“the Holocaust being the most heinous crime against humanity in living memory”

It seems to me that horrific event will be relegated to “second most heinous crime against humanity in living memory” as the truth continues to come out

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Excellent statement by the MP!

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I think coercion and group think work differently in Japan than the west and the same propaganda has not been as effective.

There have been a number of high ranking medical officials that have been aired on mainstream media even if it would have been much better to have them silenced.

Does anyone know the amount of Blackrock control of the Japanese media overall?

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'Love how MP Andrew Bridgen lays it out in a cool and collected manner. My first time hearing of him -- thank you, Celia! Hopefully, his suspension with spark a "Fall of the Berlin Wall" moment.


"Will Japan be the first to suspend the mRNA ‘Vaccines’ on safety grounds?"

That made me fully realize... the furthest that some other 1st-world countries have so far gone, is only the "not for these age groups" route -- which implicitly continues to confer "legitimacy" to the whole criminal jab-juice operation...

And, in the [near] future, should 1st-world countries start suspending/banning the covid vaccines from being administered in their countries, then, outside of civil lawsuits, how many of those countries will then bring mass murder charges and/or depraved indifference and negligent homicide charges against the "players"?

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I have sympathy for him to an extent. He too fell for the hoax.

However he has the courage to admit he was wrong and the fortitude to deal with the issue.

I hope he wins as we need a few with the balls to destroy the remaining fools.

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Thank you Celia.

Forwarding this on to other venues.

Very encouraging, focusing on the root of that word: "courage".

Delighted to see even baby steps of progress made my prominent people with the Courage to stand up for what's right.

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Despite not mandating them, Japan had very high vax-compliance. So even if they stop now- it's too little, too late.

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It is so weird that everyone buys into this apologetic bullshit that nothing compares to the holocaust just on the grounds that current events always pale compared to the full measure of atrocity in Nazi Germany. It seems as if you had to wait until a similar monstrous development had reached its final climax, before you were safe to raise your voice without being punished for trivialising Nazi genocide.

What does not occur to many, that centrally organized mass vaccination, using all kinds of manipulation, disinformation, propaganda, cheap incentives, coercion etc., without regard to any known or unknown dangers or with even deliberate intention to harm, does actually expose traits that are structurally similar to the religion of death of the Nazi cult.

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They can run, but eventually the facts will be too obvious for the public to ignore.

That said, they will never admit it


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Well pharma has a 10 year marketing cycle in the past. When the gig is up for one drug they feign surprise and offer up the “new and improved” one. Same script with pandemic EAUs

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So ridiculous. Matt Hancock was the first to stand up and accuse. Talk about projection. It’s clear they are getting scared. The theatre is over. Period.

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I thought the satraps at Denmark banned partially the clotshots many moons ago?

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YouTube hasn't censored his rebuttal video.

It's not that the dam is breaking, it's that the dam is deliberately being broke. Musk being the ultimate Chaos Agent (H/T Crawford for the term).

This is all being done by design and we should all be very careful as to what the results are.

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The truth is not wanted, just goes to show we have no democracy in the uk, in fact everywhere, We have to Wake up?

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