we had three kids die of COVID! We were never told if they had other medical conditions!

I read that 3.8 % of the pooulation died of COVID out of every 100,000 people and that the seasonal flue was killing 13.6 per 100,000.

Now the number one cause of death is for reasons unknown! I mention this because I met a man near death wearing a plastic shield in the corner grocery store about six months ago! I felt compelled to warn him not to take the vaccine as I told him if you take it you will be dead in twenty four hours! He said to me he had three specialist preparing him for life saving operations and he asked all three to give him an exemption letter so he wouldn’t have to be vaccinated! He went on to tell me two of his three specialist wrote him the exemption letter but the third doctors refused to write the letter! He went on to say the two doctors who wrote the requested letters immediately lost their medical licences!

That is a small part of what I know!

Randy Burch randyburch410@gmail.com

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Thank you. It's been a tough world but we do our best. Then Covid videos from China that were simply nonsense as suddenly we get Videos from China and we should believe this nonsense?

Then Italy locks down also. WTF. Ah ok the area in Italy is called little China as pollution is off the charts. So still just silly.

Then the US is locking down? People believe this bullshit? Stop.

So I mention is to one the partners I consult IT for. I state clearly that there is no Virus. It's all a fabrication and the 5G is creating the illness. This was March 2020. I heard Tom Cowan explain it and so sorry that I went with the "Science" hahahahaha. Logic. What am I crazy.

The guys wife overheard me and States I hope he gets Covid. I heard her though so I replied. I just told you it's not real, how can I or anyone get it? Of course if they turn up 5G it will be like every previous Electrical Invention but you are truly not nice people.

And here we are 2 years later. Overnight the War was needed to overshadow the Truckers who are being played like fiddles. Poor people that truly care and let's see the the Deep Sick State does next.

Sorry but I had to vent it is rare I find a non woke person.

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I think Terrain theory might be valid. Nevertheless, I went to FLCCC.net and got Ivermectin and other drugs, just in case. I also went to AFD and got HCQ. Then my wife and I got Covid. Regular docs said “take Mucinex.” We might not have needed IVM, Zpack, and Budesonide (plus one refill of each). We might not have had to nebulize hydrogen peroxide. But we avoided the hospital. Something to consider.

PS. It took weeks to get the meds. One might not want to wait if you’re of like mind.

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I quit reading at: "Herr Fauci's...". Creepy-SOB would have been a better adjective. "Herr" insults the Germans and their language - kind of an adolescent blunder.

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Thank you Celia. This is truly getting out of hand. - Dr. Jack - See related In the United States, Vaccination Rates Are Associated with Increased Rate of Spread of SARS-CoV-2, But Not How They Should Be https://popularrationalism.substack.com/p/in-the-united-states-vaccination

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Why doesn’t Renz provide a denominator.

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