The Real Anthony Fauci is one of the most important books that's been written in my lifetime (perhaps the most important) ... and Celia's quote is the quote that stands out most from the entire book.

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Fauci such a VERY EVIL man has far eclipsed Dr. Josef Mengele as a mass murderer.

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That's the passage that inspired me to go after him.

See pages 146-150 for what you inspired.


(See 146-end if you want to see how the movie turns out)

P.S. Has anyone ever compared you to Robert Shaw as Quint in Jaws before?

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And now Little Mengele and his cohorts will be thrown under the bus in order to conceal that the real criminal enterprise behind the entire covid planDemic is the US government from funding Baric, the biolabs in Woo Woo, and the Uke, to the development and deployment of the mRNA kill shots.

By the way, I was a hospital resident in NY when all the AIDS shite started. It was easy to spot Fauci as an egomaniacal sociopathic prick with a Napoleon complex.

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Last May St Anthony the Lying Terrible was invited to speak to his minions at a convocation event at Princeton University. I joined in a protest set up by local activists to play my part standing there on a corner on Nassau St watching the passers by, some puzzled, others sneering and a few cheering us on. I walked away seeing once again just how so many have been captivated by the brainwashing and pressure to comply. And the most prestigious institutions like Princeton, Harvard and the rest are the most easily penetrated.

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I read this book when it first came out. I was on the waitlist for months! I couldn’t put it down, and at times, what I was reading FORCED me to put it down! The utter sickening malice and disregard for humans and animals there are no words for.

Thank you Celia! I remember reading all of your commentary. This has been a very long road for you! I want you to know personally how much I applaud your tenacity and passion for humanity. It does not go unnoticed. May God guide you, as He always has!

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Thank you for your usual, fine article. In 1991, reading “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS” by Michael Fumento and considering Magic Johnson’s announcing his AIDS infection, I defined AIDS as Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.

Then in 2020 with the release of Covid1984 upon the world I dove into AIDS as its harbinger including Peter Duesberg, especially his book “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. This led me to your work and the horrible stories of the Fauci victims like Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill, their tragedy along with other “Informed Dissenters” which I attempted to eulogize https://responsiblyfree.substack.com/p/in-honor-and-memory-of-the-aids-informed with Pat Metheny’s rebellious dirge “From This Place”.

I have tried to find recent information by and on Duesberg with no luck. Could you possible get to him to do an interview? This would be, I think, of considerable importance given current Covid1984 events. I would like to know his thoughts on the Virus Vs No-Virus argument, the fact that no government can show official existence of Sars CoV2, the mRNA vaccines, the lab-leak story, etc. Are you still in contact with him? Is an interview possible?

Keep up your good work, stay safe and free.

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Well said, Celia. Monster Fauci needs to spend the rest of his life in prison.

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First read of you in the bible, RFKjr 's book.

Thank you Celia for bringing light of truth to a confused soul as I.

Always amazed at how Satanthony Fauci managed to eliminate Love, while his brother satanthony Blinken the lessor tries to start war on Russia and now China too .

Rock on.

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That's a great read. Thank you!

"He destroyed American science by snuffing out its spirit, the spirit of open inquiry, proof and standards."

I've noticed how most people today agree with the following post-modern phrase "Science cannot prove anything."

This is absurd. But we live in absurd times.

Perhaps this idea was invented to make everyone confused about everything.

It's such a weird thing: scientists often laugh at philosophers and criticize them, but scientists and engineers and technologists and data-munchers are doing the philosophers bidding. No one ever criticizes the ultimate truth that there is no truth.

The standards were destroyed so long ago almost no one remembers. People now believe that truth exists only within a range which can be adjusted according to political convenience. That is the scientific method after politics took over everything.

The two most common errors of the most intelligent individuals are the belief that they don't have beliefs, and the immoral utilitarian way of thinking, which always makes them justify genocides.

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I was a young pharmacist during this time running a country pharmacy (for 15 years).

I had one patient that was HIV positive during this time. Her husband, "who never used a condom in his life," her quote not mine, did not test positive for HIV.

Despite multiple tests.

She took, and died, from the AZT, presumably.

Once, against the law, I gave her some Bactrim DS, which did wonders for her.

The period I had no control over was when they were in Kentucky, when she died.

Her husband dies about 2 years ago, but his death can't be blamed on HIV, or Covid, because he wrecked his Panhead, head on into an 18 wheeler. They probably tried to, but somebody probably called them on it.

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Fauci - ever duplicitous, ever hedging...

(edit: sheer-shearing of language)


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Yes, this passage was like seeing various lids lift off the screen covering the world, reality! Thank you Celia, for your forthrightness, clarity & courage! Onward!

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AIDS, COVID and.. childhood vaccines.

Read "Turtles All the Way down: Vaccine Science and Myth". Fauci and friends are using the covid-19 playbook for decades, for childhood vaccination.

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Mr. science is nothing more than a re-incarnation of the WWII thugs from the German 3rd Reich. He believes he can change mankind and in his warped mind will never admit he is totally insane. And we are even more insane for letting this monster lose over the last 40 years to do his murdering in the name of fake science.

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Celia - Very insightful and important! We must find the root of this evil, evil as live backwards, as separate from Source. We must expand our consciousness to include a full realization of our essential unity, of our connectedness to each other and to the earth, Terra, our planet home. How we hold the earth is how we hold each other. Our earth and our bodies know how to keep us strong and healthy. All the plant medicine has been provisioned. We need the clean water, fresh air and sunshine. Our connection to our earth was removed during 500 years of enclosures of the European commons and earlier under the land grabbing, Judeo-Christianity corrupting Roman empire. We must now base our ethics, economics and politics on the truth that THE EARTH BELONGS TO EVERYONE and this by birthright of each and every one of us. The Earth is the gift of the Creator. We must honor this sacred knowing in all ways.

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