Durham should have moved for change of venue at the beginning. The District of Colombia [sic] is a third world city and the people residing there are the reason why.

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Durham got evidence on the court record and got damning testimony under oath. This is the first of many more battles. This one shook trees that the bigwigs knew would be shaken and knew that they would have to contend with what falls out.

Ask yourself what is the significance of Durham waiting to go to the Grand Jury on the cusp of the statute of limitations? Why might he have stretched out the process and then move this particular case forward with only a slim chance of conviction? In do it this way, he could not return to the Grand Jury and adjust his case. New evidence was introduced after the deadline. Do you think Durham did not map this out ahead of time?

The Sussman case depended on proving both materiality AND falsehood. Now he has made progress because Sussman's defence had to do what they did for their client. Even if in the shadows the first movers would have preferred not to make these moves, they had little choice based on odds-making but to move the pawn as they did. The game is afoot.

Has been from before the election of DJT.

HRC has been implicated. Next ... Obama or other big fish may be snagged as well. The broader case of conspiracy has always been in the offing. The process pressurizes the guilty-yet-to-be-proved-guilty. Strange things happen under such intensifying pressures.

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Let’s try to not lose sight of all the seeds we’ve planted. When I look around, it appears to be working.

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I hate how ridiculous this is. Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted.

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Then DC Swamp justice system is a joke, as usual.

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Jun 1, 2022·edited Jun 1, 2022

I recommend this analysis by Margot Cleveland: https://thefederalist.com/2022/05/31/even-if-the-jury-doesnt-convict-michael-sussmann-the-special-counsel-has-won/.

Durham managed to break attorney-client privilege between Sussman and HRC, he proved the Alfa hoax to be false and scandalous, and he got significant information on the record that will now allow him to go on to the next phase. If Sussman had been convicted of lying to the FBI, then HRC and company could have claimed later on that he lied to them, too. Might Durham have proceeded with a biased jury with that specifically in mind?

This is the first case Durham has EVER lost . . . and maybe he didn't really "lose" it in the end anyway. More info just surfaced on Tucker tonight that Perkins Coie maintained an FBI workspace in its DC office. More heads are going to roll . . .

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We're all fools, but we shouldn't be. When Comes exonerated Hillary, we knew then that the fix was in. There are 2 standards of justice in this country now, one for us deplorables, and another one for the wealthy and well-connected. When the rule of law no longer applies uniformly, we are living in tyranny, it's as simple as that.

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Celia, you are not a fool.

Justice will come to Sussman yet, according to this prophetic word from Julie Green.


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Your article about your father's death was beautiful. I found it deeply moving. Your warrior fire for The Good, your ability to get back into the saddle over and over again, inspire. We all go through this pattern precisely because we all want what's right, we all want humanity to head towards healthier, more joyous climes, and simply cannot understand how that desperately needed change just won't happen. Over and over again.

But I insist: the globalist's madness, their dysfunction, continues to expose itself more and more nakedly. What is good about the American experiment will out, though, in my view, this Good has nothing to do with 'left' and 'right'; it is about freedom, decency and dignity as the essence of life, of reality. And this is true of the Good in all cultures, though the particular mores and rituals that clothe how these principles are expressed differ. Which is of course beautiful. To repeat: the only unknowable thing is how much damage will be done as humanity endures this historical spasm, before it learns, finally, to take charge of its self governance as locally as possible, while sharing openly and generously across cultural differences to prevent tribalism and war.

Everything we need for this is there but the will. But the will is growing.

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I knew the war was coming by how hard they tried to install Hillary.

My friends get upset when I call her Clit-on .

I should really call her War-on but would you know meant her?

Although the 1st amendment gives us satire....

I guess I shouldn't say that and hadn't, really , since around that time when I said I couldn't vote for her.

Nor dumpster fire.

Don't we ever get any real choices?

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