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"RFK Jr. must be our next President"

Or, no one must ever be our next president. The country must be broken up. The states must be broken up. Centralization of power must be ended.

I don't care if he's controlled opposition or not. I care that he cannot possibly do anything to change anything from within the corrupt cesspool of filth. Anyone who believes they can is delusional. Anyone who believes anyone else can is delusional.

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Such a shame RFK has previously called for legal action against ‘climate deniers’ - otherwise I would agree he would be a desirable president. Indeed he may remain a better option than we could reasonably hope for. But unless he wakes up to that particular scam, his presidency would surely lead to the kind of tyranny we saw in the name of ‘Covid’.

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I need to know if any of the statements I hold to be true are wrong:

1. Sandra pointed out Alison pointed out RFK Jr. in his book took a position Covid was bungled, "mismanaged," hence he denies it was planned.

2. This book reference was true but as I pointed out he subsequently changed his mind when he watched Event 201 and 20 more CIA led simulations.

3. If RFK Jr. is being accused of being controlled opposition, this point is not longer reflective of his position so he should be attacked from new angles in such case.

4. Where did I throw stones at Alison, or anybody else? It's a real question. How do you correct something without "attacking?" Or seeming to be attacking.

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“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco

“The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.” – Peter Abelard

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settling a question without debating it.” – Joseph Joubert

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Conservatives think the problem is government. Liberals think its corporations. Libertarians believe it's the connections between the two. I'm in the last group. Words like regulation and deregulation have lost all meaning. There's a carousel between corps and big gov that goes round and round and hires the same people. While in gov they write the laws for their buddies, then get big contracts on the way out.

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Yes, Celia, YOU are coming in Loud and Clear on this one! And in Truth. Thank you!

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I cant vote for Mr. operation warp speed nor a man who is for more gun control. Gonna sit this one out i guess.

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Your audience of readers is as the world is - a mix of differing opinions.

Don’t be offended by their different viewpoints that may not always align with yours.

For how can we complain about being censored and attacked, when we do that to each other?

And regarding Christianity, there are many scriptures that speak about wisdom - even being as wise as a serpent - because we know how slippery and deceptive Satan can be.

1 John 4:1 “Beloved, do not believe every spirit,

but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,

for many false prophets

have gone out into the world.”

Don’t lose heart Celia, for “Healthy” discourse is a normal part, of the human experience.

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Well Celia, if the comments are gettin’ SPICY, you know your writing is reaching people. Great work!

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watched this this morning. Whether Kennedy wins or loses, running for the presidency will bring this to the forefront. And as he says, it will help wake up the 67%. I also refuse to believe everyone is controlled opposition. The mere fact that Kennedy has and does update his opinion (as we ALL should as new information is gained) is proof enough for me. I'm not American so have no say, but I would vote for him simply because he is able to evolve his opinion openly. I also don't need to agree with everything someone says, just the basic values of FREEDOM. Here in Canada, we desperately need someone like RFKjr. Daily #TrudeauTheTyrant is taking away our rights and freedoms and so many gleefully go along.

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An attitude of skepticism toward the institutions that have betrayed us is not only warranted, it is necessary. Blind trust in these institutions is the currency they would use to destroy us.


But skepticism towards institutions does not mean cynicism or "what's the use?". On the contrary, it puts our energy where it belongs--into you and I devising alternate systems and strategies, instead of hoping for someone to come along and save us.

If you're hoping to elect someone to public office who will entirely upend the system, you might be in for a disappointment. But you and I can fix more things before breakfast than twenty back-to-back elected leaders. I have faith in that. There is hope in that. Indeed it might be our only hope.

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RFK Jr. is a man of integrity, and the philosopher-statesman our country needs.

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You have to swallow a whole lot of Americana myth to run for president of the US. Yes, the office has been captured - likely with the killing of JFK. The resident of the WH is immaterial. If that changes there are photos showing what will occur.

RFK, Jr. is slow on the up take for someone so immersed for so long intimately with family murders and his litigation regarding injections. The "no virus" is at the bottom of the psy-ops COVID. RFK, JR has refused to consider the mountain of data regarding "no virus".

I'll forgive his bad political judgements (like support for warmonger HRC) but "his" party's history is extreme in so many ways, and the myth of FDR is the only lasting redeeming factor.

The system is rotten to the core.

The US has NEVER been a democracy and has gone fully from republic to oligarchic rule.

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Overdosing on red pills sometimes takes this form:

'Covid was so obviously a scam, that viruses, therefore, do not exist. So there was never any measles. Whee, this is fun! So nobody ever had the flu, because there are no flu viruses. I can't see 'em, so I deny 'em, and by the way, the earth is flat and the sun rotates around it, and, and Elvis is still alive, and the CIA has recording devices under every piece of furniture, and . . .'

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Remember how much fun we had in the comments section when you were in Andalusia

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I am in your corner. Thank you for yet another exercise in demonstrating what it is to be reasonable.

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